Display customer reviews and testimonials on your website

If you got them, flaunt them, right? TrustSpot makes it easy to display your customer’s reviews and testimonials on your website. Need to customize your review displays to match your brand? No problem! We have over ten customizable displays.

Display Customer Reviews on Your Website

Don’t Sacrifice Your Brand

Customize our review displays to match your website’s theme

Modify the colors of TrustSpot's displays to match your brand

We know that your brand’s identity matters.

If your store sells Halloween merchandise – your brand’s colors are probably black and orange.

If your store sells Christmas merchandise – your brand’s colors are probably red and green!

No two brands are just alike! That’s why we give you the ability to modify the color of your review and testimonial displays.

TrustSpot lets you easily alter the colors of your display’s header, paragraph text, button, background, and more. 

Your store should reflect your brand, not ours!

Display reviews and testimonials on your website

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around – does it make a sound?

If you have wonderful testimonials and reviews but don’t display them – do they positively impact your business? 


That’s why TrustSpot makes it easy to display reviews and testimonials on your website. All you have to do is add a few lines of our code to your website. 

Intimidated by code? Just contact us and we’ll handle it for you. 

Take total control of your displays with custom CSS

While TrustSpot gives you a lot of customizability out of the box, we know that some people want to take their branding a step further.

That’s why we give you the ability to add your own custom CSS into our widgets! 

Add a dedicated reviews/testimonials page to your website

Potential customers love seeing prior customer love.

TrustSpot gives you the ability to create a stand alone page dedicated to displaying testimonials and reviews. You can think of it like a wall of love. 

After you create the page, you can easily link to it from site’s navigation or important pages. 

We’ve been using TrustSpot for three years. We really like that you can get customer videos and picture on the reviews – we can make collages and show other customers how to use our products.

Eric Z, Operations Manager, Second Skin Audio

Display UGC

Earn trust by adding user generated content to your website

Show off your UGC with our visual-first web displays

TrustSpot gives you the ability to show off your UGC with our visual-first displays. The visual-first displays lead with photo and video content instead of star ratings. 

These visual-first displays are customizable and can be inserted on product pages or high-traffic pages, like your homepage!

You can also add a customizable call-to-action budget to the visual-first displays.

Help users filter through your website's UGC with tags

Save your customers time by giving them the ability to sort and filter through your user generated content. With TrustSpot, you can easily tag your UGC.

After you tag your content, your users will be able to select the tags for relevant visual information. 

For example, if you sell meat, you can tag your visual UGC by meat type: chicken, steak, pork, and fish.

When a user goes to your visual display, they can select chicken, and all of your UGC tagged with chicken will display! 

Edit, crop, and watermark your customer photos

Want to add your logo to your UGC? We make it easy.

Need to crop out your customer’s Cheetos from their product photo? No problem.

TrustSpot helps you make quick adjustments to UGC so you don’t have to worry about complicated photo editing software! 

Your UGC is mobile ready

All of our visual-first displays are mobile responsive and look pristine for your mobile users.  

TrustSpot integrates with your eCommerce platform and marketing tools

Don't just collect reviews Capture Experiences through automated integrations

TrustSpot integrations include:

Automated Product review, user-generated content and Testimonial Software

Reviews and Testimonials help SEO

Rank higher in search results with our SEO-optimized displays

Show reviews, ratings, price & availability in Google search

Are you ready to for some technical SEO jargon? 

Our TrustSpot Review Widget utilizes Schema’s recommended structured data, that way your product will display Rich Snippets!

Need us to translate that?

TrustSpot helps your products display added context on Google search results. If you don’t have structured data on your product pages, stop what you’re doing and get in touch with us. Seriously. You’re losing out on sales. 

Google loves textual and visual user generated content

Are you jealous of your competitors’ ranking in Google search? Don’t worry, you can put your customer’s feedback to use!

Think of each review and testimonial from your customer as a micro blog post. Instead of paying for a content writer – you’re getting paid by your content writers. 

Capture more revenue with Product Q&A

TrustSpot’s product question and answer tool gives leads the ability to ask you specific product questions.

You and your former customers will then have the ability to answer the customer questions.

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Learn how to increase your CTR using rich snippets

Our Product Review Display produces the correct structured data for Rich Snippets.

Rich Snippets have proven to increase CTR on search pages. Our team has written about Rich Snippets several times.

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