Ratings & Reviews
Your Business’ Secret Weapon to More Sales

Collect more reviews with TrustSpot by making it even easier for customers. Endless ways to leverage your customer’s reviews to generate sales.

Collect Reviews from Multiple Channels

In-email review request forms

Boost your review conversion rate with in-email review request forms. Customers leave reviews within their email without opening a new tab.

On-page review forms

Request reviews from customers on your website. And hide if you prefer not too.

SMS messages

Send customers text messages to request reviews.

More Reviews = More Sales

Checkout / exit survey

Ask for site reviews about the buying process following a successful sale.

Community Q&A

Allow customers to ask questions about your product. Customers or only your team can respond to help shoppers make the best decision for them and your business.

Custom review forms

Ask what you want and incorporate on your site to reduce friction from buyers. Perfect for collecting feedback on the “fit” of a pant, “taste” of a coffee blend, etc. The opportunities are endless.

Stay On Brand

Review requests come from your business

Upload your logo and set up a custom domain to send review request emails through your domain. Your customers will never know who TrustSpot is.

Customize displays to match branding on your site

Fully customizable displays to stay on brand and match your website theme.

Drive More Shoppers to Your Site with Reviews

  Search engines

Add your product ratings to Google’s Shopping Product Listing Ads. Display your product’s star ratings on the Search Engine Results page thanks to rich snippets.

  Email marketing

Embed reviews in your email marketing and always showcase the best and most recent reviews. The review feed will always include fresh reviews so don’t worry about the content getting stale.

  Social media

One-click share to social media channels from TrustSpot. Curate content from Instagram to be displayed across your site in customizable displays.


Display reviews for the same product across multiple websites and domains. Available only on the Enterprise plan.

Keep your Review Feeds Updated with Fresh Content

Simple and easy to understand

One-click publish with the ability to message a customer to straighten out issues.

Automate publishing of reviews and visual content

Auto-publish reviews and content to save time and keep your content fresh.