Engage With Your Customers to Build Loyalty

Keep the conversation going with customers—and build real relationships!

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Respond to Reviews

Keep the Conversation Going

Keep tabs on your customers’ reviews and make a point to respond to them—whether the review is good or bad. Every response is a chance to make your customers feel special—and to demonstrate the value you place on customer service.

Reward Your Customers

Incentivize Your Customers

Incentivize future purchases by rewarding customers with coupons. Not only will your customer feel appreciated by the offer, but you also will be increasing the chance that they will make a future purchase.

  Cross-Platform Visuals

Showcase your recent reviews in a grid on a dedicated reviews page or on your homepage. Potential customers can quickly access feedback from your current customers to help them in their buying decisions.

One-Click to Share on Social Media

Share Reviews on Social Media

Share reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to grow your audience. Showcase customer reviews on social media to help prospects see what actual customers are saying about you.

Create a Community Q&A

Build a Community and Stay Engaged

Keep tabs on customer questions by allowing them to ask you questions directly from the product page. Your team can respond to them or you can enable past buyers to answer the questions for you, creating another layer of social proof. Respond in public, or message customers privately to work through any grievances.