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January 2020 Release Notes

Ryan Haidinger on January 10, 2020


The January 2020 release is our first release of the new year, bringing many new features, improvements and integrations.

Our focus for this release was to introduce new ways to interact with your visual content, improved the experience survey moderation areas, and updated Google Shopping to now support images in the feed. A release wouldn't be completed without some large announcements for Lootly, including BigCommerce & Magento 2 integration support.

Table of Contents

Due to the size of this release, you can use the links below to skip to a specific section.

Section 1: Photo Studio

Section 2: Visual Tag Automation

Section 3: Experience Surveys

Section 4: Google Shopping with Images

Section 5: Visual Displays

Section 6: Lootly Loyalty & Referrals

Section 7: Platform Improvements

Visual Moderation

Photo Studio

We're excited to introduce you to Photo Studio, a new innovative way to interact with your customer photos. The photo studio allows you to add artistic effects to the photo, in addition to touch-up work as needed. Below is an overview off all the ways you can now interact with your photos.

To access this feature click on the "paintbrush" icon under any photo within Visual Moderation.

  • Basic retouching operations now available: Brightness, Contrast, Sharpen, Vibrance and Gamma.
  • Add artistic effects to your images including: Gaussian Blur & Sepia Tone.
  • Add a border radius to your photo including adjusting the color and size.
  • Add a customized text overlay on your image. You can even adjust the font type, size and color.
  • Watermark your images with your company logo or a custom image.
  • Crop out any unnecessary background in just a few clicks.
  • Export your updated file in high resolution format, including: JPG, PNG and GIF
20+ new ways to interact with your customer photos trustspot-photo-studio-adjustments
Watermark your photos in a few seconds trustspot-photo-studio-watermark
Crop out & focus on your content trustspot-photo-studio-crop

Tag Management

Visual Tag Automation

Last year we introduced Experience Surveys, our largest update to the platform. Experience Surveys not only help you collect more content, but through the power of visual tags, you can create custom carousels & galleries with hand-picked photos and videos. This is possible, because you can utilize Visual Moderation to manually add a Visual Tag to a photo or video.

Today, we are introducing new automation tools to speed up this tagging process. TrustSpot will automatically add any visual tags you have selected based on the product a customer selects within an Experience Survey or to predefined products for Product Reviews.

  • Setup custom visual tagging rules in a less then 1 minute
  • All Photos & Videos are automatically tagged with one or many tags

To get started with this feature, click into: Experience Surveys > Tag Management > Visual Automation

Experience Surveys

Experience Survey Improvements

We're happy to introduce various new features & improvements to the experience survey platform, based on customer feedback. All major / minor improvements that are now available, are listed below:

Major New Features

  • Added Auto-Publish rules for submissions & visual content (general settings)
  • Added Facebook Scheduling tool, allowing you to schedule Photo & Video posts (visual moderation)
  • Added "Fix Spelling" feature to help fix content spelling errors (experience moderation)
  • Added ability to Publish all Visual Content in 1-click (experience moderation)
  • Added automation to social media share field to pull in review stars, text and link (visual moderation)
  • Updated Lootly integration to award points for new survey submissions (integrations)
  • Updated Google Shopping PLA feed to include experience survey content (Dec 2019)

Minor improvements

  • Updated PR Widget performance when displaying survey content
  • Updated collector overview screen to better indicate enabled status for content & email
  • Updated visual gallery filters to better handle multiple categories & content
  • Updated visual moderation to display multiple statuses of visual content

Want to learn more about Experience Surveys? Click Here to view our helpful overview or request to speak with our team by scheduling a demo.


Google Shopping with Customer Photos

The Google Shopping PLA feature has now been updated to display user generated photos directly within the feed. This is a new feature that Google introduced in 2019, and we're happy to update our system to take advantage of this functionality. This is a fully automated process, with details provided below:

  • Your Google Shopping feed has been automatically updated to support user-generated photos
  • Published photos are now included in the feed, including retroactive content
  • Photos will need to be approved by Google before they are shown. If Google has an issue with a specific photo, they will send an alert within the Google Merchant Center and continue displaying the review without the photo.

To learn more about using Google Shopping PLA, visit our support article.

Trust Elements

Visual Display - New Carousel

We're happy to announce that a new visual carousel is now available to utilize. This minimized visual carousel allows you to display a larger preview image at the top, with the other photos below it. As customers scroll through the carousel, the large preview will automatically update. Customers can still click the large image to see the standard overlay with the review context, social sharing buttons and product buy now button.


To start using this visual carousel, go to: Trust Elements > Visual Carousel > and select the checkbox called "Enable Visual Preview"

Lootly Loyalty & Referrals

New Loyalty integrations & updates now available

Our January 2020 wouldn't be perfect, without some large announcements for Lootly - our loyalty, referrals and VIP Platform. Below is an overview of all announcements today:

New Integrations

  • BigCommerce is now available. Click Here to add Lootly to your BigCommerce store.
  • Magento 2 is now available. Click Here to add Lootly to your Magento 2 store.
  • Added Klaviyo integration to automatically send loyalty data to update customer profiles or segments.
  • Updated TrustSpot integration to award points for survey submissions, photos, and videos (Dec 2019).
  • Updated Zapier integration to award points or rewards for 1,000+ platforms such as: CRM, Email Marketing, and more (Dec 2019).

Misc improvements

  • Updated API documentation for additional APIs related to customer updates
  • Added Hover Over button color option to widget display settings
  • Added 10+ new text areas to customize within the widget
  • Added email address to customer export
  • Various improvements to reports & insights for 1 million + data points

Interested in learning more about Lootly? Click Here to request a demo.

Misc Improvements

Optimizations & Performance Improvements

Beyond the new features & integrations, we also like to introduce improvements to the platform every month based on feedback and our internal roadmap. Each of these improvements are listed below:

Platform Improvements

  • Switch Product feature now allows search by SKU (PR moderation)
  • Updated Instagram photos to better handle large text posts (Visual moderation)
  • Updated visual moderation to allow search by product name for surveys (Visual moderation)
  • Updated tag management screen to handle more tag options & categories (Tag management)
  • Updated multi-company drop-down UI to be more clear on selection (Header bar)

Extension Updates

  • Updated Lootly Magento 1 extension to fix an issue related to admin manual orders

Coming Soon for February 2020

The January 2020 release focused on key improvements & new features to our visual moderation, experience survey and loyalty platform. Our goal for February 2020, is to introduce new ways to communicate and engage with customers. Various new features are expected for both Product Reviews and Experience Surveys, related to content moderation, and logic automation.

Ryan Haidinger
Ryan Haidinger

Ryan is the co-founder & CEO of TrustSpot. When he’s not thinking of new features or testing marketing campaigns, you can find Ryan at the beach surfing.

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