Use Customer Satisfaction to Grow Your Brand

Receive the highest rate of responses from your customers with TrustSpot.

Increase reviews and repeat purchases with coupons

Incentives work

Reward customers who leave reviews with coupons and incentivize repeat purchases. Not every product is equal. Use product-specific coupons to collect reviews on products with fewer reviews. 

Reward customers for:

  • Write a Review
  • Upload a Photo
  • Upload a Video testimonial
  • Share on Social Media
  • Answer a product question

Motivate buyers with visual marketing

A picture speaks louder than words

Customers can upload photos and videos alongside their reviews. You can even curate customer images directly from Instagram. This visual proof encourages potential buyers in the sales journey. 

Upsell products in every email

Raving Customers

Happy customers trust your brand and are likely to buy from you again. Promote other products by offering recommendations in your TrustSpot emails. Images, prices, and reviews are included for each suggestion you give.

Gain new customers through social discovery

Share on Social Media

Share your best reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to reach potential customers and to maintain the trust you have built with existing customers. Respond to any comments to stay connected with your audience in a more informal, conversational manner.

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