Review Request via SMS: The Ultimate Guide

Why SMS Reviews

How often do you check your text messages each day? If you’re like most people, it’s many times.

This is why you should add SMS review requests to your review playbook.

According to Twilio1, a cloud communications platform, 96% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. And 90% are read within three seconds.

The response rate from SMS messages is multiples higher than email with SMS Global2 reporting an average response rate of 45% for SMS messages.

Requesting reviews via SMS is easy in TrustSpot! Start requesting reviews via SMS today. Not convinced? We dive into how to request reviews via SMS messages with templates you can copy.

How to Use SMS Review Requests

Use SMS review requests to follow up with customers who purchased a specific product but did not leave a review.

SMS messages are opened almost immediately which increases the rate of receiving reviews. You’ll likely start seeing new reviews within a couple of minutes of sending your SMS review requests.

Review requests via SMS are perfect for company reviews, product reviews, and experience surveys. Simply copy the link from your review form and paste it into your SMS message to customers.

Struggling to think of review message content? No problem. We’ve included several templates that you can copy below.

Steal Our Templates

We’ve included several SMS review request templates below. Copy the templates to use in your TrustSpot account to request reviews from your customers via SMS messaging.

Thank you for being a customer

Thank customers for purchasing from your business at any time by sending the SMS message below.

  • Thank you for being a loyal customer of {company}! Please help others find us by leaving a review here: {review-link}
  • Hi {customer}, We would love to get your feedback about your recent experience at {company}. Click the below link to share your experience. {review-link}

Review Location Visit

Ask customers to review your business after they visited your business or office. Copy the SMS message and paste it into your TrustSpot account.

  • You recently stopped by {company}. Please help others find us by leaving a review here: {review-link}

Review Product

Ask customers who purchased a specific product to leave a review for the product. The reviews are posted to the product’s page on your shop via TrustSpot. Copy the message template below to use in your business.

  • You recently purchased {product} from {company}. We would love to hear your feedback. Please leave a review of {product} here: {review-link}
  • Hi {customer}, You recently purchased {product} from {company}. What did you think about it? Click the link below to share your experience. {review-link}

NPS Survey

Net Promoter Score, NPS, is an excellent way to gauge your customers’ willingness to share you with their friends and colleagues. Use the text below to send NPS surveys via Experience Surveys in TrustSpot.

  • We want to hear from you! Please complete the survey here: {review-link}
  • Hi {customer}, We would love to get your feedback about your recent experience at {company}. Click the link below to share your thoughts. {review-link}

Add SMS Review Requests to Your Business

Give SMS review requests a try in your business. We remove all of the risk — simply activate and try SMS reviews in TrustSpot.

Let us know how SMS reviews empower your business and reviews.

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