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Increase your trust, conversion rate, and social proof.




The Best Plan For Getting Started

Monthly Email & SMS Credits

3,000 Email Credits & 1,000 SMS Credits

Site Implementation

Our customer success team will walk you through optimizing your review campaigns, sending the campaigns, and displaying review content on your website.

Blazing Fast In-email Reviews

TrustSpot eliminates the need for your customers to click a page link to leave a review.

Instead, in-email form technology allows the customer to leave a review in the email itself, increasing the average open rate to 45% and the response rate to 15%.

In addition, our review requests are perfectly tailored for customers whether they open review requests on their desktop, tablet, or phone.

Increase Social Proof with Company Reviews

Automatically email your customers after they make a purchase on your site and request them to leave your brand a review.

When the customer receives an email, all they need to do is tell us about their experience: no registration or other personal information is required making it easy to finish.

Superpower Long-Tail Keywords with Product Reviews

Drive more customers to your store through superpowered SEO. Customer reviews displayed on your site are indexed by search engines and used to rank your page.

Easily Display Reviews & User Generated Content

Display your reviews and bring your site to life with authentic photos and videos from your customers.

Increased Customer feedback with Smart Reminders

Maximize the content you collect by scheduling automated review requests to your customers.

Customizable Review Requests

Tailor your questions to collect hyper-relevant content about products.

Integrate with your favorite Ecommerce platforms

Easily integrate TrustSpot into your existing tech stack.




Everything in Premium and:

Monthly Email & SMS Credits

6,000 Email Credits & 2,000 SMS Credits

Product Question and Answers (Q&A)

Start conversations with prospective customers early in their buying journey with our Community Q&A feature.

Prospective customers can ask product questions directly on your website, and you can efficiently respond to their questions.

Show User Generated Content with Instagram Curation

With our Instagram Curation feature, you can discover new photos from your customers and display them to prospective site visitors.

Email Upsells

Promote up to 3 products, best sellers or custom-selected products, at the bottom of your emails. Especially helpful during sales or holidays.

Display Reviews on a Dedicated Page

Our Trust Blocks feature is perfect for showcasing all of your recent reviews in a masonry-like grid. With TrustBlocks, you can show off your reviews on a dedicated reviews page.




Everything in Ultimate and:

Monthly Email & SMS Credits

20,000 Email Credits & 5,000 SMS Credits

Capture the Entire Customer Journey with Experience Surveys

Create unique surveys with 13 different question types, and give customers the flexibility to submit their experience via Email, Website, Text, Direct Link, or QR Code.

Our Experience Survey feature is highly customizable and can be used to launch contests based on visual submissions, improve customer service with follow-up surveys, and measure Net Promoter Score.

Upload Reviews Directly to your Social Media Accounts

Increase new customers and social proof by uploading your favorite customer photos, videos, and reviews directly to your favorite social media accounts.

Photo Studio

Photo Studio is a great way to edit, stylize, and customize your visual content within TrustSpot for posting to social media or publishing in TrustSpot displays on your site.

API Access

Pull review content onto your site for use on your site any way you see fit, or send order information to TrustSpot to trigger review requests!

Advanced Visual Galleries

Create and customize dedicated pages focused on user-generated content with our Visual Galleries, or insert user-generated content on product pages with our Visual Carousels.