#1 Review & UGC Platform

Collect company and product reviews with TrustSpot. Display raving customer reviews on your store to drive even more sales.

  • Collect more reviews within in-email review forms
  • Add reviews to Google’s Product Listing Ads 
  • User Generated Content to add authenticity
  • Display reviews in over 15 different review elements

Grow Your Business with Reviews

Automate Your Review Requests

Easily collect more product and company reviews, photos, and answers from your customers with review requests. 

  • Utilize in-email review form.
  • Ask customers questions related to your business.
  • Customize your design to fit your brand.
  • Send from your own domain.

Display Your Reviews in our Elegant Display Elements

Harness the power of customer photos on your website and on Instagram to upsell products directly on your site. These images become one of your biggest marketing assets.

  • Link and upsell products from Instagram.
  • Build your brand with social proof.
  • Increase conversion rates.

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Drive more customers to your store through organic and paid traffic.

Increase Traffic from Search Engines Without Extra Work

Drive more customers to your store through organic and paid traffic.

  • Google Shopping PLA
  • Gold Stars in Organic Search Results
  • Rich Snippets
  • Inline SEO

Build an Online Community with Q&A

Give prospective buyers a voice by allowing them to ask questions about your products. It’s your chance to connect on a more personal level with future customers.

  • Decrease buyer hesitation.
  • Increase conversion rates.
  • Engage past buyers and reward them for helping answer questions for you.

Increase Your Sales with Email Upsells

Utilize email to engage and upsell repeat customers. Customize the exact products, such as Best Sellers and Most Reviewed, to display to these customers. These are the people most likely to continue buying from you—and to recommend your brand to others.

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