Successfully Implement Reviews to Drive Sales

There are many reasons to implement a review system in your business. Reviews are great tools for collecting product feedback for future improvements.

In the article below, we’re going to strictly talk about using reviews to increase sales.

First, Get the Review

Before reviews can be used to generate sales, you need to capture reviews from customers. TrustSpot is the best in the business at capturing reviews.

On average TrustSpot customers convert 15% of review requests into reviews, while our competition captures only 6-7%. That’s over 100% more reviews due to TrustSpot.

This demonstrates the true power of in-email review forms. What does that mean?

In-email review forms capture reviews directly inside the email request. Your customers are not required to click over to a new page from their email in order to leave a review on your product or company. In-email review forms dramatically increase conversion rates.

But we don’t stop there. Our review email templates are customizable to match your brand. When customers receive a review request, it comes directly from you—not from TrustSpot. You can even send review requests from a custom domain to further brand the entire experience.

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

People are busy. Sometimes your customers do not see your first email. With TrustSpot, you can send up to 3 follow-ups to increase your odds of capturing the review.

We recommend setting up at least 2 follow-up reminders. Like the initial email review request, you have full control over the content of the email.

Embed Review Elements to Your Site

Now, TrustSpot can use your reviews to increase your sales. TrustSpot gives you 18 review elements to display across your website, showcasing the glowing reviews from your customers.

The review elements are customizable to match your brand.

Review Element TypeDescriptionWhere to place on your website?
Review WidgetMain display element for review contentProduct page
Product Page Inline StarsInline stars that show on the product page.Product page
Category Page Inline StarsInline stars that show on the category page for the product.Category page
Trust BadgeShow off your overall number of reviews and ratings to customers.All pages
Trust BannerDisplay your total reviews anywhere on your site.Homepage, Checkout page, Footer
Trust Popup TabThis is a floating graphic that visitors can click on to see your reviews.All pages
SealLet your prospective customers know you are a verified company with TrustSpot.Footer
WidgetShowcase your most recent reviews to customers throughout your site.Shopping cart, Product page
CarouselDisplay your most recent reviews or your favorite reviews in a carousel.Homepage, About page, Contact page
Slide TabThis floats on the side of your website and displays the latest reviews when clicked.All
Trust PageShow all of your company reviews on a dedicated page.Dedicated review page
Trust BlocksDisplay all of your reviews in a grid of review blocks.Dedicated review page
Reviews CarouselDisplay product reviews anywhere on your site with a carousel. You can automatically show your most recent reviews or set it to manual mode and pick which specific reviews you want to show.Homepage, Category page
Promoted Products CarouselAllow buyers to see your most reviewed products.Category page
Featured ProductsDisplay a vertical box up to 5 products to promote on your website.Blog sidebar
Visual CarouselIncrease conversion rates on product pages using photos and videos you’ve collected.Product page, Homepage
Visual GalleryIncrease conversion rates on product pages using photos and videos you’ve collected.Dedicated review page

Respond to as Many Reviews as You Can

Responding to reviews takes time. However, it’s incredibly important to make customers feel heard.

Devote time each week to thoughtfully respond to any critical reviews and as many of your positive reviews as possible. As for the positive reviews, start with the ones where the customer put time into their response. You can tell who put in the extra effort.

Share Reviews on Social Media

By sharing your reviews on your social media profiles, you will begin to build trust with those who follow you and anyone who stumbles across your post or profile.

Share your glowing reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn without leaving your TrustSpot account.

Keep Your Reviews Fresh

Recent reviews are better than old reviews. TrustSpot makes automating review requests and publishing new reviews a breeze.

TrustSpot integrates with the top ecommerce platforms to receive new orders as soon as they are processed. The review requests are customizable based on your fulfillment options and usage patterns. Some products take the customer longer to use while others are more instantaneous. It’s completely customizable to your business.

After you’ve automated the review requests, you’ll want to automate the publishing of the new reviews to your website for potential customers to read.

Control which reviews are published based on their star value. All reviews which match the selected star value will be added to your review queue on your website. Visual uploads can also be automatically published to your TrustSpot carousels.

Reviews that fall under the star threshold you have set in your account can be published manually. Read on to find out why it’s important to sometimes publish critical reviews when they are accurate.

Be Authentic

Consumers are suspicious of businesses with only 5 star reviews. Publish the occasional critical review if it’s constructive. It shows your company is human, willing to learn from customers, and open to critical feedback.

The purpose of reviews is to share a customer’s experience of your product with potential customers who are on the fence about purchasing. What you don’t want to do is mislead them or make them feel scammed.

There are plenty of scams on the internet, and online shoppers are cautious of the signs. A company or product with onlynly 5 star reviews is definitely a sign of a scam.

Instead of only publishing your 5 star reviews, publish critical but accurate reviews that have 3 and 4 stars.

Wrapping It Up

Customer reviews can be a secret weapon to increasing your website-visitor-to-purchase conversion rates—especially with TrustSpot’s beautiful and customizable review display elements.

Before we go, let’s recap what we discussed:

  • Get the review.
  • Embed your review elements.
  • Respond to as many reviews as you can, as quickly as you can.
  • Share your reviews on social media with a click of a button in TrustSpot.
  • Automate the sending of review requests.
  • Automatically publish your best reviews as soon as they come in.

Don’t forget to download our guide to take with you.

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