Christine Z

Sep 21, 2021

I was sent something by mistake. Cathe’s crew responded to me within hours and a received the correct order in two days. Having been with Cathe for almost 28 years, amazing service and personal attention should not surprise me… I’m just waiting for the rest of the world to level up 😊

Joseph C

Sep 14, 2021

Great program! Cathe really pushes you!

Marla G

Sep 07, 2021

Another great shopping experience with Cathe. Always great. Thank you.

Stephen K

Aug 31, 2021

Excellent customer service..Nancy is helpful polite and friendly and answers inquiries right to the point Cathe's workouts are my to go fitness routine Have been working out with her since 2000 and she is getting better all the time and still seeing results today. Thank you Cathe and team

Debbie K

Aug 30, 2021

I ordered both the Boss Bands and Loops. Wow what a workout they give!! The old elastic bands are no comparison!! Thank you " Cathe for the cloth bands and the Dvd's to go with!! You've done it again❣

jobita p

Aug 27, 2021

i didnt get my full order but when i emailed customer service the resolution was very quick and friendly. will definitely order again.

Cathy M

Aug 26, 2021

Arrived quickly. So excited to workout with the bands!

Marsha F

Aug 25, 2021

Cathe is the best!

paulette u

Aug 24, 2021

excellent service! loved the workout these bands are fantastic

Amber H

Aug 21, 2021

Great Customer Service. Thank you!

Lisa C

Aug 20, 2021

LOVE these DVDs and pricing is very reasonable for what you get !!!!! Keep them coming!

Karen S

Aug 17, 2021


Lindsay L

Aug 12, 2021

Love Cathe!

Lucrecia C

Aug 11, 2021


Eileen H

Aug 09, 2021

Ordering and paying wasn't as easy as it should have been. I ended up in a circular nightmare, being prompted to keep entering my password, havng to enter my credit card information multiple times. Good thing I really wanted the product or I would have given up.

Mary C

Aug 09, 2021

Great product and excellent customer service!!!

Donna B

Aug 07, 2021

Always thrilled with my purchases!

Coleen B

Aug 06, 2021

As always,ordering from the Cathe website went very smoothly and I am so excited about my order arriving-Thanks again!!!

Elizabeth C

Aug 06, 2021

I love Cathe workouts, and have purchased about 40 DVDs from her website

mary a

Aug 02, 2021

Love the videos have used Cathy since she was on “tapes” professionally produced and always encouraging-her work speaks for itself. Because of her I am a healthy strong 73 year old!

Beth L

Aug 01, 2021

seriously, is one of the best sites out there. You know what you are getting and very informative of each item available for purchase. Okay my one oppty for improvement, is to tell me i already ordered what i ordered. Like Amazon says you ordered this before. I'm sure not many people ordered duplicate s like I have in error. Okay so i'm forgetful

Matthew M

Jul 28, 2021

I love the videos but it took me over an hour to get the product. The website was just charged and I had two gift certificates and there wasn’t an option where to apply the gift cards. It would also be nice to be nice to be able use the gift cards for downloads as well. Otherwise, I love her videos

Sharon C

Jul 28, 2021

Great products, good support. They responded to my email in timely fashion with helpful information.

Julie A

Jul 26, 2021

I love everything about Cathe. Love her workouts, her products and the customer service. I have been a customer for a long time. I plan to continue to be a customer for a long time.

Lindsey M

Jul 26, 2021

Love Cathe!! I have been working out with her since 2004. She is my go to workout with so many varieties of programs.

Cheryl L

Sep 21, 2021

Very satisfied with service and product

Mary G

Sep 09, 2021

experience was the dvds, BUT I paid for the whole bundle and I don't know how to get the digital copies. I sent customer service an email but did not get a response.

Francine L

Sep 06, 2021

Very satisfied will tell my friends to purchase this product.

Rhonda N

Aug 31, 2021

Great experience

JoAnn C

Aug 28, 2021



Aug 27, 2021

It was easy to order the Cathe product and it arrived on time.

Donna H

Aug 26, 2021

Bands and loops are great quality. I really like the fabric around the loops for more comfort while working out. Terrific replacements for some older bands/loops I had.

Jody G

Aug 25, 2021


Belinda N

Aug 24, 2021

Very fast & efficient service;-)

Evelyn C

Aug 21, 2021

Excellent! Thank you!

Carole P

Aug 20, 2021

Easy shopping experience.

Warneika P

Aug 17, 2021

Haven’t received my product yet but the updates are great. So far so good. Looking forward to my bands.

Laura M

Aug 11, 2021

Easy to order. I appreciate the shipping updates.

Loretta L

Aug 10, 2021

Love the communication! I get updates almost weekly.

Loretta K

Aug 09, 2021

Cathe is the best!!!

Lisa F

Aug 09, 2021

You just can't go wrong with Cathe! The workouts and customer service are the best!

Kay V

Aug 07, 2021

Received item promptly. It was an earlier production from Cathe. Found it a little difficult the first time through, but I will be doing it again. Just not used to it yet. Love other more recent step aerobics items from Cathe.with alternating step and weights. I'm also 75, so this is a fine challenge for me.

Dayna F

Aug 06, 2021

I love everything about Cathe workouts! I buy every DVD she produces, and if it's not something I'm into at the moment, there always comes a point in time where it's exactly what I need. The production is professional, Cathe and the crew have impeccable form, and when you do a workout multiple times you really learn the nuances that she points out. Plus, there is so much variation that you learn so many modifications.

Elizabeth F

Aug 02, 2021

Very easy to renew my Cathe live & library subscription.

Carolyn S

Aug 02, 2021

I’m always happy with my Cathe purchases and look forward to more!

Martha S

Jul 31, 2021

Great products and programs.

cindy s

Jul 28, 2021

I Love the workouts on Cathe’s DVD’s. This was my 2nd time ordering from here and I’m sure I will be ordering again.

Ramona S

Jul 27, 2021

Not sure why I am receiving a survey regarding a recent purchase as it has been several months since my last purchase from this site

Debbie M

Jul 26, 2021

It was very easy to order. I haven’t received the DVDs/bands of course as they were a preorder. I will say that EVERYTHING Cathe does is phenomenal! I won’t buy any other exercise DVDs. Eagerly awaiting my new workouts!

Lexie P

Jul 26, 2021

Very quick response. Completely answered my question and helped me with my problem. Great customer service!

Matt T

Sep 21, 2021

Great products & great quality! Fast shipping as well! Very reliable shopping experience and high satisfaction.

Linda G

Sep 08, 2021

Super fast shipping

Annette M

Sep 03, 2021

Thank you for a speedy delivery of my new workouts! I appreciated you quick responses to all my questions and can’t wait to get started!

Beth H

Aug 31, 2021

Great product I love these new band and work outs!

martha h

Aug 28, 2021

actually i expected much more from this latest dvd Lower body is better than upper I think for the exorbitant price could’ve been more intense. I wish I could return it but I would lose at least $24.00 for shipping 🥺

Melissa D

Aug 27, 2021

Always easy to shop at

Debbie T

Aug 26, 2021

The item shipped very fast and was as described

Karen K

Aug 25, 2021

I just received the boss bands dvd's/bands and the items I received are great as usual, and the process of purchasing was easy, and quick delivery. Highly recommend Cathe's workout programs. Since covid I've been working out at home, and I don't feel I miss anything from the gym with Cathe leading my workouts! Love them!

Linda E

Aug 23, 2021

Very easy to order 😁

Andrea H

Aug 21, 2021

My pink loop broke after ONE workout!

Joyce M

Aug 19, 2021

I was using my phone this time whereas I usually use my computer. On my phone, I had difficulty finding what I was looking for (although that has not been the case in the past when I used my computer).

Dawn F

Aug 16, 2021


Marcia R

Aug 11, 2021

I received my order quickly. As usual, Cathe provides excellent service.

Shirley B

Aug 10, 2021

Pre Ordered the body bands & DVD. ordering was easy & fast. Will update once I receive items

Nicole G

Aug 09, 2021

My order was easy and I also reached out for an update on the shipping of my purchase and got a reply the next day. hopefully getting a shipping confirmation soon! Yippee

Lola D

Aug 09, 2021

Easy and user friendly

Megan K

Aug 07, 2021

I love all of Cathe's videos. I love the variety of workouts!

Jennifer L

Aug 06, 2021

Easy to order!

Christina M

Aug 02, 2021

Can’t wait to get my bands and access to new workouts. I completely understand the shipping delays and am reviewing based off order history. Cathe does an outstanding job of keeping us informed of the process. I absolutely love her and her workouts. I’ve been a member and a fan of her and her workouts, advice, etc., for years! Keep up the great work!!!

Arizona C

Aug 02, 2021

Very satisfied with the site and workouts. It would be great if Cathe could do a workout for women over 60. Normally, I improvise my workouts to fit my body.

Christine S

Jul 30, 2021

I recently purchased Cathe Live membership for 6 months. I wanted to try it out, so purchased the 6 months initially. I already have all the DVDs. I cannot say enough about Cathe Live. The workouts are so awesome, I love seeing Cathe in her gym with everyone in the background working out right along with me. There are so many options and variety of workouts. I don't know of any other fitness trainer who has the offering that Cathe does. The workouts are intense and as always, you can make them easier or harder. I will be renewing after 6 months with the full year membership. I can't believe I waited so long to try it out. But now that I have, there's no going back. I'm completely hooked!

Megan M

Jul 28, 2021

Easy ordering and checkout, quick delivery

Rafia Y

Jul 27, 2021

I love everything Cathe 🤗

Bertha G

Jul 26, 2021

Ordering from is very easy. The site is user friendly and several payment options are available. Information about shipping dates is clearly explained.

Roberta B

Jul 26, 2021

Communication is good. Frustrated by the delays however that is not Cathi’s fault.

Elena V

Sep 15, 2021

Great quality products and arrived quiclky!

David B

Sep 07, 2021

Timely shipping and reasonable pricing.

Carol S

Sep 01, 2021

All I can say is THANK YOU for making everything so easy! And I LOVE the UPS notifications!

Barbara R

Aug 31, 2021

Kudos to your service department! I received the boss bands with the Boss Loops DVD and they quickly made the exchange for me. Great service!

Elaine G

Aug 27, 2021

Love all of Cathes videos and workouts!

Cynthia T

Aug 26, 2021

Love Cathe and her workouts!!!


Aug 26, 2021

Always a positive experience! Cathe is the best in the business!

Ira W

Aug 24, 2021

My wife is really enjoying this set. We had one issue as the package included two sets of bands rather than a set each of loops and bands. I contacted the seller and they are sending out a set of loops. More I could not ask for.

Susie R

Aug 22, 2021

great experience !

Jennifer K

Aug 20, 2021

Fast shipping! Can’t wait to try this new workout!!

Jean H

Aug 17, 2021

Very happy with your service. I needed help with my last order and it was handled in record time and very professionally.

Michelle H

Aug 16, 2021

The customer service rep was very helpful and came up with alternative solutions to the problem I encountered… But, I do hope at some point will offer us the chance to purchase individual streaming workouts and not just individual downloads. Downloads and DVDs are a thing of the past. To have streaming access to videos of our choice, (not just to pay for access to everything) is a choice that should be offered like other fitness instructors have. Check out for an example. Thanks.

Christie E

Aug 11, 2021

Love Cathe!

latrese c

Aug 10, 2021

Excellent customer service

Louise T

Aug 09, 2021

I have been a Cathe follower for over 10 years and have never had an issue . is just like the woman, consistent, engaging and affective. Thank you

Serena L

Aug 08, 2021

Love Cathe!

Nadeen C

Aug 06, 2021

This was my first order, and because the coupons and daily deals make multiple purchases affordable, I’ll definitely be back for more. Thank you for shipping to US military addresses, too!

Lauren C

Aug 06, 2021

Always a great experience!

Brenda M

Aug 02, 2021

Ordering the boss bands was extremely easy - I cannot wait for the shipments to come in - Cathe is awesome at keeping all her members well informed as to dates and location of shipment !!!!

Tanalee M

Aug 02, 2021

Cathe is the best - customer service is always a plus and the workouts are the best around. Kept 170 lb weight loss stabile and on target for 27 years now. Keep up the wonderful work ❤️❤️

Karen M

Jul 30, 2021

I love everything Cathe!!

Kimberlie N

Jul 28, 2021

I recently ordered STS abs. It was exactly what I was looking for as I like a lot of variety. This ab video has enough variety that I don’t have to do the same workout in a particular week. This workouts are challenging but doable.


Jul 27, 2021

I have ordered almost every DVD Cathe has ever made. Ordering was very easy, updates were timely and items arrived on time. I have really enjoyed the last two videos. Nice change.

Joan H

Jul 26, 2021

It was easy to order from the online store.

Lisa B

Jul 26, 2021

I've been a Cathe customer for 20+ years and it's always a pleasure to order from the site. Love the products and the customer service is fantastic.