Product questions and answers for eCommerce stores

TrustSpot’s Product Questions and Answers feature gives your leads the ability to ask product-specific questions on your product pages. After the question is asked, your store and former customers are given the opportunity to answer the question. It’s that simple.

Product Questions and Answers Platform

Prospective customer asks a question

TrustSpot adds a Questions and Answers tab next to your reviews. Prospective customers can easily ask questions directly on product pages.


You or your former customers answer question

After your prospective customer asks their question, your TrustSpot users and former customers who have purchased the product can respond.

Your store increases conversion %

Giving prospective customers product specific context (and social proof) is a proven method for improving sales.

Increase conversion rate

Reduce buyer hesitation with product-specific Q&A  

Increase buyer confidence by displaying questions and answers on your product pages

There’s nothing like added context when you’re shopping for a new item. That’s why TrustSpot developed our product questions and answers tool. 

Prospective customers can see the product-specific questions tab directly to the right of the product-specific review tab.

Easily answer your lead's questions fast

When customers ask a question, you and your past buyers will have the opportunity to answer the question lightning fast!

The question will arrive in an email and you can reply in that very email. No complicated process.

Potential customers will be blown away when you answer their question in less than 10 minutes. TrustSpot will also send them an email with your response, that way they don’t have to keep checking your product page over and over again.

Engage former customers to help answer new product questions

What’s better than getting a new customer by answering their product question? Getting a former customer to answer it for you…and then getting the former customer to buy again!

That’s totally possible with TrustSpot. When your potential customer asks a product question, we’ll ask 5 random customers who purchased the item at least 30 days prior to answer.

Incentivize customer answers with coupons

TrustSpot makes it easy to incentivize past buyers to respond to new questions with coupons!

When a prospective customer asks a question, you can automatically request answers from former customers. Inside of your requests, you can promise a coupon in exchange for an answer.

After the question is answered, TrustSpot can send the customer a follow-up email with the coupon code. 

Experience the TrustSpot Advantage Risk-Free

By choosing TrustSpot, you can be confident that you're partnering with a dedicated team that's committed to your success. We stand behind our software and services, and with our 60-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee, you can try us risk-free.