Access Your Customer's Instagram Photos

Make the most of your visual marketing strategy using TrustSpot’s Instagram Curation tools.

Instagram Curation

Search for Photos

TrustSpot allows you to search for photos uploaded by loyal customers using hashtags. Simply enter the hashtag into the search bar, then click “Search.” Pull these photos from Instagram and display them throughout your site.


Display Your Photos

Display your customer photos throughout your site on a great looking photo carousel. Configure it to show a combination of user photos and curated Instagram photos. You can even create a dedicated page on your site filled with all of your great customer photos and curated Instagram photos.


Moderate Your Photos

Moderate photos when you publish them to your account. Push favorite photos to the top of your review widget and your gallery/carousel. Tag a product within your store to tie to the photo pulled from Instagram. When visitors click on a photo on your site, they will see an overlay with the product information to encourage them to make a purchase. 



Instagram Integration


Social Media

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