Yoee l

Apr 25, 2021

good service

Claire C

Apr 19, 2021

Very fast

Mac Y

Apr 18, 2021



Apr 15, 2021


Ho N

Mar 27, 2021

Good efficiently

Svensson L

Mar 25, 2021

Fast response CS with efficient delivery

Mr c

Mar 17, 2021

Good services 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🙏🏼🙏🏼

Icy F

Mar 15, 2021

Fast shipping

Songyi S

Mar 12, 2021

Ordered once. Everything came quickly. Not the cheapest, but seems reliable.

Anna L

Mar 01, 2021

Reasonable price. Speedy delivery.

Wing y

Jan 31, 2021

Delivery is very fast

Ceda S

Jan 16, 2021

I’ve ordered twice from epets and I like their service. Very prompt and my second order included many samples. However, I think they overwrap my orders. It would be good to see less plastic and less tape.

Alice L

Dec 27, 2020

Quick delivery and friendly staff. Great experience!

Benjamin A

Dec 12, 2020

A little mix up with delivery but was easily solved with great communication from the ePet sales team. Products delivered quickly, especially as I live on Lantau, and exactly as described. Will definitely buy again.

Candy P

Dec 04, 2020

Highly recommend. Very good service!

Amy C

Nov 15, 2020



Nov 09, 2020

Fast delivery and well packed

Dominic L

Oct 30, 2020


Justine B

Oct 27, 2020

Prompt delivery and excellent range of pet products!

Celeste L

Oct 24, 2020

Very responsive and polite services. Great one-stop online shopping experience, and provide great convenience for pet owner

Phoebe C

Oct 24, 2020

Good prices with fast delivery

Kevin L

Oct 23, 2020


June S

Oct 23, 2020

Very good service and fair price! Fast delivery. Free samples of other products! Love it.

Eric S

Sep 07, 2020

Great turnaround on delivery.

Robert J

Aug 29, 2020

very satisfactory, thank you

Tracy K

Apr 25, 2021

great service, very fast

James M

Apr 19, 2021

Great service and value!

Andy C

Apr 18, 2021

Wonderful shopping experience.

Jennifer C

Apr 14, 2021

Very good

Daisy C

Mar 27, 2021

Very efficient and good price

Valeriia S

Mar 21, 2021

Not only the selection of food is excellent, it is so convenient to order from your website and get the order in a very short time. Thank you for making feeding our kitty such an effortless process!

An L

Mar 16, 2021

Good service and fast delivery!

Jill G

Mar 14, 2021

Excellent , highly recommend

Maggie Y

Mar 09, 2021

Fast delivery, exactly what I ordered. The only thing I would comment on is that I got a free dental chew with the purchase of my Pro plan puppy dog food, however, that dental chew is for adult dogs only and expires in September 2021, which my puppy will not be old enough by then still. So I can only donate it. It would be nice if you can give some complimentary puppy food or toy to go with the puppy dog food. Thanks

Mei P

Feb 16, 2021

efficient with crews

Enrico D

Jan 26, 2021

Great service

Carol W

Jan 13, 2021

Very sufficient

Mike S

Dec 15, 2020

same as the preivous one, I'm not giong to retype

Ms L

Dec 12, 2020

服務能夠照顧買家需要,例如購買大量貓罐時可以改為多種味,價錢合理,選擇多,送貨快,特別要讚👍👍👍各位工作人員耐心解答我的無知問題,很好的同理心。 唯一的不滿是你們價值80元小日曆,宣傳沒有寫清楚呎吋,應該要有A3 size 才合理,真的非常失望。

Law H

Nov 22, 2020


Yin F

Nov 14, 2020


Jovy L

Nov 08, 2020

good service

Kathy C

Oct 27, 2020

quick reply, fast delivery, super convenience.

Lilian T

Oct 26, 2020

very good responses from sales. quick delivery. very good service. Pricing is slightly higher than some other online pet stores ?

Cheuk L

Oct 24, 2020

Fast response and delivery! Superb

Steve M

Oct 24, 2020


Vince P

Oct 23, 2020

Good price, excellent delivery service.

Maria D

Oct 23, 2020

Great prices and speedy delivery. Recommend!


Sep 06, 2020

Good packing and delivery so quickly. Good services.

Yu W

Aug 28, 2020


liu c

Apr 25, 2021

首次在E pet購買.運送快~服務態度好!whatsapp回覆能解答我的問題!生肉糧能夠保冰凍狀態所以一定會回購的……

Day T

Apr 19, 2021


Kelly a

Apr 15, 2021

Jennifer S

Apr 08, 2021

would be better if you can deliver more quickly to be more competitive.

chi b

Mar 26, 2021

well packed and fast shipping , thank you .


Mar 20, 2021

All good & efficient

Kelley T

Mar 16, 2021

Quick response and delivery!

Wing C

Mar 13, 2021

quick response to my inqury, received a mail delivery notification, online order system user friendly, it would be better to pay with FPS "faster payment system" instead of credit card...

Sherry C

Mar 03, 2021

Super fast delivery service ! Delivery staff was super polite ! My dog enjoys his food -Royal Canin& Fish4Fogs !

yong L

Feb 09, 2021


Yuetong G

Jan 25, 2021


Wai F

Jan 01, 2021

Should continue to buy in epet !

Sarah W

Dec 14, 2020

Super quick delivery, great range of products, all reasonably priced.

Fanny K

Dec 11, 2020

5 stars

Pui L

Nov 18, 2020

Very fast delivery! Like it! Cheap products!

Tracy C

Nov 10, 2020


Tina k

Nov 03, 2020

Great Variety and Service ~

Au M

Oct 27, 2020

Nice gift for puppy

Peggy M

Oct 26, 2020



Oct 24, 2020


Nicole K

Oct 24, 2020

This is now our third order with ePet, they have consistently provided a timely delivery. Because we have four cats, we prefer to order our food to cover the entire month so that we are reducing the amount of fuel and packaging consumed to deliver/multiple trips to the supermarket. At the end of the day, we have been able to give our cats better quality food for roughly the same cost as if we were still buying poor food from the supermarket. Their energy levels have improved as a result of high-quality food. The freebies are a bonus, as well as the bundle deals for the dented cans and expiring food (again, four cats - so the cost does add up quickly). This is great as it reduces the food that may otherwise go to waste & the most cost-effective way to try out new foods for your pet that you're unsure about and would otherwise hesitate to purchase at the RRP.

Hoi N

Oct 23, 2020

Price is fair, great delivery and lots of gifts

Augustus S

Sep 08, 2020



Sep 05, 2020

Quick delivery, great deals, free samples. Would definitely order from here again!

Regina W

Aug 28, 2020

Quick delivery and nice service

Anna M

Apr 22, 2021

User-friendly ordering platform and excellent customer service.

Lyn S

Apr 19, 2021

Very user friendly website and efficient service

Evelyn W

Apr 15, 2021

Product was fine, but delivery could be a bit speedier. Didn’t receive it until night of the 5th business day. I liked having customer support via WhatsApp though, very convenient.

Rosa L

Mar 30, 2021

Nothing need to add

Christine W

Mar 26, 2021



Mar 20, 2021

Fast delivery and good prices

Yeung F

Mar 16, 2021


Leung w

Mar 13, 2021

胸帶非常適合我的唐狗 (盲盲) 用,跟進及發貨快,速遞員也有禮,品牌信心保證,我會繼續幫狗狗們在這裡入貨的,多謝你們。

Kayley L

Mar 02, 2021

Fast delivery, very nice

少怡 鄭

Feb 09, 2021

Very friendly and helpful, will be back

Jonny L

Jan 18, 2021

Good price, fast delivery and communication Thanks

carrie Y

Jan 01, 2021

Always happy with epet.

na n

Dec 14, 2020

快靚正仲要平 仲有試用品送

Yuen K

Dec 09, 2020

Very good price and fast delivery 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Nov 17, 2020


April L

Nov 10, 2020

Fast delivery and excellent customer service

Cheris W

Nov 03, 2020

Good price and i was entitled for free gift! It was a nice shopping experience. Though it would be great if the delivery can cut down to 2 days for free instead of 4 now.

Vicki W

Oct 27, 2020


Elvin F

Oct 25, 2020

The interface is user friendly and the price is reasonable. Happy to shop at ePet.

Lawrence L

Oct 24, 2020

Good !!

Franz J

Oct 24, 2020

Prompt and timely delivery 😊👍

Vf L

Oct 23, 2020


Man N

Sep 08, 2020

Quick service!!!

Doris T

Sep 02, 2020

Not enough reviews for product. Just trying new brand of food for my pet. Delivery time is good. Thanks

Grace C

Aug 23, 2020