• Industry: Paid Surveys
  • Platform: Custom
  • Favorite Feature: Visual Marketing
2016 Year Founded
406 Number of Reviews
10,000,000 Registered Members

"We realized that we needed a third party company, which could independently certify our reviews. Unfortunately most of the alternative product reviews sites we initially discovered, such as TrustPilot, seemed to lack the visual and interactive tools we needed. Even worse, they had recently raised their prices to $549 per month, expecting us to agree to a 1 year contract!"

Mark Kempton President
44% Conversion Rate Increase
35% Increased CTR
71% Reduction In Support Load

"TrustSpot is now the bedrock of our business, providing us with a daily stream of independently certified reviews and payment proof. It's a great feeling, to finally win the trust and loyalty of our users."

Mark Kempton President

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