Best Shopify Stores

Are you trying to run a business online? Do you need a platform that can transform your operations with easy selling, payment, and shipping processes? In today’s online market, it can feel overwhelming to learn these processes when all you want to do is sell. 

Shopify is a helpful eCommerce platform that consolidates all the components of the online sales experience so you can seamlessly manage your business. But creating your Shopify store does take some time and creativity. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some Shopify store examples to pique your interest and provide inspiration. Our expertise lies in reviewing products and sites, so we’ve included stores across all industries to ensure there’s a little something for everyone. Check them out and spark some innovation. 

1. Besame Cosmetics

Category: Beauty 

Not only does Besame Cosmetics have an eye-catching yet posh website with an elegant color palette, but it’s doing its part to produce makeup that is safe and guilt-free for everyone. 

The makeup line was created by historian Gabriela Hernandez who based it off of her grandmother’s original beauty routine. The result has been gorgeous, vintage-inspired products like lipstick in classic colors and cake mascara that are 100% cruelty-free.

We love the warm and inviting color tones used on this particular website. Plus, the website offers free samples right away on their homepage. Who doesn’t love that? 

The navigation bar in the upper lefthand corner is very simple and easy to use, and the site features a chat box for any questions you may have during your shopping experience.

2. Unconditional

Category: Clothing

Unconditional was founded by designer Philip Stephens, who recently passed away. His goal was to create clothing that was relaxed yet refined and understated yet sensual. This was the vision 16 years ago when Stephens only made men’s knitwear and jerseys in London. 

Today, the website hosts full lines of men’s and women’s clothing, including tailored jackets, maternity items, and accessories. 

The website certainly demonstrates the designer’s edgy style. While showcasing a dark, artistic, and sensual vibe, the homepage is surprisingly simple yet modern. It’s extremely well organized, allowing a visitor to scroll down and get a glimpse of different collections, sales, and more information.

Everything you need to access is carefully organized in an anchored navigation bar at the top, so you’re not constantly scrolling to look for anything. Unconditional shows us that your Shopify site doesn’t have to be complicated to be a hit. 

3. Argent

Category: Women’s Clothing

Women supporting women? We can get on board with that! Argent is a fashion boutique focused on helping women look and feel their best in the workplace. 

This progressive company recognizes that women’s work is changing and evolving. Women are taking the world by storm as CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs—and they’re looking good while doing so! 

The company sells confidence-boosting clothing, such as blazers, dress pants, vests, and sweaters. They also include a starter kit, a style guide, and the option to schedule a styling appointment. 

The site’s design is modern, easy to navigate, and business-centric with a woman’s touch. It features large, high-quality images to showcase the products with large fonts and bold statements. 

When women log onto this site, they can tell it has something important to say. The design is very in-your-face without feeling overwhelming, and we love how empowering it feels. 

4. Package Free

Category: Natural Products

We are immediately attracted to any website or store trying to save the world, and that’s what Package Free is doing. First things first, the store did it right by putting their mission directly in their name; there’s no mistaking what this company is trying to do.

Package Free was founded on the notion that there’s too much trash in the world, and they don’t want to contribute to it anymore. They create high-quality, everyday products with natural materials and zero plastic. 

Beauty, cleaning, pet products, baby supplies—you can find it all here. Whatever you buy will be shipped to you in 100% recyclable and compostable packaging. 

The site’s design mimics a kind of boho-chic look with simple, muted colors paired with live scrolling action. It highlights a wide range of products so anyone can find their niche while also exploring their top-rated options.

We love everything about this website, from its environmental responsibility to its colors and designs. 

5. Taylor Stitch

Category: Men’s Clothing 

This Shopify store launched back in 2010 and has spent the last 11 years creating unmatched relationships with their customers. This menswear brand is dedicated to social responsibility and respectable sourcing efforts. Their ultimate goal is to minimize their environmental impact. 

Not only do they strive to protect the wild, but they also only create high-quality, diverse pieces that can withstand any environment, whether you’re working in the office or trudging through the forest. 

The site boasts a rustic and classically “manly” vibe, showcasing a blend of forest and outdoor colors and images. We love how their homepage displays whatever sale they have going on at the time, quickly followed by the story of their mission and responsibility. 

Beyond that, you can continue to scroll to explore their highlighted collections, along with some of their favorite products. The site is easy to navigate and highly attractive with both modern and rustic touches.

6. Negative Underwear

Category: Women’s Intimates 

Negative Underwear’s website gives us everything we could want from a good pair of underwear: it’s clean, it’s fresh, and it’s pretty. 

This Shopify store is just plain awesome because it makes shopping for underwear extremely easy. The founders know how difficult it can be for women to find underwear, bras, and sleepwear that are not only comfortable and functional but also make them feel good, so they set out to solve that problem in the industry. 

Created for women by women, Negative Underwear felt that compromise was not an option. The name says it all: The company operates in the negative space, meaning none of their designs include unnecessary padding, frills, lace, or decorations. 

The website’s neutral color palette is clean and inviting, so it doesn’t distract from the products highlighted on the homepage. Plus, one of the first things you see is a cheat sheet for newbies, which means there’s no guessing going on for customers. 

Needless to say, we’re big fans. 

7. So Worth Loving

Category: Clothing & Apparel 

So Worth Loving is an excellent example of what a large following can mean for your business. This site started out as a Tumblr blog that centered around customized shirts for intentional messages. It built such a great, positive community that founder Eryn Eddy created this website to push for more intentional conversations and community. 

The site is real and interactive. Its homepage opens with videos of real people feeling real emotions, which immediately hits home to its visitors. 

The lifestyle brand sells shirts, hats, keychains, sweatshirts, and postcards—all featuring positive messages to inspire healing and change. They also sell a book that helps readers discover their value.

The overall vibe of this Shopify site is positivity and self-love. We find it engaging, inspiring, and welcoming to anyone who logs on.


8. Pipsnacks

Category: Food & Drink 

Would you like 10 percent off of some of the best snacks on the market? Yea, us too. That’s why we love heading over to the Shopify site Pipsnacks. 

Pipsnacks takes fun to the next level by using animation, moving images, and bouncing icons. It truly offers an interactive shopping experience that draws you in from the start. The creative fonts blend well with the simple navigation bar to give you a site that’s exciting yet not confusing. 

Pipsnacks was founded by a few family members who discovered some of the best-tasting heirloom popcorn kernels. They partnered with the Indiana farmer who grew the kernels, and thus Pipsnacks was born.

Today, this diverse, minority-owned business sells popcorn, cheeseballs, crackers, and other crunchy snacks. They have built out their brand over the last eight years, sealing a deal with one of ABC’s Shark Tank investors and gaining recognition from Oprah herself. 

You can find everything you need right on their website in their fun navigation bar. Snacks are not far away!

9. Taza Chocolate

Category: Food & Drink 

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate store? Taza Chocolate taps into your inner sweet tooth and does things right by showcasing images of their delicious chocolate bars at the very top of their homepage. How could anyone resist buying just one?

After boasting its bars, chocolate discs, and collections, Taza jumps right into the business end by posting its transparency report on its homepage. Bold? Yes. Effective? Absolutely. 

The founder of Taza first tried stone-ground chocolate in Mexico. The flavor inspired him so much that he knew it was time to bring the chocolate back home to the United States. 

But he didn’t want to do this without benefiting the cacao farmers directly, so he established direct relationships with them and currently pays living wages for everyone involved in production. 

The Taza website is as bold as the mission of the company. The site’s colors reflect the colorful packaging of the products for an unforgettable customer experience. We’re big fans of this Shopify site. 


Category: Clothing & Lifestyle is all about making life—and all the accessories that come with it—super fun and exciting. These are the exact vibes you get when you log onto their online store.

The homepage is bursting with colors and patterns that immediately catch your eye and pull you in. If you love fun products, colorful clothing, and bright patterns, then this is the website from which you can draw inspiration. 

The site begins by highlighting its current sales and most recent obsessions. It then goes on to brag about various categories and product lines, as well as its most popular products at the time. 

For over a decade, has been striving to make life just a bit more fun and a whole lot brighter. From clothing to accessories to planners and more, it’s a great place to find a gift for a friend—or even something for yourself.

The company is also super-inclusive, which is obviously something we adore. No one gets left out of all the fun to be had in this shop. 

11. Gymshark

Category: Athletic Apparel 

It’s true that many of the sites on our list are small businesses or ones that aren’t necessarily considered “mainstream.” However, popular name brand sites can thrive through Shopify as well. 

Gymshark is a very well-known fitness apparel brand. In fact, it’s so recognizable today that you may not have been aware that it started as a screen-printing operation run by a group of high schoolers. 

The site does a great job of showcasing both men’s and women’s athletic apparel. You can shop by collection, product type, or trending items through its highly organized navigational menu. 

The main page pulls you in by organizing its images by color scheme and collections. The entire experience feels very well thought out and carefully planned. It’s clean, appealing, and easy to shop. Plus, we love that they represent a wide range of diverse athletes. 

12. Partake Foods

Category: Food & Drink

Partake Foods nailed their homepage by featuring two of the most important things upfront: their current sale and crucial ingredient information. 

Partake Foods is a small, black-owned business that makes delicious, safe, and healthy cookies—both crunchy and soft—with the goal of including all of those who suffer from food allergies. Gone are the days when your child who has food allergies can’t enjoy a chocolate chip cookie! 

Their website is super fun and inviting. The name itself tells customers that they’re welcome to join in, and the pages are filled with images of delicious-looking cookies and treats. 

We absolutely love how well-organized this site is. You can shop by category or simply scroll through the homepage to find something new. And throughout the site you will find bold lists of ingredients that the company does not use, such as peanuts, eggs, dairy, and tree nuts. 

Between the site’s design and user-friendly interface, as well as the products themselves, we love everything about Partake. It’s certainly an inspiring Shopify site if we’ve ever seen one! 

13. Allbirds

Category: Footwear 

How many shoe companies can you name that make their products from all-natural, environmentally-friendly materials like wool and eucalyptus? Probably not many, if any at all. 

Enter Allbirds. 

This shoe brand Shopify site aims to contribute to a sustainable future by drawing on mother nature and her best: New Zealand sheep. 

Allbirds discovered that by using sheep’s wool, they could cut their energy usage by 60 percent over other synthetic shoes. Not only that, but wool is some of the best hair in nature that makes breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics—perfect for athletic shoes. 

All this information is readily available to Allbirds’ customers on their beautifully designed website, which features artistic images, highlighted products, and select stories. It’s organized in a clean yet captivating way using traditional navigation and smooth animation. 

14. Thinx

Category: Women’s Intimates 

Thinx is a revolutionary online store that talks about something many people avoid: a woman’s period. Thinx understands that periods are normal and natural rather than something that needs to stay a secret. In fact, it’s something that women need more solutions for. 

This brand sells underwear that absorbs your period. Not only does it eliminate the need for synthetic pads and tampons, which can be harmful to a woman’s health, but it offers a reusable solution to save money and minimize waste. 

The Thinx website doesn’t dance around the topic either. It opens up with clear images of their product and headlines that tell you exactly what you need to know. There’s no guessing game or time spent tirelessly searching for what you need. It’s all there featuring real models with real bodies. 

The website also uses its platform to call to attention women’s issues across the country while helping fund menstrual equity and advance access to both products and education. We’re here for it. 

15. Marc Wenn

Category: Luxury Clothing 

Marc Wenn is a London-based designer with a passion for all things luxury biker denim. The site focuses on Chelsea boots, biker denim, and handmade backpacks with the strong understanding that biker denim is not just for bikers. 

This site and its creator, Marc Wenn, are the perfect example of how a small online shop can gain traction. With a great business plan and an efficient platform like Shopify, you can turn your passion into a career and a brand. 

The site is exquisitely designed, featuring modern animations and subtle transitions. It screams luxury and, frankly, just looks really cool. It certainly draws a specific kind of audience—one that appreciates high-quality, comfortable clothing at a fair price. 

This brand has been labeled as “disruptive” in men’s fashion and continues to draw customers in with its highly attractive website. 

16. Uppercase Magazine 

Category: Literature

We’ve seen a lot of clothing and lifestyle websites on our Shopify list of awesome online stores, so we’d like to switch things up a bit by highlighting Uppercase Magazine. This Shopify store is a one-woman operation that offers subscriptions to the magazine, which focuses on crafts, fashion, illustration, and design. 

Customers can subscribe to this beautifully printed magazine that features both articles and photos. The publication also includes a magazine for the younger audience and an encyclopedia of books on various crafts and art forms like quilting and ceramics. 

The Uppercase Shopify site is clean and simple. It lets the magazine do the talking, leaving the colorful print at the center of attention. Everything you need to know is conveniently listed at the top of the homepage, and the welcome page features a note from the publisher herself. 

17. Toyshades

Category: Eyewear

Toyshades is a London-based operation that sells everyday eyewear. This design-forward business creates exciting and stylish sunglasses for both men and women, with luxurious modern designs and vintage styles alike. 

This company prides itself in providing customers with high-quality products, minus the excessive prices. They invest in the latest technologies to ensure their sunglasses are groundbreaking. 

All of the lenses are UV400 and align with the highest international standards to intercept 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB light, protecting your eyes for life. 

We love how the website opens up because it shows you exactly what you want to see: people wearing Toyshades. The rotating images highlight different collections and designs, giving you a sneak peek of what’s available to you. 

Scroll through their homepage for inspiration or shop through their collections. Either way, this site makes it easy to find your next favorite pair of shades. 

18. Fresh Heritage

Category: Men’s Grooming

Fresh Heritage is such an awesome brand with a great mission and a well-designed site, so we simply had to include them in our list of Shopify sites. 

The story goes that these three brothers took a trip to Morocco and discovered far more than they were anticipating. After diving into the traditional grooming habits of the men of color in North Africa, they were inspired to explore their roots and bring the tradition back to the states. 

The brand addresses the issues that black men face with curly, coarse, and kinky hair types by providing products based on these traditional grooming methods. The brothers seek to not only inspire and uplift Black communities but to help you look and feel your best with ease. 

The website inserts you right into the action by showcasing their products upfront. They also do an excellent job of detailing their story and their mission upfront and highlighting men of color on their homepage. 

Plus, we love that the brand is so confident that they offer real customer reviews right on their introduction page. It’s clearly a trusted website with an excellent Shopify platform. 

19. UgMonk

Category: Lifestyle 

Simplicity? Check. Minimalist? Check. Functional? Check. 

UgMonk may not have a name that flows off the tongue, but its website and products are certainly smooth, sleek, and simple. 

UgMonk is a design studio located in Pennsylvania. It features functional products with minimal design for those who enjoy the simple pleasures in life and an uncluttered workspace, closet, and home. 

It all began with homemade t-shirts that filled a space in the market: shirts that were well-made but simple. 

The products have branched out and range from clothing and shoes to workspace tools and home decor. 

The emphasis on this company is not only longlasting, high-quality products with minimal design, but also the fact that your purchase supports the families of those that work for UgMonk along with the families of other small businesses who contribute to its products. 

And all of this comes packaged in an elegant and timeless Shopify site that’s as minimalist as the products it sells. We love that you can jump right into the site’s favorite products, followed by an inviting sales page. 


As small business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of a highly functional, efficient, and seamless online storefront. When a visitor logs onto your site, they should see your brand in its design. 

The sheer magnitude of your online shop’s impact on your brand and customer base can be a bit intimidating, making it hard to know where to start. We hope that this list offered you some inspiration for your website because it was sure helpful to us. 

Did you enjoy our list? Let us know in the comments section below! We’re always happy to hear and apply feedback. And if you loved what you read, share this article with your friends and family!