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Star Ratings in Google Search

  • With TrustSpot your customer reviews will show up in Google using the Star Ratings system, which means your store page will display your rating and number of reviews for the world to see – without clicking into your page
  • Star Ratings makes it easier for potential customers to see highly rated merchants and gives them the confidence in continuing their purchase through you versus the competition
“The value of appearing above a competitor with gold stars cannot be understated. It's an unbelievably strong advantage that's allowing us to dominate search results

SEO powered Profile Page

With TrustSpot your company has a profile page which displays all of your important business information, in addition to your reviews and ratings. When customers search for your business on Google, Yahoo or Bing you can be sure that your TrustSpot page will show high on results – giving potential customers the ability to see how awesome you are which helps with their buying decision.
"Most customers will look for reviews before purchasing. Most of the time, they will Google your company name followed by the word 'reviews.' Our profile page now shows up for that query, resulting in customers being greeted with glowing reviews"
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