Product Specific Review Requests to Collect More and Richer Content

Collecting content got easier.  We’re giving you more options to collect content and making it easier for your customers to share their experiences. 

Display the content across your website and use it to influence your messaging. You can even hide private pieces of content from your displays.

Road to collecting more content

Custom Forms and Questions

Custom questions help you collect specific details about a customer’s experience with your product. They paint a vivid picture for future customers on the product page.

TrustSpot includes six types of custom questions for you to select from. 

  1. Single choice: 
  2. Multiple choice: 
  3. Rating: Ask customers to rate a product between 1 and 5
  4. Fit: Ask customers to select an option that describes how the product fit
  5. Free Text: Allow customers to explain what they liked and disliked about the product
  6. Product NPS [NEW]: Ask customers how willing they are to refer your product to their friends/colleagues

See how Japan Deluxe Tours and Corset-Story use Custom Forms to collect and display more and richer content. This additional content helps future customers make better decisions and reduces buying friction. 

TrustSpot customers displaying their Custom Questions in their product review display.

Product NPS

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. NPS is a survey that measures the customer’s willingness to refer you to their friends or colleagues. Not familiar with NPS for eCommerce? Give our guide a read

And with TrustSpot’s Experience Surveys, you can survey your customers on your company. 

But with Product NPS in the Custom Forms, you can survey customers at the product level. This is helpful for understanding which products customers would go out on a limb to share with their friends. Social capital is the most treasured capital and crucial to building word of mouth growth

Use Product NPS to: 

  • Evaluate which product is 
  • Identify promoters (scores 9-10) of the product and share referral ideas

Customize Review Requests by Product

Send customized review requests based on the product purchased by the customer. From the review requests subject line to the types of questions collected. 

Review requests customized to the product capture a higher volume of content and more useful content. The questions can be crafted to the specific product instead of a vague list of questions for all products.

Include a Fit question in apparel products and a durability Rating for physical products. Responses to questions can be public or private, you’re in full control. 

Send Product Review Requests by Product.

Review Request Campaigns

Create review request campaigns to collect more and richer content from a single order. A popular campaign includes all three of our review request tools. 

Start the campaign off by requesting a Company Review to collect feedback on the shopping experience. Follow up 14 days later to collect feedback on the product and then send an Experience Survey 7 days after the Product Review Request. 

Check out the full recipe and video here

Experience Survey per Product

Send custom Experience Surveys per Product. Customize the survey’s email subject and body as well as the questions and how you ask for them. 

Have a product lacking a library of visual content from customers? Run a giveaway or sweepstake to incentivize customers to upload visual content. Visual content can be required in Experience Surveys. 

Send Experience Surveys by product.

Create a catch all Experience Survey to collect content for new products or any product you have not tagged.

Wrapping Up

Collect more content with TrustSpot’s product specific review request forms and review request campaigns. Stop sending all customers the same review requests. You’re missing out on an opportunity to customize their review experience based on what they purchased from you. 

This also results in better content for you to use in your marketing and sales as well as product feedback. 

Check out these three recipes to get started: 

Need help? Reach out here, we’re always happy to help.