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Industry: Food

Platform: Shopify

Favorite Feature: Photo Reviews

Company Overview

UMAi Dry® offers a unique, scientifically-proven, chef-tested technology that allows customers to create custom, dry-aged steak and dry-cured meats at home. The material forms a bond with the proteins on the surface of the meat allowing moisture release and oxygen exchange while blocking odors and contamination. UMAi Dry® allows you to craft dry-aged steak, charcuterie, or slow-fermented dry sausage in any well-ventilated cooler or refrigerator without risk of spoilage.


It was only in 2020 that UMAi Dry® learned the terms “user-generated content” and “social proof.” Up until that point, the company had relied on its own forum which was cumbersome. 

Customer photos were hosted on a third-party site, and there were constant security risks. UMAi Dry® realized that it needed a cost-effective, trustworthy review service in order to really grow its eCommerce business.


UMAi Dry® signed on with TrustSpot to provide a credible platform for social proof. The company is now realizing the power of user-generated content through TrustSpot’s affordable services.

The photo feature, which offers an even more powerful way to leverage user-generated content. UMAi Dry® has also recently taken advantage of the Google integration potential, as well as the Facebook and Instagram integrations, to more proactively share the reviews and photography from their customers.


UMAi Dry® has integrated TrustSpot with its social media strategy in order to further share customer reviews and photos. The company has also leveraged the Google rich snippets to create broader validity.

Thank you to UMAi Dry® for sharing their experience with TrustSpot.

TrustSpot assures security for us with a platform that allows easy posting of experiences and photos by customers, as well as verified reviews for potential customers. What’s more, we are able to ‘plug and play’ without constantly tending to the platform.

Thea Lopatka, Founder/CEO, UMAi Dry®