Analyze your customer and product feedback

With TrustSpot’s user-friendly analytics tools, you can quickly identify customer feedback trends. Use TrustSpot to examine the data from customer review responses, specific product review responses, and photo/video responses. 

Analyze Customer Reviews

Get customer insights fast

Easily analyze the data from your customer reviews 

Analyze data from your review campaigns

After you create and send a review campaign in TrustSpot, you can review key data points like open rate, response rate, bounces, and unsubscribes. By analyzing data from your review campaigns, you can gain valuable insights into how well your campaigns are performing and make informed decisions to improve their effectiveness.

Study your user generated content for trends

TrustSpot gives you the ability to analyze the data from your user generated photos and videos. You can easily see which of your products receives the most visual feedback. TrustSpot provides an easy-to-use platform to view and analyze this data, allowing businesses to see which products receive the most visual feedback from customers. 

Evaluate geo-location data from reviews

With TrustSpot, you can study geo-location data from customer reviews, giving you the leg up on PPC campaigns. Take the geo-location data and double down on specific regions where you get positive feedback!

Export your customer feedback data at any time

Your team will always have the ability to export your customer feedback data for advanced analysis in spreadsheets. 

Experience the TrustSpot Advantage Risk-Free

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