Video Reviews: Why You Need To Be Collecting Them

No matter what consumers are shopping for, they have a lot to consider before making a purchase. From researching to recommendations, shoppers will gather all available information to make the most informed decision. 

As a seller, one of the most effective recommendation tools you can use to reach your customers is video reviews.

When a current or past customer posts a video review, it draws positive attention to your product or service. Because the customer took the time to try the product and make the review, it also carries more weight and influence.

This article will go over video reviews and how they can help your business grow. 

Why Do You Need Video Reviews?

Let’s be honest—consumers often distrust companies who put on a hard sell. Less than half of the general public believes businesses represent themselves honestly in their ads. This is where video reviews come into play and why you need to be collecting them.

Videor reviews from customers offer honest representations of a company or product. If you want people to know how good your product is, you need that proof. When real customers post videos of them using your products, there is a higher likelihood that you will gain more sales. This is simply because people are more willing to invest in something they can see being used firsthand with no smoke and mirrors.

So how do you get your customers to post videos raving about the quality of your product? Here are a few quick tips. 

Obtaining Video Reviews

With social media so widespread over many forums, there are bound to be positive video reviews of your product or service posted on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc. Search for your company to find the most honest and positive video reviews that you can post to your website. By sharing video reviews of your product, whether it’s jewelry, makeup, or a cleaning product, you are allowing people to be better informed about it. They can watch the product in action and get a full visualization of how it works.

Another way to track down video reviews is by simply asking your customers to let you know if they post one about your product. Then show them you appreciate the review by giving them a 5% discount or another small bonus. Be careful not to imply that you are buying a good review, though.

It’s also a good idea to reach out to repeat customers to see if they would be willing to post a video about your product. You may even want them to video themselves unboxing a new item you are offering. Their genuine reaction to the item will go a long way in enticing others to try or invest in your product.

An Honest Reviews Is Your Best Advertisement

When a client truly loves a product, there is no better advertisement than a video they post to say so. Video reviews are a good way for the consumer to decide if a product is worth investing their hard-earned money. When you see a wrinkle cream prove effective over some time or watch someone demonstrate the strength of super glue, you are more likely to buy it for yourself.

This form of visual commerce has been a boost for companies like Cluse, Sephora, Funko, and many more. The videos they post allow the consumer to see actual customers using their products. 

Displaying Customer Reviews

Post some of your positive video reviews on your website for everyone to see. This will help visitors know that yours is a company or product worth taking a chance on.

Invite reviewers to post video reviews on your Facebook pages and then upload them to other social media platforms for all to see. If you come across comments, even unfavorable ones, be sure to respond to them and offer thanks or regret, as this allows your potential customers to see that you value all of your customers’ opinions, not just the good ones.

When a customer does take the time to make a video and post it on social media, be sure to thank them for it in the comments on that page. Let them know how much you appreciate the feedback and make it personal by acknowledging a point or two that they liked or would like to see changed.If your customers, and potential customers, see that you are engaged and appreciative, they will be more likely to be loyal or give your business a try. 

Make a Video

If you do not already have video reviews from your customers, you can always make your own and ask customers if they would be willing to be featured in one.. Make it easy for the customer by providing a guideline or general script of what you would like them to cover, but make sure it allows for them to be candid about their experience. You definitely don’t want the review to sound too rehearsed as that will have a negative effect on viewers.

Be sure to invest in a professional videographer and have proper lighting and space to emit professionalism. Most importantly, allow your customers to be honest and candid with their experience. Then post the video on your website and all social media platforms that you use.

Why Are Video Reviews So Effective?

Humans are emotional beings, and we are more likely to buy something that has evoked a positive reaction from someone else. 

A video is an optimal way of showing how someone feels about something, whether it is a product, book, movie, or other item. A video hits on a level that can tug at the heartstrings or excite a viewer, making them more likely to buy the product.

A Video Evokes Emotions

While written reviews certainly have positive effects on potential customers,  they can’t always emit as much emotion as a video review can. There is something powerful about seeing someone speak directly to you. 

When someone expresses happiness with an experience, the viewer cannot help but feel hopeful or inspired. These emotions will likely encourage the person to try the product themselves. 

If you cultivate an emotional response from a consumer or potential buyer, it speaks volumes for your product. 

A Viewer Is More Likely to Retain Information in a Video

An astounding 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. We retain 95% of what we watch compared to only 12% of what we read. Approximately 92% of videos viewed on a mobile device are shared. These and more statistics via Virtues make a compelling argument that video reviews will boost your business.

In addition to videos being more emotional, as mentioned above, they are also more like listening to a story. Because they are more entertaining, they are more likely to be remembered.

Video Is Preferred Over Text

People are becoming more accustomed to watching videos rather than reading something on the same topic. Some universities even ask potential students to send in videos of themselves to get a clearer picture of who they are. 

Watching a video involves less effort than reading and can often be more compelling. A video will catch the consumer’s attention more quickly and keep them engaged.

The Bottom Line

All positive reviews are good reviews, but if you want people to notice your product, it’s important to include video reviews. Take the time to find great video reviews of your business, or invest in making your own. The latter option may cost more, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Video reviews can enhance the notoriety of a business or product greatly, and they can introduce a whole array of potential customers to your company.