Best Review Request Email + Template

Product reviews increase sales. This is well known and proven. Reviews educate the customer, reduce fear they are being lied to, and build trust. 

But capturing reviews is not always easy. Customers are busy. They have jobs, families, and many responsibilities. And they’ve bought from more stores than just you. 

This is why a well-crafted review request is so important. 

To help you, we developed and are now sharing the 6 keys to creating the best review request emails

Keep reading! And don’t miss the free templates at the bottom. 

Key 1: Keep it short

Keep your review requests short, sweet, and to the point. Don’t ramble. 

And don’t hide the lead. The more you write, the more the customer has to read and, more importantly, scroll in their email. 

If your email is too long, the customer will likely click delete and move on to the other emails in their inbox. 

Simply remind the customer about their purchase and who you are. Share why collecting their feedback is important. And if you have space, share why reviews are important to your business. 

Review requests are not just an opportunity to capture a rating but also a way to turn a one-time customer into a brand advocate.

Also keep in mind that 70% of people check their email from a mobile device. Make sure your email is mobile-friendly.

Key 2: Make it easy to understand and complete

Customers are busy and easily distracted. The request to leave a review needs to be obvious and easy to follow. 

Asking a customer to click a button to open a browser requires additional time your customer doesn’t have—and it decreases your odds of capturing a review.

TrustSpot’s in-email review forms make review submissions a breeze for your customer. Customers select the star rating and share their feedback within their email provider. 

Key 3: Incentivize reviews

Use incentives to nudge customers to leave a review. 

Incentivizing reviews with coupons is easy in TrustSpot. Add the coupon incentive to your review request and automatically trigger a Thank You email with the coupon code. Or redirect the customer to a Thank You page with the coupon code. 

Coupons not only incentivize reviews but they drive repeat purchases. This goes hand-in-hand with turning one-time customers into brand advocates. 

However, you should never ask for a positive review in return for the coupon. This will only degrade your brand’s reputation. You want customers to be open and honest about their experience.

Key 4: Personalize the ask to the customer

If you collected a customer’s name at the time of the sale, be sure to include it in your review requests. This makes the customer feel valued and goes a long way in maintaining a relationship with them.

Personalization also goes beyond just calling the customer by name. Depending on your product, your review request may be sent weeks after the purchase was made. Therefore, it’s helpful to orient your customer about the product you’re requesting a review for. A quick reminder is enough. 

It’s easy to personalize review requests in TrustSpot.

Key 5: Stay on brand

Do not sacrifice your brand. You’ve worked hard to build your brand to where it is today. Customize the review request to match your brand by adding your logo and brand colors. 

Set up a custom domain to send review requests from your domain and control the “From Name”. This is very easy to set up in TrustSpot. More on the custom domain below.

Key 6: Subject Lines + Senders

In most cases, customers will see the Sender and the Subject Line first. And often they make the decision to open the email or archive it based on these. 

Subject lines are the first hurdle in capturing a review request. A bad subject line gets your email discarded before you can say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

A subject line should: 

  • remind them who you are
  • pique their interest

Experiment with adding an incentive in your subject line.

Use the Sender portion of the email to remind your customer who the email is from. Set up Custom Domains in TrustSpot to send review requests from your domain and control the “From Name”.

Ease of capturing reviews and displaying them with TrustSpot

Improving your review requests has a direct correlation with capturing more reviews. Implement these 6 keys to increase your review request conversion rate. 

Let’s recap the 6 keys

  1. Keep the review request content short
  2. Make the request easy to understand and complete
  3. Incentivize reviews (plus increase repeat purchases)
  4. Personalize the review request for the customer
  5. Stay on brand
  6. Stand out with your subject line