Double Your Visual Content

Net Promoter Score® surveys, product photos, customer videos, multiple questions, and more.

Product-specific review and survey flows

Customize review requests and surveys per product. Send Experience Surveys following a Product Review to collect more visual content, Company NPS, and feedback about the buying experience.  

Capture more insights from customers to guide product decisions and display them across your website to increase sales. 

Collect 2x the videos and photos

Visitors trust people like themselves. And authentic photos and videos taken by real customers build the trust needed to convert a new visitor into a sale.

Net Promoter Score® surveys

Identify your true fans with Net Promoter Score® surveys. Create campaigns to incentivize referrals from these customers. Focus on converting your customers on the fence to true fans.

New to NPS? Read our guide.

Increase reviews and repeat purchases with coupons

Reward customers who leave reviews with coupons and incentivize repeat purchases. Not every product is equal. Use product-specific coupons to collect reviews on products with fewer reviews. 

Reward customers for:

  • Writing a review
  • Uploading a photo
  • Uploading a video testimonial
  • Sharing to social media
  • Answer a product question


Filterable displays for your visitors

Use tags in Experience Surveys to create customizable displays that allow visitors to filter the content to what matches their interests. 

Example from Gunner Kennels.

Generate leads with Giveaways and Sweepstakes

Create Giveaways and Sweepstakes to collect visual content from customers or to generate leads.

Read our Giveaways guide here.

Collect consent in your surveys

Sometimes you need to capture consent from individuals submitting content through Experience Surveys to comply with legal precedents or enroll them in your marketing emails. 

Include links to your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other legal documents customers may need to give consent.