Jun 20 2022

I love Cathe's workouts. She never dissapoints.

Leslie S

May 17 2022

Fast shipping, thanks!

Lisa V

Apr 20 2022

Love purchasing products from Cathe's website. Look forward to the daily deals and of course, the coupons!! Products arrive in no time!

Keri M

Apr 08 2022

Delivery was quick and the workouts are always effective!

Debbie C

Mar 19 2022

Esay to use - quick shipping

Jo A

Feb 24 2022

Quick shipping and fair prices

Karen c

Feb 15 2022

So excited to buy beautiful sturdy weight training gloves in pink and blue! The process was so easy and fast. And at a great price as well! Thanks ☺️

Alexander T

Feb 12 2022

i have been a devoted Cathelete for 20 years now. I have 80% of her DVD's and I love them all. I have continued seeing great results and reaping the benefits of a healthy and strong body at 43 years of age. Thank you Cathe and all your staff! for all your hard work and dedication!!!! You are all a TREMENDOUS BLESSING! GOD BLESS ALWAYS!

Tracey P

Jan 30 2022

I want to give a shout out to Customer Service REP Nancy Pollock --I couldn't believe the fast turnover time especially during these pandemic times with staffing issues She completely resolved the issue and was professional and quick in doing so I will enjoy my Cathe shirt and have even ordered another DVD . NIce to still have great customer service with a company Tracey Perry RN

Lisa L

Jan 18 2022

Hi, I received the cathe yoga mat. Wow!! shipped faster that I thought! Used it last night for a yoga stretch. It felt awsome on the feet and restful after the stretch for the body. I actually started to fall asleep on it. It felt so comfortable! Thank you! Money well spent!! Awsome purchase, no matter which way I rolled my body never left the mat!

ann b

Jan 07 2022

Always good

Karen H

Dec 23 2021

My items were lost in the mail and they were tremendous at replacing and ensuring I received! Very professional and caring!

Tarah B

Dec 20 2021

Website is easy to navigate, good prices, and customer service I rock solid!

Sue D

Dec 08 2021

I was having difficulty getting a coupon to work. I emailed the support email and they advised me what to do. Everything happened as they stated. Received items quickly.


Nov 26 2021

Everything went smoothly, except the DVD case arrived broken. I requested a new DVD case to hold all nine DVDs in the XTRAIN set. Other than that, I’ve enjoyed the workouts.

Apryl B

Nov 11 2021

I’ve ordered many DVD’s from Cathe dot com, and have been very happy with the speed and accuracy in processing the orders!

Cheryl L

Sep 21 2021

Very satisfied with service and product

Mary G

Sep 09 2021

experience was the dvds, BUT I paid for the whole bundle and I don't know how to get the digital copies. I sent customer service an email but did not get a response.

Francine L

Sep 06 2021

Very satisfied will tell my friends to purchase this product.

Rhonda N

Aug 31 2021

Great experience

JoAnn C

Aug 28 2021



Aug 27 2021

It was easy to order the Cathe product and it arrived on time.

Donna H

Aug 26 2021

Bands and loops are great quality. I really like the fabric around the loops for more comfort while working out. Terrific replacements for some older bands/loops I had.

Jody G

Aug 25 2021


Belinda N

Aug 24 2021

Very fast & efficient service;-)

christine h

Jun 06 2022

I recently ordered the Boss bands from Cathe, and they are great! It gives me another workout style to keep me interested and motivated. And Cathe's On Demand videos are fantastic!! I recommend her to everyone I know ;o)

Gabrielle D

May 17 2022

Great customer service

Mary B

Apr 20 2022

Wonderful service, quick shipping, great products!

Caren E

Apr 07 2022

I love love love Cathe’s workouts! And customer service is fantastic!

Donna S

Mar 14 2022


Ruth H

Feb 22 2022

i have been using CATHE for years and love the videos. Looking forward to trying the new ones that came today. I will be 85 in April and can pretty well keep up. Sometimes I use lighter weights and love the low impact. I also love Cathe's new hair cut. Ruth Hochman

Karim C

Feb 15 2022

Every time I shop online at Cathe's, I feel confident and fully up to date on my shipment and of course it always comes well packaged!

Rachael S

Feb 11 2022

I am a big fan of cathe products and the customer service is fantastic! Ordering from here is always a positive and personable experience!

Melinda v

Jan 29 2022

It was an excellent overall body workout! Loved it! I have many Cathe workout dvds and this will fit in nicely with my other workouts.

Becki L

Jan 16 2022


Lori R

Jan 06 2022

I have bought from Cathe in the past and even on Black Friday and Cyber Monday they had no deals for their merchandise, which is different from past years. May buy from another vendor next time.

Jann R

Dec 23 2021

Arrived earlier than last years thank yoj

Megan C

Dec 12 2021

Purchased the rollers, yoga mat and ball. Happy repeat customer! You guys are the best! Keep up the awesome work!

Anne K

Dec 07 2021

I love the Cathe products and buy directly from her website whenever possible. However, after my last purchase, made two weeks ago, I have yet to receive any shipping or tracking information. The product was in stock so I’m not sure why there is such a long delay in shipping.

Kelly B

Nov 25 2021

Really enjoy working out with Cathe.

Vickie T

Oct 30 2021

Excellent experience. The website was easy to order from and I received my items very fast.

Matt T

Sep 21 2021

Great products & great quality! Fast shipping as well! Very reliable shopping experience and high satisfaction.

Linda G

Sep 08 2021

Super fast shipping

Annette M

Sep 03 2021

Thank you for a speedy delivery of my new workouts! I appreciated you quick responses to all my questions and can’t wait to get started!

Beth H

Aug 31 2021

Great product I love these new band and work outs!

martha h

Aug 28 2021

actually i expected much more from this latest dvd Lower body is better than upper I think for the exorbitant price could’ve been more intense. I wish I could return it but I would lose at least $24.00 for shipping 🥺

Melissa D

Aug 27 2021

Always easy to shop at

Debbie T

Aug 26 2021

The item shipped very fast and was as described

Karen K

Aug 25 2021

I just received the boss bands dvd's/bands and the items I received are great as usual, and the process of purchasing was easy, and quick delivery. Highly recommend Cathe's workout programs. Since covid I've been working out at home, and I don't feel I miss anything from the gym with Cathe leading my workouts! Love them!

Linda E

Aug 23 2021

Very easy to order 😁


May 30 2022

Love the modifications cathe puts in the videos. Would also like to know what other videos use same equipment

Jade E

Apr 29 2022

Always a great workout with the Cathe video's. Super fast delivery and all the DVD's were in perfect shape.

Pat S

Apr 17 2022

Great workout

Jean F

Mar 30 2022

The products I buy from Cathe are top quality. The shipping id fast.

Heather S

Mar 08 2022

Great products with fast shipping.

Jill L

Feb 20 2022

Fast, easy, and great products. Will definitely order again in the future!

Brenda S

Feb 14 2022

Great product, love Cathe DVD's!

Robin R

Feb 09 2022

I love everything Cathe! She kicks my butt, but it’s all for the greater good. After finishing one of her DVD’s I feel really accomplished and ready to tackle anything.

Annette P

Jan 27 2022

Very straightforward and easy Thanks!

shelly b

Jan 10 2022

I have always been a Cathe fan….her workouts are so awesome and the Boss Band is no exception. The bands are very well made and make your workout challenging. Ordering from her on-line store is always easy and her merchandise is always quality.

Teresa L

Dec 24 2021


Amanda S

Dec 23 2021

I purchased the 2022 calendar. Love it! It’s so much more than a calendar. It includes tips, suggested workouts, an (impressively long) list of all of Cathe’s workouts and pictures of Cathe and the crew working out. I expect to find this encouraging and motivating for those days when my motivation is lagging.

Brenda E

Dec 11 2021

Love all her stuff

Kenyatta B

Dec 06 2021

Fast shipping; great workout videos

Anita V

Nov 21 2021

Fast and reliable service, shipping and handling. I always get my products quickly and in good condition. No complaints.

Connie M

Sep 27 2021

Order was delivered very quickly

Elena V

Sep 15 2021

Great quality products and arrived quiclky!

David B

Sep 07 2021

Timely shipping and reasonable pricing.

Carol S

Sep 01 2021

All I can say is THANK YOU for making everything so easy! And I LOVE the UPS notifications!

Barbara R

Aug 31 2021

Kudos to your service department! I received the boss bands with the Boss Loops DVD and they quickly made the exchange for me. Great service!

Elaine G

Aug 27 2021

Love all of Cathes videos and workouts!

Cynthia T

Aug 26 2021

Love Cathe and her workouts!!!


Aug 26 2021

Always a positive experience! Cathe is the best in the business!

Ira W

Aug 24 2021

My wife is really enjoying this set. We had one issue as the package included two sets of bands rather than a set each of loops and bands. I contacted the seller and they are sending out a set of loops. More I could not ask for.

Susie R

Aug 22 2021

great experience !

Julia H

May 25 2022

Great customer service. Easy to use website to order DVD.

Kimberly M

Apr 27 2022

Love all your workout!! So fun and so many options!

Jennifer W

Apr 11 2022

So easy to order and so quick to arrive!


Mar 22 2022

Excellent product! This is my second set of STS dvd's, first set was gifted to a friend. This program is my all-time favorite, it makes working out with weights so enjoyable!


Mar 01 2022

It was very easy to order and recieved my order in a timely manner.

Sanchia P

Feb 18 2022

Well-packaged and quick delivery!

Alyssa K

Feb 12 2022

I purchased the step sized yoga mat and am in love! Finally, I don't have to fold a regular yoga mat in half to do lying down weight work or abs on the bench! This product is genius! It also was delivered very quickly too :)


Feb 07 2022

Quick. Easy. Quality products. Thank you.

Christine W

Jan 25 2022

I checked a few sites but Cathe's had the best price and more information about the workout than other sites. I received my new workout (which I love) quickly!

Abigail A

Jan 10 2022

Great! Item came on time.

Mary D

Dec 24 2021

This is the 2nd time I have relayed back to you I have paid for a rollar but never received! Please check your records and either ship me the rollar or refund my money. I’ve also read about others not getting their orders..

Polly M

Dec 20 2021

Love doing cardio and strength in one workout! Good intensity and easy to modify low impact if needed.

Beverly C

Dec 10 2021

As always my order came quickly and it was perfect!

William B

Dec 01 2021

Easy to order and prompt shipping.

Alexandra L

Nov 11 2021

It was placed Oct. 21 but we haven’t received our order unfortunately.

Christine Z

Sep 21 2021

I was sent something by mistake. Cathe’s crew responded to me within hours and a received the correct order in two days. Having been with Cathe for almost 28 years, amazing service and personal attention should not surprise me… I’m just waiting for the rest of the world to level up 😊

Joseph C

Sep 14 2021

Great program! Cathe really pushes you!

Marla G

Sep 07 2021

Another great shopping experience with Cathe. Always great. Thank you.

Stephen K

Aug 31 2021

Excellent customer service..Nancy is helpful polite and friendly and answers inquiries right to the point Cathe's workouts are my to go fitness routine Have been working out with her since 2000 and she is getting better all the time and still seeing results today. Thank you Cathe and team

Debbie K

Aug 30 2021

I ordered both the Boss Bands and Loops. Wow what a workout they give!! The old elastic bands are no comparison!! Thank you " Cathe for the cloth bands and the Dvd's to go with!! You've done it again❣

jobita p

Aug 27 2021

i didnt get my full order but when i emailed customer service the resolution was very quick and friendly. will definitely order again.

Cathy M

Aug 26 2021

Arrived quickly. So excited to workout with the bands!

Marsha F

Aug 25 2021

Cathe is the best!

paulette u

Aug 24 2021

excellent service! loved the workout these bands are fantastic

Amber H

Aug 21 2021

Great Customer Service. Thank you!