“It’s all about the context baby!”

Below is the the transcript of the interview:

Will Lochamy  0:00

Too much into too many inside jokes happening right now too many too many. Alright, so yeah, we talk about TrustSpot all the time, Drew, welcome to the show. Here’s the deal. I can explain it to people all the time. And I do. But it’s not like hearing it from you, which, who can actually explain what trust spot does? And, you know, we’re, I’m speaking usually to business owners, right? Whether it’s a big business, small business, that’s who we’re trying to get this message across to Correct

Drew Smith  0:24

Correct. I mean, in a lot of ways, what we’re solving is the problem of being able to collect the information from your customer in real-time, or experience or surveys. And one of the great things about TrustSpot is we started off as a review platform, primarily like you get a five-star review wherever you go. There’s traditionally on Yelp or Google business, but now we’ve expanded into experience. So if you’re at a Baron’s game, or if you’re at a sporting event, there can be a QR code on the Jumbotron right there. And you can get real-time feedback from your customers as it’s happening, which is super cool.

Will Lochamy  1:00

You won’t. I mean, here’s the thing, obviously, good reviews are what businesses want. But also, if you get something that, you know, is constructive criticism that’s as important for a business owner.

Drew Smith  1:10

Oh, absolutely. The contextual aspect of all this is super important. And, you know, people talk all the time or ask us questions. Is Google indexing all this information? Well, of course, they are. Google is indexing, what color underwear you’re wearing? I mean, rain as we speak here, right? Exactly. But um, the beauty of it is you get contextual information, you get pictures, videos, you know, the conversation of this food was great. Not only was it great, but I love this part of it, or I love this flavor, this sour beer. I mean, it’s just so contextual now, and Google’s mining that data, and that’s where they’re bumping you up in the SEO and all the search results. So it really helps there were a lot of people just focus on one, one part and I tell my team all the time, if everybody has a five star review, what’s the value of five star review? It really just needs to be that context.

Will Lochamy  1:59

Yeah, I mean, this thing reviews are going to happen. If you have a business, people are going to review you in one way or the other. And what TrustSpot is doing is kind of giving you a little more of a handle on that right? Not like necessarily, you want the reviews to be, you know, genuine, but you guys are at least connecting more the business more with the reviewers? Correct.

Drew Smith  2:20

Exactly, exactly. And even to the point where your employee’s pulse surveys right now, are keenly important because everybody’s gone remote. They want to know how people are feeling about their job or feeling about remote work or coming back to work. So pulse surveys are something that people are starting to pick up and use our platform to do because there are all these systems out there that do it. But they’re super expensive, and ours is much simpler, much easier. And we actually offer white-glove service to set that up for them.

Will Lochamy  2:49

So it’s a Birmingham business. I mean, grown and operated right here in town.

Drew Smith  2:53

Absolutely. It’s we’re based out of Innovation Depot, we’re growing every day, from people from customers, other people that want to talk to us, we’ve got tons of meeting set up next week. But we’d love for people to give us a call and just have a discovery session because we may not fit squarely but we can help you in a lot of different ways that aren’t, aren’t really explained, or understood until you go through that discovery session.

Scott Register  3:19

Yeah, when you called me and told me what you were doing. I was fascinated. And then you told me it was started right here in Birmingham ins. What’s going on in the tech sector here in Birmingham, is it you don’t hear about it all the time. But it’s there’s a lot going on right now.

Drew Smith  3:33

There’s a lot going on. I mean, Harmony Venture Labs which we’re a portfolio company under them, they are growing just every day, we launched a company CoWello last week, I think we’ll launch a few more this month. It’s just amazing. Shegun Otulana from Therapy Brands. He’s the main guy. And he’s just really committed to growing tech and growing businesses. And, you know, just building this really large swirl of innovation in tech in Birmingham.

Will Lochamy  4:01

Boy, innovation depot made a big hire recently. Do you hear about this read? No. Did our own I’m going to say our own custom picture ever on the wall of their own Heather mile? I had no idea. Yeah, they’re just started over there. Wow. I know. Pretty awesome. So in fact, she didn’t come by and talk to us about that. Excellent. I was gonna say that’s the only way we’re gonna get to come by and be on the show even though now that she just blocks away she has to she has to will do this is awesome. And so TrustSpot. And you did it very clearly. Yesterday had Alyssa reach out to him trying to get in touch with them. But TrustSpot Like, no, no. It’s trust spot dot I O is the best place folks go. Right.

Drew Smith  4:38

Exactly. Exactly. Follow us on social media. We’re on Instagram, trying to build our follower base there. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming on social, but you can always reach out, does it TrustSpot.ioGet a demo or just connect online you can. I’ll be glad to connect on LinkedIn or anything just to talk about the product. I mean, I was doing this I was in marketing for 20 years here in Birmingham. Every place I was at Regions AmSouth, Altec some other businesses. This solves so many of my problems. I wish I knew about it earlier. That’s great.

Will Lochamy  5:09

Yeah, well, good stuff. And now our listeners do know about it. And if you have a business, you can reach out and show Drew. Thanks so much, man. Good to hang out, as always. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  5:17

Thanks for partnering with us. And we don’t want to see our reviews. We’re afraid I’m sure

Will Lochamy  5:22
they’re great. They did the survey thing a while back like a year ago, and I was like, oh, geez, what’s it gonna be turns? Oh, feared okay.

Unknown Speaker  5:30

My favorite response ever got to a survey about my show was that I sound like I’m always looking for my keys. That sounds about right from my life. My my yoga instructors here, she probably would agree with that. 100% I look for my keys in my mind the whole time we’re doing yoga.

Will Lochamy  5:47

Yeah, me and my brother one time. Somebody wrote something said, you know, it’s that a feminine No, nothing in that less a feminine. Beta debated for years. We’ve been doing it for years. Who which one was which? Yeah. HowDrew Smith  5:58
do you respond to that?

Will Lochamy  6:00

Oh, I put it No, this is no joke. I put it in our bio.

Drew Smith  6:02

Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah, that’s a way to react to it. Yep. Perfect. Great.

Unknown Speaker  6:07

Thanks, Nick. Around we got more Morning Blend on the way right now. It is called play with warning signs on Birmingham Mountain Radio.