Shopify Integration

Integrate your Shopify store with TrustSpot to automate review requests, survey follow ups and capture more user-generated content.

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Premium, Ultimate, Enterprise

Automated Review Requests

  • By automating your review requests and follow-up campaigns, you can save time, increase efficiency and improve your business.
  • Using Trustspot, you collect more reviews, quickly follow-up with customers and increase sales. Find out what your customers really think about you.

Experience Collector, survey follow up campaigns

  • Automatically send a customized survey to customers who submit reviews to maximize your collected UGC!
  • Capture Net Promoter Score ®, and incentivize repeat purchases.

Custom Product Questions

  • Collect in-depth product reviews! With Custom Product Questions feature, customize a review request email form for specific products, product groups or new product launches.
  • Customize each form with questions about the specific product like size, fit, quality and ease of use.

Integrate your Shopify store with TrustSpot, Collect More UGC +

Integrate your Shopify Store with TrustSpot

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