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Industry: Jewelry

Platform: Shopify

Favorite Feature: Review Moderation

Company Overview

Alpine Rings was founded by owner Tim Dobbs as a result of his own experience of shopping with his fiance for his wedding ring.

“I had a really tough time finding a ring that was both affordable and good looking,” he says. “It was also my first time buying a ring, so I had no idea what size to pick. I knew I could create an easier process. Looking at the business through the lens of my customer gave me a unique, competitive advantage.”


The previous review platform that Alpine Rings used did not offer quality customer service and often was not available to assist with issues. Alpine Rings also found that many of their customers’ reviews were not being published.


Alpine Rings signed on with TrustSpot to ensure their customers were given the easiest format for submitting reviews. They also were looking for an answer to their customer service issues, and TrustSpot was able to fill the need.


Alpine Rings has received and published a much larger number of customer reviews during the time they have been with TrustSpot.

They have also experienced an increase in satisfaction among disgruntled customers who had previously submitted negative reviews. Many of these customers have easily upgraded their reviews based on the way that Alpine positively handled their feedback.

“Every time we’ve reached out to Trust Spot for assistance, we are blown away by their response.

Their support team members are knowledgeable and have all of the tools they need to help in the most efficient way.

And if they can’t directly provide a solution, they aren’t shy about elevating the issue to their development team.”

Tim Dobbs, Owner, Alpine Rings