Collect Company Reviews

TrustSpot’s Review Request was engineered to give you the highest
chance of a response from your customers.

Intelligent Emails

Backed by data science, our emails determine the best time to send to get you more reviews.

Mobile Ready

Our emails were built with mobile first in mind to ensure regardless of your customer’s device, that they are given an consistent experience to ensure high response rates.


Easy to Customize

Customize emails with your own logo, text, and star colors to help match your site branding.

Trust Blocks

Display all of your company reviews in a dedicated page on your site.


Import your Existing Reviews

Easily import in all of your existing reviews when you sign up with TrustSpot. This way you're not losing anything when making the switch.


In-Email Review Requests

Compared to older style emails that force the user to click a link to visit a page and leave a review, our in-email form technology allows the customer to leave a review directly in the email itself. This helps us achieve a much higher response rate, with our average open rate being 45% and response rate at 15%.


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