john s

May 12 2022

no more nasty eggs they roll out clean for you folks raising chickens and collecting eggs get yourself one of these you won't be sorry

Jackq A

May 04 2022

It took my birds about 10 days to start using the box. In hindsight I would probably remove their existing nesting box after a day or two. I put a handful of straw in the new box and they went right in. It is the first time I’ve ever had CLEAN eggs and no more eggs getting eaten. AWESOME PRODUCT!

George G

Apr 25 2022

Quality product, easy to assemble and install in the coop (I did the reverse roll out). I used some artificial eggs to entice the hens to lay eggs in the nest box and after about a week, approximately 50% of the hens are using it. I suppose there will always be a hen or two who will still prefer their old laying spot(s), but over time I hope to have them all using the next box. Getting clean eggs from outside the coop is much more enjoyable then having to go into the coop and get poopy eggs.

Tyler S

Apr 17 2022

It's been a couple weeks since I introduced this nest box to the ladies. I put a couple decoy eggs inside so they would get the hint, and I removed one curtain so they could see in. I've been slowly reducing the number of old nest boxes available to them, and today was the first full day with just this nest box. I was pleasantly surprised to find just one egg outside of the boxes; the rest were securely deposited inside the roll-away tray. They were all intact and CLEAN, and the cats didn't stand a chance! Omelets are back on the menu!

Jeffrey W

Apr 02 2022

What can I say? I was plagued with filthy eggs now I have clean eggs. I couldn’t be more pleased with a product. I put the hen box on the floor of my coop, making sure it was as close to the ladies favorite box as possible. Some laid in it immediately, all of them were using it in 3 days. I did take off the roost bar, just something else to clean and not necessary if the box is on the ground. I like that I can still collect my eggs through the outdoor hatch, a side note, make sure you block off the sides if your setting it up this way, the hens will try to get behind it. In my pictures you will see some temporary blocking using bricks on one side and some upright 2x6s on the other side. When I have some time I will be making something permanent from some plywood. Again, super product, I have already recommended it to two friends, one who was so he excited he already ordered his.

Samuel A

Apr 01 2022

Simple to put together easy to hang birds quickly took to it eggs are cleaner and when a bird gets broody the eggs are easier to retrieve. Definitely gonna get another when the time comes

Samuel M

Mar 28 2022

Very easy to set up! Best instructions I’ve seen in a long time!

Amy P

Mar 23 2022

I really love the roll-out chicken nest box. I have free-range chickens, so it is taking time to get them to start using the new nest box as they can literally lay eggs anywhere else on the farm. But I just keep moving hens into the box when I catch them trying to lay eggs elsewhere and I put some hay inside to make it more like what they are used to. Slowly but surely more and more are laying in the nest box and I couldn't be happier with the easy to gather, clean eggs they produce there. Looking forward to the day when all my hens have figured out to use it!

Tertia B

Feb 27 2022

The hens live this! Well made and they can’t reach the eggs on the inside. Someone is pecking the eggs from the underside so I laid thin plastic cutting board sheets to prevent this.

Laura T

Feb 22 2022

I LOVE this nest box. It was totally worth the purchase. First, it was easy to set up and had the best assembly directions I’ve ever gotten in any purchase in my life. The directions are obviously written by someone who has had to follow written instructions before and understands where clarification is needed (helpful pictures are also included). Also this thing just works. It’s great so far. They include a long list of ideas on how to get the hens laying in it, but it’s been super easy for us. We purchased already laying hens to start and none of them laid in the nest box on the first day. We put a tiny amount of straw in the box the next day and one hen used it right away. After that more hens used it each day till all were using it within a week. I can’t say enough about how much I love the roll-out feature. I installed mine with the collection tray outside the coop so I don’t even have to go inside to get them. And the eggs are pristine clean right out of the box. Thanks for a great product!

Rudolph F

Feb 14 2022

I have a flock of Black Copper Marans and they are very aggressive when scratching especially in the nest box. I placed these nest pads in the nest box and have had no problems like I was having with a looser nest box bedding. After a couple days with the remnants of the other material on top of these nest pads the girls were good with laying in the new environment. Cleaner areas and much less maintenance!


Jan 10 2022

It's been three weeks only one chicken has laid an egg once it's kind of hard to get him to just start using it

Andrew K

Dec 31 2021

Works well on the chickens that use it and is well made an easy to put together nice quality product would buy again


Dec 29 2021

It took my girls about a week to figure it out. After a couple of days I introduced two fake eggs. Eggs are alway clean and easy for the grandkids to collect. No problem to assemble or install.

Kimberly B

Dec 16 2021

The girls took a little while to get the hang of the box but now we catch two birds laying together at times and have zero issues with them "talking" when we come in the coop and a bird is nesting. Compared to my MIL'S non-curtained boxes (not best nest), where when she goes in the coop, they tell her how they'd like to be left alone. Would definitely recommend and would personally purchase again if we should need.

Jake S

Dec 08 2021

Wore the first one out so a replacement was needed. Best thing ever to keep eggs cleaner and gently usher them outside the box!

Gene H

Dec 04 2021

The box is built very sturdy, quick and easy assembly. Although, it is a $200.00 wall ornament. It has a fake egg in to attempt to lure the birds in, they have no interest at all. Put in plastic containers with straw inside and had eggs the next day from two different hens. Any suggestions how to get the birds to use this expensive wall unit? Thank you

Shaun E

Nov 18 2021

Great design! Highly recommend this for any coop.

Suzette M

Nov 01 2021

Love it! super easy to put together. Kids and I did it fairly quickly. The hardest part was the compression screw for the perch bar. The picture says it all. we were having a terrible time with dirty eggs as seen in the one bucket. Contrasted with the best nest eggs in the other bucket that are beautifully clean. It really is the Best Nest. To quote Dr. Seuss, "I love my nest, in all the world this neat is best. " Sorry, can't seem to figure out how to load the photo.

David K

Oct 25 2021

Commercial quality construction and design, made conveniently available for the backyard bird enthusiast. Thank you!

Glen D

Oct 21 2021

Easy assemble, just installed, hen haven’t used it yet


May 11 2022

Bought a smaller one a few years ago and loved it. Eggs are cleaner and better protected from chickens. Flock size grew so I decided to add to my nesting access.


May 03 2022

Hard to find this size. Little pricey. Works well but hard to clean

Tracy D

Apr 22 2022

Perfect fit. Chickens still poop on them but not nearly as often. Easy to clean.

Linda K

Apr 07 2022

Just what I ordered.

Dorin M

Mar 30 2022

Great nest box and keeps the eggs very clean. Chickens started using it within minutes.

Christa W

Mar 25 2022

We love it and, more importantly, our girls love it! We still have a few hold outs but now a full 50% of our birds are regularly utilizing the box just two weeks after installation and with no additional prompting. We have not had a broken or a cracked egg in the box and it is staying clean - a minor miracle! 10/10 highly recommend, worth every penny.

Doreen M

Mar 23 2022

It's great. And I'm sure we will use it for many years. Thank you for a quality product, made in the USA.

Maria W

Mar 05 2022

They are awesome we absolutely love them I just wish they were a little cheaper to Canada

Neil A

Feb 27 2022

Just set it up, looks good so far. Thanks

Murray V

Feb 21 2022

We love it! Before we got the nest box we would maybe get 1-2 eggs from 19 hens, if any, because they would eat them. The day we installed the new nest box they had no idea where to lay their eggs and we found them all over the coop. Our son showed a couple where/how to use it and the rest is history. Fresh, clean eggs every day. They seem to be back to what they were laying before they ate them.

Elizabeth Z

Jan 17 2022

Relief that we don't have go out every morning to put the perchs down.

Bryan K

Jan 06 2022

We love our new nest box and so do the chickens. Our Speckled Sussex flock is a little over a year old and adapted to it immediately. We no longer have birds fighting over the favorite box and breaking eggs in the process. The box is also not comfortable enough to encourage egg sitting/broody behavior. Best of all the eggs are CLEAN.

Mike S

Dec 31 2021

Great product and they were able to answer my questions before I placed my order.


Dec 29 2021

It’s every dollar you spent on it

Bob H

Dec 14 2021

A nice addition to our chinken coop, they are laying eggs while I'm doing other chores, i adapted it to my homemade nest boxes, ill try to get a picture for you

Melanie M

Dec 07 2021

I like the looks of it it went together easily but the chickens will not use it and it's the only nest box they have available they still insist on laying everywhere but in it lol

Jessica B

Nov 29 2021

love getting clean eggs in the afternoon.

Kevinth N

Nov 24 2021

I love the box it’s Mazimg. Really expensive and the thing to put them down is $150

Jason Tate

Nov 13 2021

For the money it should slide up and down better than it does. The slides are not very durable and they were installed correctly

Colette B

Nov 06 2021

They haven't used it yet as they have other built in boxes to use. I will encourage them in spring. Product is well made table materials and a great idea!

Lindsey H

Oct 31 2021

I love these! Except for the price!

Jeffrey F

Oct 25 2021

The chickens have not laid their eggs in it. When I put an egg in it it got stuck and did not roll all the way out.

Casey B

Oct 17 2021

Excellent construction but my chickens just won’t go in to use it. I taped the curtain up and had one chicken lay one egg but that’s it. Not sure what went wrong

Charles F

May 03 2022

Installed easily. Verdict out on egg laying, chickens are only 10 weeks old.

David A

Apr 22 2022

Love the box but my chickens seem to not lay in it yet. Only had it for about 1 week so hopefully the chickens will make the connection soon.

Jason S

Apr 07 2022

My hens refuse to use this box. I don’t know why

Tara B

Apr 01 2022

Incredible We all love our box and I am looking to purchase a second one.

Heather G

Mar 30 2022

This has made collecting, storing and using eggs so much easier. Before this, I had to go out constantly to collect eggs through the day to reduce the eggs being soiled and/or being eaten by the hens. I wish I had installed this sooner. I am planning on buying more for my other 2 henhouses.

Lorenzo R

Mar 25 2022

Excellent product. Will go back for more as we grow, hopefully!

Mark B

Mar 22 2022

Easy to assemble, easy to install. Now I just need the chicks to grow up and lay some eggs.


Mar 03 2022

I love having clean unbroken eggs. The box makes it a pleasure to gather eggs 🥚🥚🥚

Joshua S

Feb 25 2022

Clean eggs! Going to order a couple more!


Feb 16 2022

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! We love it! No more dirty eggs. We love going to the coop to get our eggs now

Ginger K

Feb 02 2022

We are very happy with the best nest boxes, have two others that we love how clean the eggs are and easily accessible. Getting our new layers to figure out where to put their eggs is quite the challenge but they’ll get the hang of it soon.

Jeremy E

Jan 13 2022

Seems awesome but my birds hate it trying different methods to adapt them to it

susan k

Jan 01 2022

Exactly what I ordered. Very Happy with purchase.

Sara K

Dec 30 2021

This is a game changer on our homestead with about 50 layers, especially since I was the one mainly to deal with all the dirty eggs :) Mr Joel Salatin has said that if you're dealing with more than 10% dirty eggs it''s a management issue. We were at >90% before this new nest box. Thanks God we are now at far less than 10% dirty with the new box (only rarely a hen will lay outside the box, perhaps before we open it in the morning). Has been a huge blessing -- thank you!

Gerard V

Dec 28 2021

Received my order in a copple days , Put them together yesterday ,very easy no problems would recommend to anybody.

Robert M

Dec 14 2021

Great nests and work well but should include roost poper to keep hen’s from roosting for the price of them.

Joell Y

Dec 07 2021

Bought for the new chicken coop. Well made and went together easily. Love the idea of the reversible rollaway. Hoping the chickens like the community nesting box.

Tom L

Nov 29 2021

Easy to assemble and lightweight! Ready for the girls to start laying!

Jerry R

Nov 23 2021

Material could be a little heavier. Fit together nice. Glad to see a product that they don't have to punch half inch holes for quarter inch bolts

Ronald J

Nov 12 2021

Very happy. Went together very easy.

Charles B

Nov 02 2021

Easy to put together and the hens seem to like it.

Ha a

Oct 31 2021

Works great! eggs are clean. Just need to train the chicken for a few days.

Britt M

Oct 22 2021

A real chicken farmer engineered these boxes! We love them and the chickens do too! We’ve ordered 2 different sets of three and will buy more as the need arises. Great customer service.

William R

Oct 17 2021

Awesome product. Highly recommended.

Gary K

May 06 2022

Nest Box set delivered very quick . Easy to assemble hens are already using them great product.

JoAnn Q

Apr 29 2022

My chickens are not using it at all! Don’t know what to do ! So expensive!

Samuel M

Apr 19 2022

Bought a second one for the chicken tractor! Love it!

Lorenzo R

Apr 06 2022

Too expensive. But it works.

Whitney M

Apr 01 2022

Took my hens a few days but they are using it without any problems. Well built. Will last a long time.

Stephen S

Mar 29 2022

Very well built and designed.

Carien M

Mar 24 2022

Thanks so much. Quality looks good! Can't wait to start using it

Andy &

Mar 22 2022

Excellent value. Nothing like getting pristinely clean eggs straight from the box!

Robert W

Mar 01 2022

Easy to assemble. Works great!

Anthony C

Feb 23 2022

spent A year researching the best low Maintenace way to build a coop for healthy free-range chickens. After building my coop and making a few changes for the better, the best nest box is the best improvement I have made and I wouldn't have a coop without it now. Being made of galvanized steel it is quick and easy to clean and the best thing about it is no more dirty, poopy eggs! 95% + of all the eggs looks store shelf ready right out of the nesting box. I assume the ones that are a little dirty may be because the eggs don't roll out right away so tilting the box a little more may make it even better. I would defiantly recommend this for both backyard chickens and commercial. I will not use wood boxes or non-rollaway boxes again. *I started with 6 hens, and now have 30+

Helen J

Feb 16 2022

Quality product.. and thats just the packaging! Bolted it together without a hitch. Got it installed with a minimum of fuss. So far our young chicks haven't layed an egg in it (or anywhere else for that matter!0 but it makes our hen house look really flash!

Rita Q

Jan 26 2022

I absolutely love the design of your nest box. Took a little encouraging at first using a ceramic egg but my girls now use it regularly. I do believe I may need another one! One more comment is your directions were easy to follow so it made assembling it a breeze. Thanks BEST NEST BOX !!!

Tim B

Jan 13 2022

Easy to assemble and hens quickly accepted the box. We are very happy with the nest box and so are our girls.

James C

Jan 01 2022

We installed a new Best Nest in our chicken house several weeks before our new pullets started laying, replacing an old rusted out double row individual nest rollaway Choretime set. We were pleased when they started laying, all the eggs were laid in the nest with no roosting inside like they did with our old nests.

Kurt L

Dec 29 2021

So fa so good. Chickens started using it the first day.

John P

Dec 21 2021

Great box sturdy and well made

Danial P

Dec 11 2021

Went together ez enough. Our 4 girls haven't used it yet and its been almost 1 week

jerry M

Dec 06 2021

Love it, even chickens that are 2 years old started using it after shoving them in it a couple times and leaving an egg in it. Works great!!

Cindy S

Nov 29 2021

My husband was skeptical about Best Nest. I tried for years to talk him into trying it. This last year we had egg eaters and had to do something new. So we decided to try Best Nest. It came in perfect condition and we quickly assembled it. It took less than a week and the majority of our hens were laying eggs safely in their Best Nest. We are planning on buying another for our younger hens. Our eggs are safe and clean.

Rachael H

Nov 18 2021

The nest boxes are nice. Sometimes our eggs don’t roll all the way. They get caught on the upper part of the roll space. Also, a piece of cardboard at the end of the roll helps to soften the ending.

Diego R

Nov 02 2021

It's built like a tank. It works great

Linda C

Oct 29 2021

Assemble was easy. Installation was also very easy. Chickens hopped right and laid an egg, yea.

Sandra C

Oct 22 2021

Easy to put together and our ladies love it. Took one night and day and they were adjusted! The eggs are so clean and no more broken from their toenails!! Good investment.