Analyze Reviews and Make Data-Driven Decisions

Know how customers measure your business in real time. Track your review performance and identify downward trends before an issue arises. Reward your team as ratings trend upward.

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Review by Type

See a breakdown of review by type. Report on your company reviews separate from your product reviews to identify trends and to course correct when necessary. Filter by date range to compare against historical reviews.

See Your Reviews at a Glance

Track reviews by stars and recommendations from your account Dashboard. Compare against your historical reports to see trends and identify problem areas.

See Your Star Average

Your star average is front and center with a breakdown by star number. Easily see the number of 5 star reviews within a specific date range. Identify the 1 and 2 star reviews to pass along to your team for outreach.

Track Your Review Delivery and Response Rate

TrustSpot analytics includes a detailed email report to track delivery of your email review requests and response rates. You’ll know when something goes astray so you can step in to correct.