Dec 01 2023

We build chicken coops here in Longview, TX and these are our favorite nesting boxes. They are easy to put together and install into our coops. All of our customers love the simplicity of the nesting boxes and how it seamlessly fits into our coop design. Thank you Best Nest Box for such an awesome product that we can use and ease of purchase.

Isabelle A

Nov 25 2023

This thing is awesome. It was kind of pricey but it will pay for itself in the amount of food it saves.

John S

Nov 17 2023

Very little trouble getting my girls to use it. I'm so glad I chose Best Nest Box for my chicken condo! All the eggs come out damage free & clean. So pleased with your product. Bailey was the inspector on the install!

Romeo D

Nov 08 2023

Been one month and my chickens will not use the steel box.

Morgan H

Oct 28 2023

We have a special needs nephew that lives with us . He loves going out to check the Nest Box every morning to see how many eggs are there, but we knew he would not enjoy gathering dirty or “poopy” eggs. The Nest Box works great. No broken eggs. Chickens can’t get to them to eat them and they are clean. 5 stars all around.

Susie S

Oct 26 2023

Love it!

Raymond M

Oct 17 2023

Your instructions packet was missing pages which made assembly difficult. Had to resort to YouTube for assembly instructions.

Kim J

Oct 06 2023

Used my others for three years. Itbwas time for new ones. They are back to layin in the boxes!

Carol M

Sep 29 2023

A very honest review from Maine: Love the design concept but in reality, my flock of 14 hens hardly ever used it over the 12 weeks that I offered it to them; they prefer simple, natural hay nests, rather than the steel and plastic of this product. The company description states, "up to 20 hens"which i believe needs clarification; I saw only two hens trying to fit into it at a time and they quickly jumped out. Perhaps, they meant to say holds 20 eggs. Just don't know. I phoned the company and they were great with their "training" suggestions which I took to heart, giving the time to make this Box successful. I tried taping the plastic, red curtains back; they still laid in the hay. I tried sweeping out the entire wooden coop floor, giving the hens seemingly no other laying alternative; they still laid on the floor. I repositioned the Box by lowering it; they still laid on the floor. On a rare day, I would find one or two eggs in there but they still preferred the hay. And those eggs, though clean of poop, would be grease-streaked from the metal rollout and I ended up having to clean the eggs anyway. I should think that the company's quality control would really ensure the customer received a throughly clean, ungreased Box. So, here I am in September, poorer in pocket and having to try to sell this very expensive Box. Imagine how may hay bales and/or feed I could have purchased for this $215 Box. In a nutshell, I'm none too pleased!


Sep 23 2023

Pricy. I’ve installed it for a week and my chickens have not used it. Also the price for the perch popper is a complete rip off. It only releases and does not have the capability to automatically retract and close the perch. You still have to do or manually. It’s mechanical piece that’s not even digital so the setting is not easy at all. This unit is a fail. It should be $20.

Bennie R

Sep 07 2023

Very well constructed and shipping container was even better

Ana S

Sep 04 2023

The best thing that ever been made!!

Frank D

Aug 24 2023

I built a new coop an have ( 2 ) 4' nesting boxes. The chickens moved in and on their own started using the nesting boxes. Excellent product and very easy to assemble.

Justin R

Aug 21 2023

Works Great! Chickens started laying in it right way!

Thirumalai C

Aug 16 2023

Awesome clean eggs every time thanks

joe w

Aug 09 2023

i really really love it i have bought other size's and i love them just as well only one thing they are a little pricey

Brittany P

Aug 03 2023

Great concept just wish it worked for my birds. Only a few would use it, the rest started laying anywhere but the nest box after previously only using their old nest box. We tried all of the methods to get the chickens to use it, but were unsuccessful. Chickens are just too stubborn.

Cassie L

Jul 26 2023

I’m really hoping I can eventually amend this review. I had hens eating eggs so I went all in and bought these. Now, none of my hens will use the box at all. I’m trying all the tips and tricks on training them but after a week, my efforts do not seem to be working. I have 12 hens and have gotten 4 eggs in a week. However, it was easy to assemble and seems to be a great design!

Danielle S

Jul 18 2023

This is amazing! They figured it out quickly, and we have beautifully clean eggs that are easy to collect! LOvE!!

Jack B

Jul 11 2023

Great boxes and well constructed

Charles H

Jun 23 2023

Works as advertised!

Carolyn B

Jun 16 2023

Such a great product. Loved the option to have the egg retrieval either in front or back. Eggs come out clean.

James S

Jun 12 2023

Box was easy enough to assemble but some of the pieces arrived bent. Was able to bend them back, but was a little disappointed considering the packaging did not appear damaged.

Don C

Dec 01 2023

This is my 3rd feeder. It holds around 40 lbs of feed and the chickens eat when they want. It is tall enough to keep out the doves, Pidgeon's and birds as they are not tall enough to eat the chickens food. The price is pretty high but the product is excellent. Don C Springfield, KY

Kayla B

Nov 24 2023

I had the small best best box at my last house and left it in the coop when we moved. Dumb of me. So my new coop I tried boxes and milk crates with hay. GROSS. Then had a couple hens start eating eggs that I couldn’t get to stop so the boxes were a sticky, poopy mess. I was so frustrated I was ready to part ways with chickens altogether. My husband intervened and bought me this for my birthday. It’s a big investment, but worth its weight in gold. I have perfectly clean eggs every day and no more loss from broken ones. I can get back to selling eggs again and this thing will last me forever.

Jolyn S

Nov 17 2023

Really like this nest box. So nice to have clean eggs, plus chickens can’t eat the eggs. Took a day or two but they are all using it now.

Dianna B

Nov 07 2023

This is our 4th as we have doubled the herd. It is wonderful not have to wash eggs. The construction quality is excellent. We did have a some rust damage at the apex of the roof where we had a box at a wall that was not waterproof.

Jack M

Oct 21 2023

Instruction booklet was hard to follow, more details on assembly would have been helpful,

Laurie C

Oct 16 2023

My chicks warmed up to this new nesting box immediately! My chickens were able to eat eggs in the tray of my previous roll out nesting box> This roll out box is deeper and they cant get to the eggs. The eggs are clean and ready to crate! I like that its roomy inside because it doesnt have dividers (and I think they like that too). Very happy with my purchase!

Scott P

Oct 06 2023

For The first two weeks the chickens avoided this new nesting box, even though we have two smaller ones that they have been laying in for years. I tried adding food to the boxes but they still wouldn’t go in. So finally, I duct taped two of the privacy flaps up, added straw, and a couple of ceramic eggs. Eventually they were all laying in one spot, in the back corner. I removed the straw a little every day and in 5 days, it’s now where the cool kids lay eggs!

Mike L

Sep 28 2023

I have 19 hens and bought the medium size box based on the description (up to 20 hens) provided by the company. I have chickens laying outside the box due to limited space. I'm not sure how the company came up with size versus birds formula but it has proven to be inaccurate in my situation. I will have to build another nesting box.


Sep 21 2023

I gave 4 large boxes but decided to try the new extended medium box. I love it! Gives the chickens an extra foot in the coop. Thanks for coming up with the new size

John M

Sep 10 2023

This roll out box is a game changer. After messing around for two years trying many different box designs, I opted to spend the $ on two 48" boxes. Immediately the change was dramatic, clean eggs, birds stopped eating the eggs, collection of the eggs is much easier. I highly recommend these boxes and am ordering 2 more for additional coops we are building now!

Chad C

Sep 07 2023

Bottom is all open to light so I have had to modify it so a piece of rubber can lay in the bottom of the box to block out the light. When I did that the chickens started laying in there once it got dark

mike c

Sep 01 2023

I like the nest box a lot. It was easy to put together. it was easy to install. I wanted to access the nest box from the outside. However, I ran into two problems. One is that the lid for the roll out was in the way of the plywood. Two there is a small gap underneath the rollout that small predators could get through. I would like to see something that address these two issues.

LuAnne V

Aug 24 2023

It took a while for the chickens to get used to the new boxes(I bought two) but they are using it now and the eggs roll down into front. Thank you for the innovative idea.

Deborah H

Aug 18 2023

Excellent! Chickens immediately began to use this box! Easy to construct too. It also was simple to change from rear to front facing collection.

Jaime S

Aug 15 2023

I was able to cut to size and swap out for cleaning! Clever.

reuven v

Aug 13 2023

Great product. I wasted so much time cleaning dirty eggs but now they are basically fully clean. Well constructed. Worth every dollar.

Barry B

Aug 08 2023

Now, to get my hens to lay in it!

Laura W

Aug 02 2023

Great investment for my flock!

Mark M

Jul 26 2023

Very good quality and very easy to assemble.

Melissa b

Jul 01 2023

Chickens hate the mat, eggs don't roll out!

Chris S

Jun 22 2023

My chickens are not old enough to use it yet, but it is very well built. It was easy to put together and installation was even easier.

Todd R

Jun 16 2023

Pricey option, especially given the cost of the perch popper add on, but it's well pieced together. We'll if the girls think it's as slick as I do.

Edwin P

Jun 12 2023

I called your representative She gave me a few options because my hens didn’t want to use this box I took the end out of their current nesting box and mounted it against this nesting box It took a couple of days for them to venture inside out of curiosity I also close their other nesting option Only one egg on the first day Two the next then all 5 shortly thereafter So…It worked and now is a success. Very happy Thank you.

Brian M

Nov 28 2023

Great product, well built, and easy to assemble.

Douglas H

Nov 22 2023

Easy to assemble, hens adjusted quickly. We ordered an extra nesting mat to make cleaning easy; just switch them out as needed. Happy with our purchase!

Kristiina D

Nov 17 2023

Easy to put together and easy to install. My only wish is that the needed opening dimensions were listed clearly on the site.

Doug H

Nov 04 2023

Good nesting box. First one I have ever bought. Got dinged big on duties and fees to get it to Canada though. Made it very expensive

Anton S

Oct 26 2023

we are satisfied with the product. there was a corner damaged from shipping I believe but i was able to repair.

Sarah A

Oct 20 2023

Not all of our hens have caught on yet (60% have got it!), but the eggs that are laid in the box are clean and untouched - exactly what we got the Best Nest for! Not only does it keep things clean but easy for egg collecting. A great addition to our coop!

Mary B

Oct 12 2023

We purchased an additional nest box for our hens, they love their nest box……… but have stopped laying eggs!!!

Linda J

Oct 06 2023

My chicks are still getting use to using the box . Some are still laying elsewhere ..

Morgan A

Sep 28 2023

Love the roll away box design. No more dirty eggs. The hens took to it right away.

shaun a

Sep 19 2023

Well made, hardware provided is high quality and no issues with putting it together. Stays clean, eggs roll away safely, hens made a fuss and then used it the very first day. No more hens eating eggs or dirty eggs. Sits just fine as a stand-alone unit. Wish I had bought this sooner honestly. Will it ever pay for itself? Probably not but it’s clean and sturdy and makes my life easier so what more can I ask.

Janet B

Sep 09 2023

I’m happy! Easy to set up! Chickens were just staring to lay so no transition issues. They stepped right in. The roll out works super well. A couple of the birds are laying dime size first eggs and they have a tendency not to roll but that’s not a design flaw on Best Nests part. I’m impressed! Thanks for a great product!,

Ana S

Sep 05 2023

Absolutely best money we invested! The hens love it!

Joe L

Aug 28 2023

Absolute garbage. I've tried EVERYTHING even remotely possible from the list of things to try, often in combination, and my hens just refuse to use the box. Customer service was zero help, and guess what, once you put it outside you can't return it and get refund. What a racket. Oh, and now I've got chickens laying everywhere, the eggs are trashed, and I'm struggling to have eggs to sell. I've actually LOST MONEY by trying to train the chickens to use it, and the whole point was to save money by having fewer broken or dirty eggs. I don't know how this thing gets any sort of review above a one star rating or how the company can stay in business. Don't buy this box!

Kai B

Aug 23 2023

The starter kit with the 4’ nest box, perch popper, food and water bins, and auto coop door are working fantastic on my new coop. The hens love all of it.

Jake D

Aug 18 2023

Simple to put together, well constructed and works great!

Barry B

Aug 15 2023

Outstanding feeder, no waste and saves precious time!

Zac C

Aug 13 2023

A few of our hens started to eat their eggs and we needed a solution fast. The Best Nest Box was easy to assemble, mount and our hens quickly learned to lay in the nest box. Such a simple design that works as advertised. Couldn't be happier we purchased the Best Nest Box for our girls!

Janice H

Aug 06 2023

Heavier than I expected well made. My girls are still getting used to it though, for some reason they still want to lay on the floor. Its going to take time. Overall happy with purchase.

Donna S

Aug 01 2023

Very easy to put together and install nice and roomy! I love your product! This is the second nest box I have bought and I highly recommend them!

Karen T

Jul 19 2023

Easy to assemble. Our girls were very apprehensive the first day, but using a couple of fake eggs, one was enticed into the box. Since then 4 others have followed. Our broody hen has returned to the flock, albeit the others are not happy to include her. We don’t need the perch on the front so I am removing it since I left it up one day and 3 girls nicely laid eggs in the straw right in front of it. My bad. Clean eggs and they are not eating them for the win!

Jordan W

Jul 14 2023

Love this nest box. It installed and went together easy. Great addition to my coop. Can’t wait for the girls to start laying in it.

Caridad S

Jun 28 2023

This is literally the best chicken nest box I've ever seen, and this is coming from someone that has had in the past 2 other different chicken nest boxes from Amazon and they lasted a couple of weeks only.

Brian G

Jun 21 2023

A total waste of money. Just build your birds a wooden box with some straw.

Jack C

Jun 14 2023

I bought 3 48" nesting boxes , my chickens will not use them,I tried all the tips to get them to lay in them, no success, I had eggs everywhere but in them. For me it was a waste of money.. i wish they would of worked out.other than my issues, the boxes are nice, ans well build , wish my chickens would of used them

Gosche F

Jun 11 2023

Awesome Boxes!!!!! The best money can buy!!

susan p

Nov 27 2023

Well made and easy to assemblw

Jim P

Nov 22 2023

the chickens started laying in it immediately. No hestitation. I also have a 48 inch nest box. I purchased the 36 inch box because of the morning rush. It seems that several of the chickens wanted to lay the first thing in the morning. By having another nesting box solved the morning rush problem.

John C

Nov 14 2023

Very expensive decoration on my coop. Unfortunately I can not get my chickens to use.

Curtis R

Nov 03 2023

I like the idea that it is made in the USA of course, but until the chickens actually start using it it is just a higher quality product that is adding no value yet. A nesting box by itself does not change our chickens habits and make them cooperative. This might take a while and frankly, might always be an issue to some degree.

Craig E

Oct 20 2023

Packing was great, as were the instructions. We're very pleased with our purchase.

Penny C

Sep 30 2023

I’m so proud of this feeder. I love everything about it. There is absolutely no waste and rain proof. I love that I don’t have to fill a feeder every day. With the amount it holds food is still fresh. Thank you for creating such a great product


Sep 26 2023

This is the best nest box ever made! We absolutely LOVE this next box and so so our chickens! The eggs are always clean and we never have broken eggs. Great workmanship and heavy built. Easy to put together too!

Adelean E

Sep 13 2023

I am throughly pleased with the roll a way nest. It does exactly as advertised. I’m loving it.

Joshua L

Sep 08 2023

We love it, works great. No more messy dirty eggs.

Ian P

Sep 05 2023

Easy to install solid construction.

Alvin S

Aug 25 2023

Somehow, this nesting option blows away the more traditional 2 story nesting option - like by multiples of 10! Picture to follow:)

Robert S

Aug 22 2023

We've had these 4 years. Definitely cannot support 45 chickens... Like... Not even close... They compete for the limited space and sometimes, because there are no dividers, some hens harass other hens. Roll away function works fine if you have it leveled correctly. Our old flock had trouble getting used to it but our new flock has only known these boxes so they want to lay in them but they just compete for the space! But these boxes are so expensive we can't afford to buy the two more we probably need... We have just over 50 hens and two of these 48" "Best Nest Boxes" and it is always too full during laying times. Not trying to be salty but honestly, for the price, I wish we had just gone with traditional boxes.


Aug 18 2023

Chicken haven't started laying. We love the idea.

Julie P

Aug 14 2023

Awesome in every way; easy to put together, easy to install, birds love it and easy to collect CLEAN eggs

Josarah A

Aug 04 2023

I am updating my review. My first model received did not do well with my type of feed. When the owners found out, they adjusted a new feeder to fit my chickens needs and I have been using the last 4 weeks. It works great! Keeps food dry and the squirrels living by my chicken coop can't reach the feeders or climb the slanted legs. Saving tons on chicken feed not being spilled or wasted. Between all of our feeders, our girls are very happy.

Joe L

Jul 26 2023

Prompt shipping, well manufactured components, precise assembly instructions and a well designed product. Who could ask for more.

Daniel P

Jul 18 2023

The only issue I have with it is the hens want to lay under the box instead of inside of the box. We need to find a way to fix this.,

Chait E

Jul 13 2023

Chickens don’t like it

Michael D

Jun 23 2023

Simple assembly and installation

Andrew Y

Jun 19 2023

I’m new to chickens but this nest box makes collecting the eggs the easiest part of the day. Assembly was very simple and straightforward using the included instructions. They even supplied extra fasteners incase I lost one while putting the box together. It did take my chickens a little while to learn how to use it and get comfortable with it, but now all but one hen have the hang of it and use it. I like how easy it is to clean and how solid it is when mounted to the wall. Great nest box for a small flock or even a large scale operation if you want clean eggs.

Jennifer R

Jun 12 2023

I had to remove one of the flaps to get a few of my girls to use the new box, but after I did that they are all laying beautifully clean eggs! LOVE my new nesting box! I will be investing in a second one. <3

Susan S

Jun 11 2023

Love this so far, however my chickens have not started laying eggs yet and I will not let them in the box due to roosting at night inside the box. the roost bar timer is an awesome feature which I have installed and it works great. The unit is well made and will last for years.