Share User Generated Content on Social Media

TrustSpot gives you the ability to upload user-generated content (UGC) like reviews, testimonials, product photos, and videos to your social media accounts. Need help with content moderation? Don’t worry – we can help with that too!

Share User Generated Content

Collect visual content fast

Collect user generated content for marketing campaigns

Rapidly collect customers' photos & videos

TrustSpot’s request follow-up sequences make collecting photos and videos easy. 

After your customer has been served with your product or service, TrustSpot sends a series of emails requesting photos and/or videos. 

This automated approach to requests helps you build your visual asset library fast! 

Incentivize customers to send you content with coupons

Want to build up your user generated content fast? Entice your customers with coupons!

TrustSpot helps you incentivize customers via email coupon offers.

After your customer shares content with you, TrustSpot will automatically follow up with an email that contains your coupon. 

Collect user generated content fast

No more back and forth requests over email and social media DMs!

With TrustSpot, you can reduce the amount of steps customers take to share their photos and videos by requesting UGC directly in an email.

After your customers receive the request, they can quickly upload their visual content in the email. 

Use QR codes for rapid visual content uploads

Don’t want to wait for your customers to open your content request emails? No problem! TrustSpot generates QR codes for your user generated content campaigns. 

Your customers can quickly scan your TrustSpot QR code and upload their user generated content. It’s that easy. 

TrustSpot integrates with your eCommerce platform and marketing tools

Don't just collect reviews Capture Experiences through automated integrations

TrustSpot integrations include:

Automated Product review, user-generated content and Testimonial Software

Feel confident about your UGC

Moderate and share your user generated content

Avoid embarrassments by moderating your UGC before you share on social media

TrustSpot gives you the ability to monitor and moderate all of your visual UGC before it’s shared on social.

This helps you save yourself (and your customers) from potentially embarassing situations. 

Discover new photos from your customers and display them on your website with Instagram Curation

As you probably know, Instagram is THE social media channel for visual assets. 

With TrustSpot’s Instagram Curation, you can find search Instagram for your customers’ photos. When you find photos you like, you can display them on your website!

Share your best user generated content to social media

TrustSpot makes it easy to upload user generated content to your social media platforms. 

With TrustSpot’s social share, you can quickly upload your UGC to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Manage all of your user generated social media shares

TrustSpot makes it easy to manage all of your social media UGC posts with our Social Media Module.

You can manage auto-sharing, social connections, and scheduled posts.

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