Reviews, Ratings, & Visual UGC

Collect authentic reviews and visual UGC, and turn all your customer testimonials into success stories.


Optimize Your Review & UCG Collection

Capture the customer experience from end-to-end, and engage with every step of their journey for a seamless experience.

Review Requests

Customize review requests to collect company, product, and service-level content, and give customers the flexibility to submit via email or text.

 Company Reviews

Collect company level reviews, and understand how customers feel about your brand.

 Product and Service-Specific Reviews

Capture product and service-specific insights to help guide future product decisions.

Capture the Entire Customer Journey with Experience Surveys

Capture experiences at every stage of your customers’ journey.

 Create Dynamic Surveys

Create unique surveys with 13 different question types, and give customers the flexibility to submit their experience via Email, Website, Text, Direct Link, or QR Code.

 Customer Insights

Collect customer-specific demographics to better understand your audience.

 Capture Visual UGC

Launch visual contests or campaigns requiring customers to submit a photo or video, then share directly to your website, social media, and other mediums.

Automate Your Content Request Flow

Schedule automated flows to maximize the amount of content you collect per customer using our Smart Reminders.

 Enable Triggers for Automated Requests

From Company and Product review requests to Experience Surveys, triple the amount of content you can collect per order with our automated survey triggers.

Automate Your Content Request Flow

Boost Review & Rating Conversions with Custom Forms

With custom forms, go beyond inserting the product name, and include insights on what other customers have shared about the product.

 Gain Increased Insights

Gain more product and service-specific insights with our custom forms, and tailor the questions to collect the type of content you want. Capture size, fit, functionality, and more with our custom forms.

Net Promoter Score

Collect Company and Product Net Promoter Scores® to identify willing customers to share your brand and products with their friends and network.

 Identify Brand Promoters

Identify Promoters to incentivize referrals and collect additional feedback from customers. Engage passive promoters to understand how your brand can improve.