Carol K

Dec 14 2022

Don’t wait, don’t put it off. These are the best boxes ever!

Robert R

Nov 26 2022

This is the second Best Nest Box that we've installed. We have 30 chickens and it seemed the 36" box was not enough for them as they kept laying in the yard. The installation of the second, smaller box did the trick. Now we very rarely eggs outside of the boxes. Great products!

Renee T

Nov 16 2022

This works great. We are weekend farmers and can't collect the eggs daily. Our chickens were eating the eggs. This box fixed that so easily. Great product. My husband said they were easy to install.

Harry H

Nov 12 2022

Great idea and excellent product that is holding up well in the coop. Collecting the eggs now is a treat as they are clean and protected from cracking and eating. Look forward to buying two more large boxes for our other coop. Thank you!

Vicki J

Nov 08 2022

I really love these....the chickens think they are hiding a treasure, and the eggs stay soooooooooooo clean.

Richard W

Oct 31 2022

So far so good. Written instructions on door calibration could be way more thorough, but easy enough to figure out, I suppose, we'll see. Most low-star reviews were issues after months of install.

Michael G

Oct 24 2022

I only wish i new about this nestbox years ago. No more missing eggs due to my hens eating the eggs.

Doug H

Oct 03 2022

I recommend this product.

Scott P

Sep 27 2022

Well the pads are great, but the chickens disagree. After 6 weeks of a little added straw, and ceramic eggs, if they don’t see straw, they lay on the floor instead. We have a new flock just coming in to lay, perhaps we can train them! Any suggestions on how to make the floor uncomfortable? We have straw but tried chicken wire bundles. They just move them. I guess we could screw them down. What’s your advice?

Jose H

Sep 23 2022

The girls loved it Had very very low spill out but nothing compared to the other feeders that they would knock over or get the food dirty. Very well built and sturdy. Thank you guys everything from the egg laying box to the waterer and feeder have helped me keep a much cleaner coop all around

Danny H

Sep 08 2022

Very well built and excellent design. Only complaint is not able to see when water is low......... but just gotta open the lid. I'm thinking about installing some sort of tube on the outside like on a motorcycle tank to see the water level but that's just me. Great product !!!! Thank You

Mike R

Aug 31 2022

Works excellent! Just what we needed

Charles E

Aug 27 2022

The Best Nest Box is working well. The setup was easy - it took me and my son 30 minutes. We hung the box on the side of the contained outside chicken run. They ignored it until we coaxed their interest by loading box with an inch of straw and some tasty bread. At first only 10% of the chickens used it. After 3 weeks, we are up to 80%. Many of our chickens are older (3+ years old) and thus may be slow to adapt. No complaints, only complements.


Aug 17 2022

We love ours. Hens took to it first thing.

Marc D

Aug 05 2022

i had a pleasant purchasing experience with BEST NEST BOX (BNB), from the time I ordered to delivery BNB kept me informed every step of the way. received my order it was well packaged no damage. took my time had the nest box assembled in 45 minutes. I installed the nest box in my chicken coop, my girls took to it immediately. next morning I had two eggs in it. its been two weeks now I collect 7 eggs per day now. this box does what its advertised clean eggs in the collection tray. I'm very pleased with this box. Respectfully, Marc Doyon

Brian S

Aug 03 2022

Definitely worth buying. It is a bit spendy, but it’s well made and easy to assemble. The best part is the clean eggs and clean nesting box! I opted for the perch popper which is totally worth it. No more roosting in the nesting box, no more dirty eggs. Having the eggs roll out the back is great to avoid walking in the coop all the time. The only thing is like is an automatic perch stow away option!

Brian R

Jul 16 2022

Well now I want another one! Peoce is high but it's a quality box

Eileen C

Jul 11 2022

Great nesting box, simple to install, works great.

Mike L

Jul 01 2022

Would have given this 5 stars but we are getting some broken/dented eggs. When the eggs roll away on the turf mat they roll on to a metal grate that the eggs hit at the far end. It is not ideal, not sure why there isn't some kind of soft bumper there to help instead of metal wires?

Gregory W

Jun 21 2022

Nice box, well built, will start using next week

Mallie W

May 20 2022

Great quality, very easy to assembly and good communication from customer service. The little ladies are a few months out from laying so unable to comment on their experience with it just yet.

Marianne B

Dec 02 2022

Very well made and my hens are using it already.

Florence S

Nov 25 2022

Makes raising chickens easier!

Casey G

Nov 15 2022

Hens will not use the box

Cristina P

Nov 11 2022

really love these....the chickens think they are hiding a treasure, and the eggs stay very good, thanks

Bruce M

Nov 07 2022

Like they say “Best Nest Box”! My flock has no problem using this from the first day.

Kathleen G

Oct 30 2022

our egg production went from 70/day to FIVE. We were baffled as to what was happening until we caught our naughty girls eating them as quick as they could. Our work/life schedule doesn't allow us to gather every 2 hours so we had to figure something out. Within 1 week we were up to 25/day and that increases daily. The eggs are cleaner and after reading/watching other reviews, we copied the lady that laid down the cardboard in the mesh tray to prevent the chickens from attempting an "underneath assault". We are

Katheryn F

Oct 21 2022

My girls are ignoring the boxes (I bought two, one for each coop that has 5 hens each). I’ll keep trying, but so far they are ignoring the boxes and one continues to eat eggs! Is there a way to entice them to use the boxes?

Rafael B

Oct 07 2022

The best nesting box in the market. We went from dirty, broken eggs to clean and whole eggs. All it took was to install the Best Nest Box in our coop.

Doug H

Oct 03 2022

took a bit to get the chickens used to using it, but now not a problem. Would be 5 star if mat extended to egg collection area, but all in all happy with purchase and recommend it

Randal H

Sep 27 2022

Best Nest Box Hands Fown

Ryan C

Sep 16 2022

Had it for a month, so far only 1 hen is using it daily, hoping the others will follow suit. Easy to install and the egg is clean every day!

Theresa W

Sep 06 2022

Wow! This is a great feeder! I’m enjoying it so more that I tell others about of it. Now I can keep the feed in the feeder where it’s supposed to be! You did great! Love it ❤️

Jerry S

Aug 30 2022

Works perfectly! Seem to b getting more eggs and definitely a lot cleaner!

Deborah S

Aug 16 2022

Its been a few weeks and the chickens haven’t used it yet. We’ve made some of the recommended modifications (flaps open, no texture mat, etc.) but they’re not persuaded so far. It looks like it will be great if we can get them to lay there.

Carey C

Aug 04 2022

The nest box is very well constructed and our chickens love it! Thanks for a great product Carey

Leslie O

Jul 29 2022

Very good product, easy to assemble. I've used a lot of different nest boxes. This is the best design I've had. Thanks.

Robert J

Jul 12 2022

A kick-*** addition to my coop. This nest box is perfect for my 17 hens. There is enough room and the reverse mount means I can go out to collect without entering the coop or disturbing the hens. Very well built. I'm super pleased.

The L

Jul 09 2022

If you are looking for Happy Chickens and Clean Eggs, Best Nest Box is the Way to Go!!

Danny G

Jun 23 2022

Easy to put together, fast shipping , great options. Works great!

Leslie F

Jun 13 2022

This nest box was expensive, but it was also really easy to put together and install, and my hens took to it right away. The eggs roll right into the collection area, but they do not break. That makes it worth it for me. I'm thinking of buying a small size one just to give them a bit more choice.

Ignacio Z

Jun 03 2022

eggcellent thank you

Marilyn D

May 25 2022

Placing a fake egg with some straw nests in the box and leaving a few in the nests was the trick to get my hens use to the new box. We gradually removed straw and now they are nesting on the “turf” Love that the eggs roll out clean without a chance for egg eating! Love it

Jeffrey H

Dec 07 2022

Eggs stay clean and not broken in this box

Rabecca C

Nov 30 2022

I love how easy to use and efficient this is!

ronny h

Nov 23 2022

i bought two of the best nest boxes, and I truly love them.I had made one of my own from wood and they were bulky and too heavy.These nest boxes are not heavy, they are attractive to look at and my hens took to them right away. I was having lots of broken and dirty eggs, but not any longer. If I ever get a larger flock of chickens,I will definitely purchase more of these amazing nest boxes. Ron, in Texas

larry e

Nov 14 2022

So far hens are just using as a roost poop area. It is well built

danielle p

Nov 08 2022

They work great but we are having difficulty getting 2 of 6 hens to use the box. But the function and quality of the box is exceptional.

Marvin &

Nov 06 2022

I’m having some trouble with it. About every 3rd day, I have to recalibrate the door. I will need to contact them to see what the problem is. Other than that, I actually have 2 openers on the chicken house and it’s very convenient.

Hank C

Oct 26 2022

Very nice. Work excellent. I also have two Hen gear nest boxes and I prefer the best nest box. They just work better and stay cleaner.


Oct 20 2022

When I put it together and had it sitting outside waiting to weld a piece to my coop to attach it to, my chickens automatically started getting in it and laying eggs! It was just natural for them

Christine S

Oct 06 2022

My chickens have absolutely no interest in using this. I am giving it a 4-star rating because it is a very, very well-made product. I am very new as a chicken owner. I purchased this product out of 1) a desire to have clean eggs, and 2) because a chicken owning friend told me that a chicken who tries to eat the egg will do so again and should be killed. I only have 5 hens. This product is way overkill for my situation. My eggs are almost always very clean and my chickens do not try to eat their eggs. I would definitely be more interest in the benefits of this product if I had larger egg production of 20 eggs or more daily. My hens lay their egg right beside the Best Nest Box instead of in it. Chickens do what they want to do.

Justin F

Sep 30 2022

Easy to assemble. Sturdy. Clean. Well worth the price

dennis l

Sep 26 2022

nice box.. easy to put together.. should work great.. chickens are a little slow to lay in it but they have to many options right now which we are about to fix... we are happy with the box.. we did order a second mat that was not part of this shipment which i sent an email to you but have not heard back any help with this would be appreciated... thanks

Bridget F

Sep 12 2022

So far so good Love Love Love it! I have seen them before and because I was a novice would not purchase! Didn’t think I needed such an item. Well, 20 years into it and quite a few hens later, I cannot believe I waited so long! I actually have a new batch of chicks and they just began to lay the week before my box arrived. They are fussing over it already! It seems to me they are saying, “Get out its my turn”! Very nice and well made, we reversed it and put it about 18-20 inches above the ground making sure the main roost is much higher and food is in a completely different place therefore they it seems they ise the box for what it was intended for! Thanks BFerg

Scott S

Sep 06 2022

Awesome product. Easy assembly. Great value for what you get.

Corey H

Aug 29 2022

good water feeder

Cameron G

Aug 21 2022

It was easy enough to assemble, but so far, none of my hens will go in it. So it has not seved its purpose yet. Bought ceramic eggs and everything, buy so far no one uses it.

Katherine H

Aug 10 2022

We researched these boxes carefully and this one clearly looked like the best of the lot. Most notably, it box appeared to be made of heavier gauge sheet metal than that used by competitors, and in all regards seemed best-designed and made to last longest. It was a breeze to assemble, and our chickens took to it quickly. Hard to tell if their novel vocalizations indicated delight, confusion, or outrage at realizing just from looking at it that they'd not be able to eat their eggs any longer. We've had it in use for only a week, but so far, it's given us good reason to think we did well to invest in it. I'm confident that it will remain serviceable for many, many years.

Dan S

Aug 03 2022

My older models are great. This one needs the door opening reset at least once a week trapping the chickens inside until I let them out. I’m looking for another brand now

Sara H

Jul 21 2022

I had a huge problem with rays and ground squirrels getting to the chicken food. This device is genius!!


Jul 12 2022

There nice but pricy !! And the discounts on multiple ones are more of a insult. So just pay the price and multiple orders to make em

Kelsey L

Jul 08 2022

So far, my ladies love it! It was simple to assemble and hang. I did it all by myself (a 29yo female with not much muscle) so I’m sure you can too!

Gary K

Jun 11 2022

Love the Best nest box. My only suggestion is if your going to use them it’s best to start the pullets on them from the beginning if they get used to a regular nest box it’s a long hard road to get all of them to use a different nest box . I made that mistake for the first time this spring. Great product!

Jeffrey K

Jun 01 2022

Took a couple of weeks to get them to lay in it, other than that it's great. No more dirty eggs

Colin K

May 25 2022

I wish everything was designed and built so well. First time customer and 100% happy across the board. Thank you from Northern Wisconsin!!!

Lisa W

May 16 2022

We love them. We purchased one a few years ago and the girls love it. We have more chickens now and needed to provide for their needs too. It is truly the best!

Ryan W

Dec 06 2022

Name says it all! These are hands down the best nest boxes. I bought one to try it out and loved it so much I purchased a second double nest box. I have mine set up to roll the eggs out the back and 95% of the time there is no poop. Every now and then, there will be some poop on the eggs but this is definitely not the norm. Great durable product the serves our little homestead well.

Stanley S

Nov 27 2022

Very helpful Time Saver. Works great.

Greg F

Nov 17 2022

It's a great product, but my chickens rarely use it. For some reason they still prefer to lay their eggs on the ground.

Kevin D

Nov 13 2022

I purchased two of the large Best Nest Boxes and Original Perch Poppers and am very happy I chose them. The quality and fit of all the parts is excellent. The design appears to work very well and I look forward to years of collecting eggs. The two improvements I would suggest are better documentation. For a product of this quality and price I expected more than black and white printer copies of the installation and instruction manual. The only other improvement I’ll make is to add a lock on the outside egg rollout tray to predator proof it. Again I would have expected it to have a secure tray door. Having said that I knew beforehand that I would have to add it after I purchased the box. Even with these two issues, would I buy them again? Yes. While they are very expensive, I feel they are worth it and I recommend them to anyone that doesn’t want to build their own and have possible the Best Nest Box commercially available.

Judeth D

Nov 08 2022

This feeder is THE answer to problems of wasted feed and the need for constant refilling. A really clean effective solution. I love it.

Stephen B

Nov 01 2022

Works as designed. I'm not a morning person but my Rhode Island Reds are!. Thanks for making a great product.

Kent T

Oct 24 2022

Works Great!

Cindy H

Oct 17 2022

The BEST! We don't have to worry about predators because of the locking system. Just set how you want it to open and close. The only time we ever need to adjust it is when days and nights get shorter or longer. Depends how you program it. We have two of them and love them. Thankyou! Cindy

Bradley M

Oct 04 2022

I know this is a fantastic product, yet none of the girls have used it. I would like to start enjoying the benefits that come with purchasing this product. Please help.

Rogerio B

Sep 29 2022

Works as it should. My ladies took to it quickly

Molly T

Sep 26 2022

Love it!!! Fresh clean eggs The girls know exactly where to go!! I never even showed them

Chad K

Sep 12 2022

They are working great.

DeAnn F

Sep 01 2022

I love working with BestNestBox - easy to communicate with and a top quality product! Thanks for helping to keep my eggs clean and the work at a minimum!

katie b

Aug 29 2022

Well made, easy to assemble and the chicks dig it!

Carey B

Aug 20 2022

I was very happy with the build quality of the next box, and the well written instructions made it easy to assemble. It takes some time for the hens to get accustomed to it, but for the ones that do, it really works well. Eggs are always clean and I haven't seen any cracked ones yet.

Miranda K

Aug 10 2022

Easy to assemble and sturdy, measurements were spot on - we had prepared a spot for the box before it arrived. Kids love the ease of gathering everyday without entering the coop. It's expensive, but it makes egg collection a breeze. Hooray for CLEAN eggs!

Chris O

Aug 03 2022

The box was pretty straight forward to put together for farm folk. The directions did have some confusing points about the number of screws to use in a couple steps. I set mine up to pickup on the opposite side from box entry. It is working well for 60% of my chickens, the other 40% have all decided to lay on the ground. I am not sure what else to do. I used to have 20% dirty eggs in my boxes, now I'm up to 40% .

Clint O

Jul 19 2022

Is working well. Very nice not having dirty eggs to wash every day. Very happy with our purchase.

Ryan I

Jul 11 2022

Easy to assemble and seems to work well, hardest part is teaching chickens to use it, some got it figured out right away and others so far wont go in.Time will tell!

David F

Jul 02 2022

We got our first egg! We were skeptical if they would use it or not. But sure enough… they are using it. Well made. Very impressed with the product.


Jun 23 2022

Could have been a little clearer on the instructions and it is a little on the expensive side for what it is. But it seems to be a good product.

Beth P

Jun 11 2022

The old one I had had dips where the Astro turf had worn and wasn’t letting the eggs roll down. This was a perfect fit.


May 31 2022

I appreciate the quality of manufacturing of this product. It made for simple, easy and accurate assembly. My chickens aren't laying quite yet, so they have yet to be allowed in to try it out.

Keith G

May 20 2022

I am pleased with the Best Nest Box. I was worried that my chickens would not use it. I removed old nest box and installed new Best Nest Box and they started laying in box day one and No problems. Love the clean eggs and chicken’s not eating eggs.Well worth money we’ll made and works.

Christopher F

May 15 2022

Well worth the money spent. It freed up space for my chickens and I'm not spending way too much time scrubbing mud off od eggs. I also have one hen that likes to eat the eggs, but she can't get to them now.