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TrustSpot Web Design 2018

Ryan Haidinger on March 15, 2018


As TrustSpot continues to expand, we wanted to take the time and update our website. Instead of simply updating a few pages, we decided to do a complete design overhaul and optimize everything from the ground up. .

The end result looks amazing, and we hope you like it as much as we do.


When we first launched TrustSpot into public hands back in 2015, we were just doing company reviews. This meant our platform had fewer features than we do currently and so our website wasn’t too complicated. We highlighted our major advantages, and spoke a bit about our company as a whole. Of course back than we were still figuring out what works for us.

In January 2017, we launched our first iteration of the product reviews suite, which would now allow eCommerce based stores collect product reviews with TrustSpot. We updated a few pages to highlight these new features, and also updated the homepage a bit to show off the major features we introduced.

Over time though as the platform grew, it became increasingly difficult to maintain a site with all the main features we support, not to mention all of the new company content we have (such as this resource center that you’re in).

In December 2017, we started to lay out the plan for creating an entirely new website from the ground up. We knew that the site had to be expandable, especially with our upcoming integration partnerships in the works. We also had to account for our increased company size, and new content that was being developed by our marketing team.

We looked at all the feedback we received from customers regarding our website, and set out to make improvements to these areas.

In March 2018, we officially launched our new website. We’re excited to gather new feedback and see how everybody is enjoying our new website. We’re especially proud of our new resource center, where we’ll be working on several different blogs including a “Founder’s Journey”. The purpose of the Founder’s Journey, is to give users an inside view into the workings of TrustSpot – and to share ideas to help your business succeed.

New Areas

Beyond the new feature and business type pages, we also introduced a new area called “Integrations”. Visitors can go to this area and see all of the platforms TrustSpot works with. Our integrations include eCommerce platforms, social networks, and a loyalty system. We’re always looking to add new integration partners to our program.

We also introduced a Resource Center (where you are currently), along with updated corporate pages to talk about what TrustSpot, display our customer testimonials and also updated our QA area.

We’ve also updated our pricing page to account for all of the new features we currently have. Instead of making the user scroll down this massive table list (like we had for the past 3 years), we opted instead for an easy breakdown of features. Now users can look under each plan and see the exact differences between each one.

Lastly, we added a new page called “Trust Elements”, which allows users to see what the Trust Graphic will look like on their website. This is one of my favorite areas.

We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy TrustSpot.

Ryan Haidinger
Ryan Haidinger

Ryan is the co-founder & CEO of TrustSpot. When he’s not thinking of new features or testing marketing campaigns, you can find Ryan at the beach surfing.

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