Calling All Yogis: How Earthkeeper Yoga Captured Raving Community Feedback

Read how Earthkeeper Yoga continuously improves their community experience. 

The Opportunity:

Earthkeeper Yoga was interested in a new solution that could capture helpful feedback around their yoga teachers, offerings, and space. Earthkeeper Yoga takes pride in offering an open and welcome environment for fitness veterans and newcomers alike. They needed a partner to help capture positive and constructive feedback that can improve community events and in-studio classes. 

The Solution:

TrustSpot worked with Earthkeeper Yoga to create an Experience Collector for one of their outdoor, community yoga events. The Collector setup was straightforward and took less than 20 minutes for the team to put together. 

Earthkeeper Yoga displayed the Collector using a QR Code, which was strategically printed on the check-in table event sign and inside the welcome goodie bags. After the event, attendees were sent Experience Collector requests via email to capture additional feedback that may have been missed in person.

The Benefits:

As a result, Earthkeeper Yoga has collected raving reviews for their teachers, offerings, and space. And, it’s not stopping any time soon! 

Take a look at what Earthkeeper Yoga has posted on their Instagram page about working with TrustSpot.

The Wrap:

Earthkeeper Yoga’s outdoor event was successful and had great community engagement all around. We were thrilled to be a part of it! Earthkeeper Yoga will continue to use TrustSpot’s software to collect high-value, customer feedback. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and showed support for our local, yoga community! 

Customer testimonials from the event:

“I feel so welcome every time I come to Earthkeeper Yoga! I started out with Marie Blair’s class and I’ve ventured into taking classes from Kellyn, Ashley, and others. Each teacher brings her own unique approach and I always leave feeling like it was just what I needed!”

“I like having so many classes offered even if I can’t get to a lot of them. The best thing is having so many choices. I regularly go to Slow Flow with Ashley on Friday and Yoga Brunch with Kellyn on Sunday so those must be my favorites.”

“Ashley and Marie are the best! Very welcoming studio.”