Shopping Bots: The 25 Best Shopping Bots To Add To Your Store

Bots do what humans cannot — tirelessly search the internet for the best deals and products, helping you save time and money. But with so many shopping bots hitting the web, it’s hard to know which ones will serve you best.

Here at TrustSpot, we’ve compiled a list of the 25 best shopping bots to augment your shopping experience.

1) Shopify Messenger

Shopify is already one of the largest eCommerce distributors on the internet. Its messenger bot helps businesses and customers buy or sell products.

Customers can browse and even purchase products directly in the messenger app. The user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing design makes the experiences seamless to a customer’s daily habits, such as scrolling through the app while waiting for their coffee order.

The Shopify Messenger bots allow merchants to send automated shipping updates on a customer’s product, improving shipping transparency to customers while freeing up labor for the company.

There’s a 14-day free trial for Shopify Messenger, and it doesn’t require a credit card. Customers and merchants can safely use this shopping bot before deciding if it’s right for them.

2) SnapTravel

Get 30% to 50% off hotels and air travel by simply messaging a bot. The company partnered with Priceline,,, and other travel accommodation sites to connect you with sales as soon as they go live. You have the option to choose between text messaging, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp to interact with this bot.

Once you tell the bot your city, dates, and accommodation preferences, SnapTravel scours the web to find you exclusive deals for your trip. You can even confirm your bookings through the bot service as well.

SnapTravel services include 24/7 customer support over chat, as well as exclusive VIP packages. These packages include an upgrade call, credits for special accommodations, expense integrations, and more.

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3) gives you direct access to more than 1,800 brands and 2,000 exclusive deals. The shopping bot scours over 8.5 million products in 40 categories to help you find the best deals. It’s free and easy to use: You can either install it directly into your preferred messenger app or use the online site.

It also lists which brands deliver during arduous shipping times, so you don’t experience any surprises after purchasing the product. We like that it’s free and searches millions of products easily.

4) Birdie

Birdie plugs into Facebook Messenger to give you product reviews and rankings on certain products. This shopping bot scours through thousands of reliable sources to help you make the best shopping decisions.

The shopping bot’s AI curates complete, personalized, and ad-free suggestions to improve a shopper’s trust in the product they’re buying. It offers a user-friendly experience and integrates easily into someone’s established shopping habits.

5) ChatShopper

ChatShopper gives you a personal shopping assistant called Emma. She’ll help you discover clothing, accessories, and other fashion products on Messenger, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Once you type what you want, Emma provides a list of items that match your query.

The bot delivers instant responses, and you can access it 24/7 for personalized fashion shopping support.

6) Letsclap

With over 15 million messages delivered already, Letsclap offers chatbots, mobile messaging, and voice assistance to merchants and their customers.

Customers can use Letsclap in the same way they use Alexa or Google Home for shopping. For example, someone can ask Letsclap to reorder their contact prescription. The bot obliges and delivers a seamless shopping experience. Should an issue arise, though, human tech personnel are waiting on the sides to fix any issues. It’s the best of both worlds.

7) Kik Bot Shop

This shopping bot augments the conversation experience that customers have with merchants. There are a variety of bot categories to choose from, such as Q&A bots that answer customer questions or bots that provide the tracking information on a product.

Merchants can also choose entertainment bots to increase audience engagement, such as bots that share memes with users. The Kik Bot Shop lets you find the bots to best serve your audience — and even create your own bot using this platform.


This shopping bot monetizes conversation. It helps leverage the conversation customers already have with merchants. allows businesses to make timely product recommendations which lead to sales conversions on both mobile and traditional ecommerce platforms.

The bot works with customers to improve product recommendations, answer questions related to their accounts, or address any other query they may have about a merchant’s wares. installs directly into Slack, Discord, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram, so it doesn’t require additional software.

9) Yellow Messenger

Developers based this bot on the Yellow Pages, allowing customers to find product information on anything from movies to plane tickets and more. You need a bit more technical experience to set up this bot than other ones, but it also means you can customize it exactly how you want it.

Choose to employ your bots on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, and other communication platforms.

10) 5Gifts4Her

Don’t know what to buy your girlfriend, wife, or friend? 5Gifts4Her uses artificial intelligence to curate the best list of gifts to buy women. Developers update this shopping bot weekly. And because it installs directly into Facebook Messenger, there’s no additional software to download.

Users can purchase gifts directly from Facebook Messenger. You can even create a wish list and share it with others to provide a not-so-subtle hint for that next celebration.

11) Cybersole

Targeted to sneakerheads, Cybersole helps buyers find sought-after products and immediately purchase them. It’s a way to grab collectibles before they’re gone.

The bot supports over 170 retailers so you will never miss a drop again. And should it fail to secure the first drop, it will wait until your item has been restocked to try again. Cybersole may be one of the most effective tools for those looking to grow an elite collection of sneakers.

12) Luko

Luko plugs into Facebook Messenger and tracks Amazon product prices. If you’re looking to get the cheapest deal on an item you’ve had your eye on, Luko notifies you when your sought-after product drops in price.

Simply tell the bot what item you want it to price-track, and it will do the rest of the work for you.

13) Dashe

The bots under Dashe continuously check prices of Shopify-based stores. You can find deals from all regions in the world. Plus, the auto-checkout service helps fashion enthusiasts get deals faster than manually checking out.

Dashe costs $50 a month to use and only accepts PayPal as a form of payment.

14) Beauty Gifter

Beauty Gifter provides a service comparable to 5Gifts4Her — they both help you find the best gifts for women. While the latter provides general gift ideas, Beauty Gifter looks at a specific person’s information to curate a personalized list of gift ideas.

This shopping bot offers individualized gift recommendations using data collected by asking a gift receiver a series of questions. Beauty Gifter installs directly into Facebook Messenger for easy access that doesn’t require a download.

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15) CelebStyle

Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Billie Eilish each have a unique fashion sense. If you’re curious where they get their clothes, you can use CelebStyle to find what A-List celebrities are wearing and how to acquire the same pieces.

New celebrities get added every week. You can even set up notifications when one appears. Use the Kik app to get started.

16) RooBot

RooBot offers a competitive service similar to Amazon Alexa. This AI-driven personal shopper answers customer questions through voice detection, facilitating the shopping process anytime and anywhere.

This shopping bot also helps retailers personalize shopping profiles for their customers, improve product recommendations, market to customers, provide one-on-one customer engagement, and more.

17) H&M

If you’re looking to build your own fashion sense without the influence of a celebrity, the H&M shopping bot lets you easily look through the company’s inventory. You can communicate directly with the bot to find the specific clothing item you’re looking for to build your ideal outfit.

As with CelebStyle, the H&M shopping bot only works on Kik. Since the selection is limited to H&M’s inventory, H&M fans can get exclusive deals and quick information on products they know and love.

18) Madi

The professional hair coloring company Madison Reed built a chatbot that acts like your personalized hair stylist.

Use the bot any time to find which hair color or shade works best for your skin tone or eyes. It can give you personalized recommendations and answer any questions you may have about Madison Reed brands.

19) BlingChat

This shopping bot specializes in millennials looking to buy engagement rings. Customers can find a designer based on their preferences. Merchants can also use the app to get their rings discovered.


Selekt uses deep machine learning and algorithms to improve sales efficiency for retailers. The personalized chatbot automates business interactions in eCommerce, hospitality, real estate, broadcast TV, and human resources.

Selekt’s advanced chatbots give businesses high-quality, end-to-end solutions anywhere along a customer’s shopping process.

21) Francesca’s

The Texas-based boutique launched a shopping bot to help users find high-quality women’s clothes and accessories. The bot can also answer any questions customers have about an item’s sizes, availability, shipping, and more.

The bot is available on the web so that customers don’t have to do any fancy footwork to install the shopping bot on their phone or computer. Simply go to the boutique’s website to start using it.

22) Readow

This book-specific shopping bot offers personalized book recommendations. By scouring thousands of books on the market, this bot helps customers find a high-quality read.

Readow engages in conversation to provide a personally curated list of books to interest users, streamlining the book perusal process. To get started, simply chat with the bot so it can learn your interests, genre preferences, and other key information to personalize your book recommendations.

23) Botler Chat

Botler helps indie sellers grow their customer base. It’s community-based, so those who see a problem with the app can provide solutions. Sellers can chat with the app to figure out strategies on how to best sell their creations on their preferred marketplace.

This shopping bot lets startups, established businesses, and marketing agencies deploy chatbots to best serve their costumes. These chatbots automate the customer experience, improve sales, and lead to better communication between merchants and customers.

24) Dropshipping Assistant

People use Dropshipping Assistant every day to grow their businesses. This shopping bot lets users follow product categories and receive updates on new, trending products. The bot also curates libraries of information and case studies on eCommerce topics.

The app also has impressive customer support to help fix issues. Dropshipping Assistant plugs straight into Facebook Messenger and sends you tools, guides, and product suggestions for self-starting entrepreneurs.

25) NexC

NexC streamlines your shopping experience in four simple steps. First, tell the bot what product you want and its various characteristics. The bot then uses its AI to scan the web and find products matching your request and specific needs.

Next, the bot gives you three products that best match your inquiry, along with a brief pros and cons list, web ratings, and relevant articles for each product.

Finally, NexC gives you personalized product recommendations and reviews to help you make well-informed shopping decisions.

The clunky communication with the actual bot still needs a little work, but NexC does indeed give the best product recommendations according to your interests.

Shopping Bots Save You Time and Money

Get started today with one or more of these shopping bots to find the products you want and have your questions answered quickly, saving you both time and money. And merchants who use shopping bots can improve audience engagement while freeing up their personnel for other tasks.

Shopping bots help strengthen the connection between your brand and your customer.

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