5 Strategies To Improve Your Review Conversions

If you believe you should be capturing more reviews than you are, this article is for you.

In this new guide, you’ll learn strategies to experiment with to increase your review request conversion rate.

Let’s dive right in:

Are you capturing the most reviews possible?

What is your review conversion rate? If you’re not already tracking this, you should. Your review request conversion rate translates to the number of reviews you capture. This is important to ensure your site is continuously updated with fresh and recent reviews.

TrustSpot makes tracking these analytics a breeze in your Analytics tab.

Based on a Bright Local survey, an average of 76% of customers leave reviews when asked. While 100% is likely not attainable, the 76% review request conversion rate from Bright Local is a solid goal.

Before we jump into strategies, we need to look at why some customers do not leave reviews.

Why Customers Do NOT Leave Reviews

There are numerous reasons people do not leave reviews.

People are busy. Like you, they have jobs, families, and other obligations. They likely want to give you helpful feedback, but they’re preoccupied.

You need to tell them why you’re asking for reviews and make it worth their time.

Explain how customer reviews help your business grow, how customer feedback helps you improve products, etc.

Strategies To Increase Review Conversion Rate

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Write Better Subject Lines

The email subject line is the ultimate gate keeper to new reviews. After all, a bad email subject line is immediately archived and never opened. And if an email is never opened, you certainly are not going to capture a review.

You must continue to experiment and test email subject lines to keep improving your email open rate. Lucky for you we have a couple of guidelines to follow for success:

  • Include your company name. People are more likely to open an email from someone they know or recognize.
  • Ask a question. This will piqued their curiosity.
  • Do not use words in all uppercase. No one likes being yelled at.
  • Incentivize the customer with a special offer. Use coupons and other incentives. (We discuss more about this below).

It also helps to add your Company Name in the “From” field in your TrustSpot email settings. This immediately lets the customer know it’s an email from your company.

You also may want to try subject lines with coupons, as they seem to help increase the conversion rate further.

Make Your Email Message Resonate with Customers

Now that you’ve sky rocketed your open rates, you need to focus on review request conversions. This comes down to the email itself.

The message needs to resonate with the customer and their most recent purchase. It helps to share why reviews are important. Remember customers are your lifeblood for a successful business. Let them know that their reviews help other customers make better purchasing decisions, and they also help you improve your product.

You need to captivate your customers with your story and make the review submission EASY. Luckily, TrustSpot takes care of the easy part for you.

Similar to the subject line, we recommend keeping the email short and sweet by providing key information about what you’re wanting the customer to do.

From our insights, we offer the following tips to create the highest converting emails:

  • Keep your email short.
  • Write your email like you’re talking to a friend.
  • Mention the product name in the email.
  • Customize the button color and text to match your branding.

Use Incentives

Incentives such as coupons and loyalty rewards are icing on the cake. These perks often result in customers leaving a review. TrustSpot makes coupon management easy.

Create different coupon codes based on the customer’s engagement level during the review process, such as when they write a review, upload a photo, or share their experience on social media.

Use incentives in your subject line to increase the open rate.

We recommend using incentives for more than just 5 star reviews. The incentive is a small push for your customer to leave an honest review about your company and product.

Here is an example review request email with a coupon incentive:

  • “Please share your feedback with us to receive a 10% coupon off your next order. You can even upload a photo with your review to earn a 15% coupon instead.”
  • “Tell us your thoughts about {Your Company} and receive 10% off your next order. Share a photo to earn a 15% coupon instead. We look forward to your amazing review!”
  • “Thank you so much for your recent purchase at {Your Company}. We’re growing every day because of customers like you.We would greatly appreciate your feedback about your experience and purchase with us. As a token of our thanks, we will send you a coupon for 10% off your next order after the review is submitted—no matter if the review is positive or negative. You can even upload a photo to show off your purchase to other users.”

Automate Review Follow-ups

Follow up, follow up, follow up. One email requesting a review is not enough for everyone. Like we mentioned earlier, people are busy.

Use TrustSpot’s Smart Reminders to schedule automatic follow-up messages to customers who have not left a review. Continue to share with customers why reviews are important to your business.

We’ve learned that a minimum of 2 reminder emails spread out by 3-5 days works the best.

Send From Your Domain

Send review requests from your own domain. This can help with open rates as customers will recognize the sender email as your company.

It’s simple to set up under TrustSpot’s Enterprise plan.

Utilize Send Delay

The send delay is the amount of time between the purchase being completed and sent into TrustSpot and when you send a review request from TrustSpot.

Each company is different in how it handles emails and send delays. On average, the following send delays convert the best:

  • 7 days after product is shipped
  • 10 days after product is shipped
  • 14 days after product is shipped

7 Days is used more frequently by companies shipping domestically. If a company is shipping internationally as well, they more often use 14 days.

The send delay is important for product reviews because you want to ensure your customer has the product in hand to try it out before being able to leave a qualified review.

The send delay for company reviews is a bit different. Usually a company review is for something service related (e.g., customer service, shopping experience, business service completed, lending application approved).

If we break down only company reviews, we see the top conversion rates being:

  • 5 days after product is shipped
  • 7 days after product is shipped
  • 10 days after product is shipped

As with everything else, experiment with these delays and make note of which ones perform better for your business.


Remember that collecting customer reviews is one of the best ways to keep tabs on how your business is doing—as well as on what you need to do to improve your product/service. Feedback from your customers is invaluable in helping your business grow. Encouraging customers to leave reviews is an ongoing process, so be sure to continuously utilize and experiment with these strategies.

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