Capture Experiences through Quality Feedback & Photos

Read how Knight-Eady continuously improves their Birmingham Corporate Challenge!

The Opportunity:

Knight-Eady, the company behind the Birmingham Corporate Challenge, was interested in a new solution to collect feedback and user-generated content at their 2022 event. The KE team relies heavily on feedback to continuously improve their event experience. With hundreds of participants and Birmingham’s most exciting companies as the sponsors, this was an incredible opportunity to crowd-source quality content and capture experiences.

The Solution:

Knight-Eady used TrustSpot’s Experience Collector software to capture engaging, customer feedback. Setting up the collector was easy. After some discovery, it took less than 15 minutes to set everything up, configure the QR code in the system, and have it ready for download and use.

Once the setup was complete, Knight-Eady printed out the QR code and strategically placed it throughout the event. With added engagement from the volunteers and staff, feedback came streaming in with quality reviews and photos. It was determined that a post-event survey would also be used to collect additional information.

The Benefits:

Knight-Eady will be able to use the collected information in beneficial ways:

  • Leverage collected content in future marketing and social media campaigns.
  • Continuously improve the competition experience, as well as the overall event.
  • Strengthen sales enablement materials with experience-driven, data.
  • Engage participants for their trusted opinion and candid feedback.

The Wrap:

The 2022 Birmingham Corporate Challenge was another success, and huge congrats to Knight Eady for making it happen! The camaraderie of the teams and the level of competition were electric, and several events like the ‘Move-and-Groove’ allowed the entire family to get involved.

Thanks to all that participated and submitted feedback. We look forward to seeing you all next year!