Haidy D

Jul 31 2018

We love these nesting boxes and utilize them in our commercial chicken coop. We purchased 16 total.

Richard K

Jul 24 2018

I just set the box up, my hens are just starting to lay. I try to keep them free range, my first hen just started laying last week and not able to get her to use the box yet. I found a clutch of eggs in my raspberry patch. She seems to like the grassy cover. Ever consider using 'Mossy Oak' instead of the red color for the flaps? May make it easier to entice the hens into the box. Hello from Best Nest Box. Free range hens might need extra training and possibly restricted to coop and run area until laying time is done. Feel free to contact us at 330-558-1120 for specific advice for your setup.

Floyd E

Jul 18 2018

I understand where the name came from Best Nest Box because it is ...very much satisfied

Tim S

Jul 11 2018

The assembly and installation of the nest box was pretty simple. One concern I had was our coop is out on an uneven pasture and it's currently sloping away from the direction the eggs are supposed to roll. Even with that slope, 3/4 of the eggs are still rolling out properly and the few left in there are still easy enough to grab from the outside. We're ordering another one now that our second batch of chicks are about ready to start laying.

Christine O

Jun 21 2018

I had six wooden nesting boxes and eight hens. Of course the hens all wanted to be in the same box. I had lots of squabbles, broken eggs and pecked butts. I did a google search which lead me to Best Nest Box as well as others. After comparison I chose BNB because of the design and materials. I found assembly to be quite easy with the enclosed instructions. I ditched the wooden nest boxes and placed the BNB it the same location. My hens were cautious initially but as soon as the first one jumped in they were all on board. My box fits two hens comfortably, three if necessary. I do have a broody that makes me wish I had ordered the large nest. No more dirty or broken eggs as they gently roll into the collection area. Quite easy to clean as well.

Joan H

Jun 12 2018

I wanted a special nest box for the unique coop I was creating. It worked out beautifully. The Best Nest Box is high quality and extremely functionable. I placed mine in the reverse position and collect the eggs outside the box in the back of the coop. I love how easy it is to clean and it looks great too.

Ross O

Jun 01 2018

Very happy with the roll away feature. I've built roll away nest boxes myself but the "egg eaters" were still able to reach the egg collection area and break the eggs. I'm excited about keeping the eggs clean and protected. Thanks!

Sydney P

May 29 2018

Absolutely LOVE !!!! It greatly improved our egg collecting experience! Our chickens love it!!!! The day we put it in they wanted to lay in it!.... It gave us more space in our coop for the girls to run around ( we mounted it in the wall ) - rather than having on the floor. It is so nice how the eggs roll down into the collection area and are sooo clean!!!! We can collect the eggs easily now by just lifting the lid from the outside of our coop area, it is so convenient! The box is really well made and installed very easily.... It solved alot of our problems! We couldn't be happier!!!! We purchased the largest box and we are very glad we did!!! Wish we would have known about the Best Nest Box sooner! Best purchase we have made yet for our chickens! We highly recommend!!!

Greer B

May 10 2018

The boxes are very well made and customer service/sales experience was good! But I’ve had a very sharp uptick in hairline cracks since switching to these boxes. 10% of our daily production have hairline cracks. Will be trying some modifications, but this is disappointing/a big financial hit

Erik J

May 06 2018

Been wanting a roll out neat box for years. Finally bought one in April......it works so great I bought a second one this week!

Christopher S

Apr 30 2018

Fast shipping and great product. Happy Customer

Kevin T

Apr 06 2018

My little flock of 8 chickens have learned to eat eggs. I tried all the standard remedies, which helped, but nothing worked completely until my research took me to Best Nest Box. The eggs rolling out of reach of the chickens totally took the pressure off my needing to be there right after they lay.

Matt J

Mar 29 2018

Had a problem with chickens eating their eggs. Tried various roll out boxes but the chickens out smarted all of them;learning how to hold the eggs from rolling so they could eat them. The best nest box has out smarted the chickens. Have had it for several months now and they have yet to be able to eat their eggs.

Laird M

Mar 21 2018

Not your best packing job. Nuts and bolts all over. All the hardware necessary for assembly was found. Dear Customer, We apologize for the problem with the hardware inside your Best Nest Box. The hardware bag has occasionally broken during shipping. This will no longer be an issue in the near future as the hardware bag will be surrounded by additional cardboard. 330-558-1120 support@bestnestbox.com

Shaun M

Mar 01 2018

Great product, easy assembly, clean eggs , chickens love it !

Xiaoli C

Feb 22 2018

We were having issues with about 70 new hens laying eggs on the floor of the hen house instead of the old nest boxes which led to some hens eating the eggs....we ordered 2 large reversible best nest boxes, they came on time, well packed and with easy to follow assembly instructions. I had them both assembled and installed within 1 1/2 hours... I installed them one over the other... the bottom one we made front roll away and the top one a rear roll away and within 3 days, all chickens were using the boxes.....We will definitely be ordering more Best nest Boxes :)

Angelo J

Jan 31 2018

I got the nest box today and got it all put together and installed. Pretty easy assembly and it is a quality product. Thanks for ensuring it got here before I leave on my trip. This is going to make egg collecting, egg hygiene, and coop maintenance a lot easier. Thanks again for a great product!


Jan 21 2018

Good quality product. Nice idea, but $200 later and my chickens won’t even lay their eggs in it.

William N

Dec 14 2017

Well made and easy to put together. Customer service very helpful.

Gretchen B

Oct 28 2017

We installed a medium nest box for our eight chickens in our coop this fall. We had a great support from the staff on transitioning our flock. And had a really successful transition with no problems at all. We love our best nest box, can’t beat the roll out option! Thanks so much!!!

Paul O

Oct 14 2017

Great box. Easy to clean which is the most important part of owning chickens. The girls love the box and we are teaching them to use it. Thanks for a great product.

Jim P

Oct 06 2017

The Chickens love it. Greatest product ever, works so well and ordered a second one. Looking forward to ordering another one in the future.

Stephen S

Sep 11 2017

We put a new room addition on the coop. With it, we added the new rollout box, with access from the outside of the coop. It took them a while to get used to the new digs, but they quickly caught on. We now have more and cleaner eggs.

Ged H

Aug 04 2017

Needed a system that made it easy and clean for anyone in my family or a neighbor watching the chickens to get to the eggs. I've attached the nesting box so that the eggs roll outside of the coop and run. Now anyone, no matter how anti-chicken/chicken poop they are can go grab eggs. Eggs-ellent for getting away for a few days!


Jul 29 2017

Works perfectly! - The second day we had the box installed there was an egg on the floor of the henhouse, but in the several months since then the eggs have all been laid in the box. Obviously more than one hen had been eating eggs laid on the floor; these girls are in their second year and with 10 hens we're getting between 5-8 eggs a day. Last year it was 1-3 eggs a day. We bought the largest size nest box because it fit exactly where the old wooden one was; sure, we didn't need that big a nest box but it saved us a lot of time and energy. Assembly and installation went smoothly.

Haidy D

Jul 31 2018

We just love theses boxes in our commercial chicken coop, we have a total of 16.

Stephanie O

Jul 23 2018

Has been a good box. I like how easy it is to clean.

Brittany P

Jul 16 2018

This box has fixed all of the problems that i had with my chickens. There is no longer broody hens sitting in the box all day, no more poopy or eaten eggs, no more nesting on top of the box, easy cleaning, no more ravens stealing eggs out of the boxes, and best of all i dont have to go in my coop to get eggs now. I have about 30 chickens in the coop im using the best nest box in. I am so happy with everything about this box i will be ordering another for my other coop that holds about 50 hens. Assembly took about a half an hour with a 3 year old "helping" me. Because of where i live the temperatures are around 115, i taped up the red flap on each end and just left the middle one hanging down. It only took my hens a few days to stop laying on the ground and start laying in the new boxes.

Katherine P

Jul 11 2018

I've been researching roll out boxes for several months, and kept coming back to The Best Nest Box. The money from my hens' eggs sales had been socked away in anticipation of being able to buy this! Within a week, ALL 47 of my hens use this box (and a guinea, too)! No broken or dirty eggs, and the broodies are back to laying! The Nest Box arrived four days earlier than expected and went together in less than 15 minutes using my power screwdriver. Hanging it up took 3 minutes, and within 10 minutes the hens were checking it out. Definitely remove your existing nesting boxes; doing so forces them to discover the new spot!

Calvin R

Jun 20 2018

Assembled very quickly, very light weight, easy accessible,

Theresa C

Jun 12 2018

It was easy to put together, I set everything out in my husbands view and walked away. About 30 minutes later, just like magic it was together!!! That is how I get things put together around here. The males cannot resist. It really was not difficult. First few days the chickens were on strike, because we took old nests down, with a little hay encouragement they began to check it out. We removed one curtain so they could view from below. After that our hens were happy and began to lay. Now the problem is to many eggs! Anyone need a dozen or three? Wonderful products, I have recommended to many. Also the customer support was great, and friendly. Great advise and help when ordering.


May 30 2018

Great Product - Overall easy to assemble, and hang. Chickens already in lay figured it out with no problems. Eggs are much cleaner, and completely stopped an emerging egg eating habit. The mat is easy to hose off/roll up and soak for an hour before hosing both sides to clean. Only slight negative for mobile coops is that if there is even the slightest downhill slope to the roll-away side, then the egg roll is a little too vigorous and we've had a few cracked/broken eggs as a result for the first ones to hit each day. We need to figure out a bumper system to soften the landing - going to try foam drawer liner. Thought about wedging the bottom of the nest box at the back so that slope is not as steep on the roll-away side but think that would need to take out the wedge if coop is tilted slightly the other way because then eggs wouldn't roll enough.

Mark P

May 23 2018

Great packaging - everything arrived without damage and assembly was a breeze. Quality is top-notch and the design is industry-leading. I installed my nest box with the rear roll-away configuration and built out the coop wall with complimentary trim. I'm a beginner carpenter but the overall look and function is super professional! Waiting on the girls to get a bit older before our first egg. But for now, the Best Nest Box is ready to go!!

Michele G

May 10 2018

Fast delivery, easy instructions, solid product. We can’t wait to use our roll away nesting box. We loved that this box had a reversible feature as we are building our own coop and want to access eggs from the outside. Very solidly built and great step by step directions. Can’t wait to see how our eggs turn out

Jessica H

May 02 2018

We loved the ease of assembly. About half our hens use the box and the eggs are usually perfect. Then it’s time to clean the box when the eggs come out dirty. The other half of our hens use their favorite spot on the ground. Those eggs are dirty and usually get eaten. We’re off to order another box to put there, too.

Steve W

Apr 17 2018

The box was easy to assemble and the instructions were clear.

shannon U

Apr 04 2018

Easy to assemble and works great!

Lisa U

Mar 28 2018

It was easy to put together. Chicken eggs are no longer dirty.

Lowell K

Mar 18 2018

The nestbox was very easy to assemble and the instructions were clear. I like that the lock washers were attached to the nuts, less items to handle and drop. It was easy to assemble with rollout tray in the rear. I mounted mine on a moveable pen. The metal seems durable and is fabricated to be strong structurally. There were no sharp edges or nicks.

Jennifer R

Feb 25 2018

The box was easy to assemble and the hens were using it within a few days.

Rene L

Feb 19 2018

Had the box about a month maybe 4 eggs payed in it my hens do not like to lay there eggs in it I’ve had to pick eggs off the floor So I put back the old nest box’s back and they lay there eggs there instead of you nest box I still have yours up but they don’t lay there waste of time and money DEAR CUSTOMER, I AM SORRY TO HEAR YOUR HENS ARE GIVING YOU A HARD TIME. THEY NEED TO BE TRAINED TO USE THE NEW NEST BOX. SOMETIMES A FLOCK MIGHT NOT COOPERATE. PLEASE CONTACT US. WE WOULD BE GLAD TO HELP YOU TRAIN YOUR HENS. 330-558-1120 OR support@bestnestbox.com

Travis H

Jan 28 2018

Great quality. Heavy duty materials.

Matthew B

Jan 20 2018

Our old system used milk crates. We love the ease of use of these boxes. Less broken eggs, time collecting eggs is reduced, it keeps the hens from going broody, and combats egg eating. There are too many benefits not to use these over our old system.

jacob a

Nov 19 2017

I love the nesting box. I was having trouble keeping eggs clean and then I was having problems getting eggs before my chickens would eat them. The box solved both broblems. If you are having trouble getting your chickens to use the box try removing the flaps from the front. Mine didn’t use once for the first theee days. Once I removed the flaps the eggs started rolling!

thomas m

Oct 28 2017

i custom built an egg mobile for the farm.trying to design an automatic nest box step closer so they dont roost in the nest box.if you guys come up with one, i would buy it.im using a car window motor with a timer to open and close the step.

Mike M

Oct 12 2017

Having the rear entrance makes collection a breeze. I have used other products, but this is definitely our favorite.

melissa B

Sep 29 2017

Quick and easy sale and assembly chickens love it

Amanda C

Sep 09 2017

Our girls are in full swing now and we are loving this box! We use a strong magnet to hold one flap up as they don't like using it with all flaps down but I am in love with gathering clean eggs every day! We will be getting a second box very soon.


Aug 04 2017

Egg saver!! - I love the box!! I have 26 hens, and I had too many broody hens, a mystery egg eater, and had to close off the other nesting box. After I set up the box, broody problems stopped, and I actually get to enjoy clean eggs!! What a wonderful box. I now want more chickens, so I may need to order another smaller box, for the odd chicken who won't lay her eggs with others in there! Most have no problem, however I have a few who just are a little difficult when it comes to community nesting box!! Great quality, super easy setup, and I recommend it to all chicken owners!!!


Jul 28 2017

I set the nesting box up with the collection box on the front in had a problem with chicken droppings everyday. Changed it to the rear collection with it thru the wall, no problem now.. love it. Wife likes the nice clean eggs also.

Matt F

Jul 27 2018

Very east to assemble. Very happy with this product. No breakage and all the eggs come out clean!

Stephanie O

Jul 23 2018

Have liked the box. Easy to clean. Girl like it and eggs stay clean.

Carleen S

Jul 14 2018

I was having an egg mobile build and purchased the 4 ft Best Nest Box touted to accommodate 45 hens for my 40 hens. From day one it was a complete disaster. The hens fought over the space. Egg production went down 35 %, I had more broken eggs than ever before, and worst of all many of the hens were "holding" on to their eggs. Each day I would get 2 to 4 eggs whose shells were covered in blood. There would be several eggs dropped from the roosts during the night and always several laid in the yard. After over 2 weeks, with worries of egg-bound hens, I put an old 6 nest unit in the coop to take some of the pressure off. With the exception of one hen, none would use the Best Nest after that. With the return policy being what it is I am out cost of the nest, plus $ 500 to have the egg mobile retrofitted with the appropriate number of nest boxes. After 5 weeks egg production is just now stable. It wasn't a good experience

Russell R

Jun 26 2018

It works great. I use it with young pullets just starting to lay. I taped one flap back for a couple days and they started using it. I have 35 hens using it and I have not seen any signs of crowding. I love the way it keeps the eggs clean.

Tammy F

Jun 14 2018

A chicken coop and nest box fit for President Trump!

Mike H

Jun 11 2018

This next box works great! The hens were hesitant to go inside at first, so we taped the red flaps up and out of the way, and now they use it with no problem.

Emily C

May 29 2018

Easy to assemble. Put the box in the coop a week or so before the girls started laying. It took them a couple days of laying on the ground, but they finally figured the box out. Eggs are clean and easily accessible. And I don't have to worry about any egg eating! They have been laying for about a month now and box has worked out well. They have not quite grasped the "community" box idea yet, so that's the only negative. I have the small box and 2 Barred Rocks seem to be a tight squeeze.

Joe D

May 23 2018

I was on the fence about spending the amount of money I did, but am totally satisfied with my purchase. Quality materials and workmanship all the way around! Smooth and easy transaction, fast shipping. Absolutely no issues during assembly. Much, much, cleaner eggs. I am happy to say. With little adjustment period, the hens seem to be enjoying the "community style" nest box as much as I am. I would definitely recommend The best box to anyone who keeps chickens and wants to make their life easier. Less washing eggs, less broodyness, and No egg eating = happy chicken farmer!

Dianne F

May 07 2018

Great makes gathering eggs a dream !

David H

May 01 2018

Great product! Easy to keep things clean....most importantly the eggs.

Joel B

Apr 16 2018

Easy, straight forward ordering. Assembly was easy too

Michael S

Apr 02 2018

I love this nestbox. The eggs are cleaner and the girls love it too. I have about 46 eggs in it each day.

Nicholas S

Mar 22 2018

I have been very satisfied with this product. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand which made assembly so easy. The quality of the box is outstanding and it’s function has been exactly what I needed. I am going to convert all my nest boxes over to this system.

Jean G

Mar 17 2018

received in timely order. very easy to set up, very sturdy would recommend it now just have to get the ladies to use it.

Terry O

Feb 24 2018

I use the nest box in brood pens of my show chickens. It works great! The eggs are clean and ready for the Incubator.

Rorik O

Feb 17 2018

I was trying to build a small coop with a less conventional, more innovative design, and I wanted a nest box that matched.

Josh P

Jan 24 2018

We got tired of scrubbing dirty eggs, and decided to invest in a better nest box. Better nest box was easy to assemble, and took less time than estimated. Within about 2 days, and a few of their helpful hints, all but 2 of my chickens we're using the new egg nest! We love it and would recommend it to anyone!


Jan 19 2018

Order came in a timely manner and was easy to put together. Hens have been using the box and eggs are clean and unbroken!

Therese O

Nov 17 2017

I was having problems with dirty eggs and hens eating eggs. I bought one nest and then purchased a second 2 weeks later. I received the nests promptly after ordering and my husband put them together easily. Now I have clean eggs and no egg eating.

Jessica P

Oct 26 2017

We love our new boxes!!!

Brad H

Oct 10 2017

We appreciate the ease of the eggs rolling out, being clean, and debris having the ability to filter out through the grated bottom. Our backs aren't in pain from bending INTO the nest area & retrieving the eggs. We're saving time from not scrubbing hay-ridden eggs. Thank you!

christine A

Sep 17 2017

This box was super easy to assemble. My chickens have gotten into the habit of egg eating, this stopped them, so now I get all of the eggs and they are much cleaner now.

Shawn B

Sep 03 2017

Assembly was easy and straight forward. Our hens took to the boxes right away, eggs have never been so clean.

Kathy R

Aug 02 2017

I got this box because we had some egg eaters. We run a mixed flock of Jersey Giants, ISA Browns, White Leghorns, and heritage turkeys. While it took a few weeks to get everyone to use the box, I wish there was a larger box so the turkeys (and I'm sure a bunch of chickens) could use it.

adam b

Jul 19 2017

Very easy to deal with and very well constructed

Matt F

Jul 27 2018

Very easy to assemble. Very pleased with this product. No breakage in the eggs and they are all clean.

Tearl K

Jul 19 2018

Nice quality nest box. I modified the box to fit my home built chicken tractor. I started with the rear facing egg collection configuration. Then removed 9-5/8" from the tall side to allow the chickens to enter and used that piece to fill the hole that is on the short side. Had to drill a few holes and used all the existing bolt that were provided. I wanted this configuration so the rain would shed away from the chicken tractor. I also did not want to take up space inside my tractor as it is only 4' x 4' floor space where the chickens stay at night.

Brian K

Jul 14 2018

Everything was easy! From ordering, shipping, to assembly - it was a breeze! Plus - they solved my dirty/broken egg problem!

Ronald S

Jun 22 2018

Nice nest box easy to install Perfect size for my coops needs

Alvin S

Jun 14 2018

Assembly was straightforward and easy. Retrofitting the coop with the newbox worked great. My flock is highly adverse to change so they are being finicky. I had to put straw in it to get them to test it out. Day by day more of the flock are adopting the new box. I'll be taking out the straw this weekend. Life not having to enter the coop to get Really clean eggs. Saves me 20 mins washing eggs each day!

Kimberly M

Jun 04 2018

For years we had traditional nesting boxes and they worked for a while. But gradually our hens started "living" in them. They made a mess and broke a lot of eggs. My awesome wifey discovered your product and we decided to purchase one. For now it has been retrofitted into our old coupe, but we plan on purchasing a another "Best Nesting Box" and build a new coupe. While not all of our hens are using it, it has cut down on the egg cleaning and breakage more than I had expected. Thank you for a great product.

Jonathan N

May 29 2018

This product is very well built. The instructions on assembly were very clear on how to construct the nest box

Klare V

May 13 2018

Yes, It is the BEST - Well, after trying many kinds, this is the BEST! I bought the Large nest box right before winter. I was so sick of dirty eggs from the year before. Winter was the worst season and I did not want to spend so much time washing them, having the hens peck them, having the dog steal them from my old style boxes. I did a lot of research and settled on these. I got my order very fast, assembly was easy, and I took it out and installed it. it took a little time but the hens began using it. No more dirty eggs! it worked exactly like described. It is high quality, just make sure to tighten the bolts extra. I highly recommend. i collect 4 dozen eggs a day and work a full time job so spending time washing really dirty eggs is not a hobby I enjoy. this solves that problem as well as tucking the eggs away so the hens and dog can not access them.

Heather S

May 07 2018

This is a well designed nest box! We bought to try it out and now we are adding 2 more!! This is a great addition to our production. Less wash time, and less broken eggs. Great product!

Dinah N

Apr 30 2018

It was an easy order, delivery and assembly! I ordered one as it would hold up to 20 layers (even though the hubby said we could only have 12). He thought we needed a second one, which I told him we didn't NEED another but I ordered another as requested by him...he got them both installed and put up a single bar for the two Nesting boxes and I ordered more chicks! :) Our "Shabby Chic Inn" looks fantastic!

Cameron G

Apr 06 2018

Installed the small best nest box and my chickens have transitioned nicely into laying into it. I have it set up with the eggs accessible from the back which makes it easy to collect the eggs. Eggs are also much cleaner! Overall, it is sweet and I will be getting more for my bigger chicken houses.

Matt M

Apr 01 2018

The best investment we have made to date so far. It makes raising chickens and collecting eggs much easier.

Darel W

Mar 22 2018

Super easy to assemble. I've had the Best Nest Box for four months and we all love. My mom loves it. My nieces love. I love it. The chickens love it. Why didn't I have these all along? I'm ordering two more right now!

Stephanie P

Mar 08 2018

I have placed two orders and each time my experience was amazing. Both times I called to place my order and spoke to a very nice woman on the phone. Excellent customer service. The nest boxes were very easy to put together, I was extremely impressed with the craftsmanship. I have been using them for 6 months now and they are easy to clean, my hens took to them immediately and the time it takes to collect and wash eggs has been made so much easier by the Best Nest Box!

Vito L

Feb 22 2018

I’ve searching for this nesting box for 4 years. By far its the best. The chickens lau eggs and roll where they could be collected. The eggs are clean and chickens not able to eath the eggs.


Feb 01 2018


Leon K

Jan 24 2018

Ok so we have had the nest box for 6 weeks and absolutely love the quality and functionality of it. The birds like it better than the Hengear one.

Liz B

Jan 07 2018

I called to ask a few questions and instantly knew I was talking to someone who understood my needs. The gang at Best Nest Box was knowledgeable and creative, and they helped me be a better farmer.

Dave R

Nov 09 2017

Very well done - Nest box was well designed, easy to put together, and very strong. All needed parts (bolts & nuts instead of sheet-metal screws) were supplied. Hens readily learned to use the roll-away nest that was wall-mounted about 18 inches above the floor. The nest padding was fine, except that the sections started to come apart when I banged the padding against the wall to dislodge some chicken poop. Clearly, that's not a good way to do it. Soaking the padding in soapy water and then rinsing, plus some compressed air from the back side, cleaned it nicely.

Janet F

Oct 21 2017

The box was quite easy to put together. I’m a 60 yr old woman, fairly handy, and had no problems putting it together or changing the egg collection from front to rear. It’s taken a while for the hens to use the new box but because of a tree falling on my coop during a storm, I had to build a new coop so everything was new to them.

Blake H

Oct 09 2017

Chickens lay eggs everywhere but the box. Still working on the training

Bryan p

Sep 16 2017

I researched nesting boxes and decided yours look the best. I would say I made the right choice now after installing it.

Kelly B

Aug 18 2017

super nesting box! - I don't know why I didn't buy one of these nesting boxes years ago. I had inherited three heavy wooden nest boxes from 1946. I painted the boxes for easier cleaning, it was still a nightmare to keep the boxes clean. Now the new shiny easy to clean Best Nest Box keeps the eggs clean, no dogs can walk in as they please and eat eggs, chickens cant break and eat eggs, the tilted top keeps the chickens off the nest box at night. I found if I put up the roost bar at night the girls didn't fly up to try and sleep on the tilted top. I stood outside the hen house and heard them try to fly up on top of the nest box then heard the squeaking of nails sliding back down to the ground. Ha! success! I will be ordering more boxes. I sell fertile hatching eggs and this will keep birds from sitting on the eggs during the summer, no dirt marks from feet during rain days. The only part of the constructing of the box that took a little longer was the lock nuts for the swinging flap over the egg tray. I put this together yesterday and the girls are all trying out there new nest box today. I love that these are made in the USA also. Thank You!

Tim K

Aug 01 2017

So far so good. Eggs are very clean and safe.


Jul 17 2017

Broody No More - I just love this nesting box! I lay my eggs and they just roll away! Whenever I'm tempted to get broody there are never any resting eggs. I can't remember the last time I wasted away the day in a stoop of anger over my broodiness. I've recommended this box to all my farming friends. Every chicken deserves the chance to roll away their egg like mine do.