Collect More Product Reviews

TrustSpot’s Review Request gives you the highest chance of a response from your customers.

Beautiful Emails to Capture More Reviews

Smart Emails to Increase Your Reviews

TrustSpot’s emails are backed by data science that determines the best time to send in order to receive more reviews.

  Stay On Brand

Maintain your branding by customizing emails with your own logo, text, and star colors. 

Email Templates for Any Device

Emails are perfectly tailored for customers whether they open review requests on their desktop, tablet, or phone. Your customers have a consistent experience no matter which device they use—and that ensures a higher response rate.

Showcase Your Raving Customer's Reviews

Visual Marketing

Collect photos from your customers when they submit a review. Display them throughout your site and share on social media.

Featured Products

Upsell other products directly in your Review Request emails to increase repeat purchases.

Curate Photos from Instagram

Curate Your Product Photos from Instagram

Pull in your loyal customer photos directly from Instagram and display them throughout your site. Tag each product to help site visitors check out the product seen in the photo.

In-Email Review Requests

  Increase Open and Response Rates

Make it easy for customers to give feedback with In-Email Review Requests. TrustSpot eliminates the need for the recipient to click a page link to leave a review. In-email form technology allows the customer to leave a review directly in the email itself, increasing the average open rate to 45% and response rate to 15%.

Start an Online Community

Build a Community and Stay Engaged

Keep tabs on customer questions by allowing them to ask you questions directly from the product page. Your team can respond to them or you can enable past buyers to answer the questions for you, creating another layer of social proof. Respond in public, or message customers privately to work through any grievances.