Quickly respond
to your customer reviews

The biggest, most common mistake companies make with reviews is not promptly respond to customers. TrustSpot makes it easy to quickly respond to positive and negative reviews from your customers. 

Responding to Reviews

Don’t leave your customers hanging

Respond to positive and negative reviews with TrustSpot

Get notified when customers give reviews

Tired of missing reviews from your customers? TrustSpot notifies you immediately whenever your customers leave a review.

Create a unique customer experience by personally responding to good reviews

Want to increase repeat orders and create a loyal customer base?

Take the opportunity to create a delightful customer experience by personally responding to positive reviews through TrustSpot.  

Respond to negative reviews with professionalism

Because TrustSpot immediately alerts you when customers leave you a negative reviews, you can publicly respond to your customer and set the record straight.

After you handle your customer’s negative review, TrustSpot gives them the opportunity to update their review and star rating. 

Learn how to handle negative reviews with TrustSpot

Nervous about how to negative reviews from your customers?

Don’t be.

With TrustSpot, you can use negative reviews to your advantage.

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