Reviews Drive Sales

Automate the capture of company and product reviews to showcase on your website and social profiles to increase sales.

Your eCommerce Marketing Stack

Customer reviews, product reviews, visual marketing tools, coupons, and SMS all under one roof.

Reviews and Social Proof

Collect reviews from your customers and display them on your site.

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User-Generated Content

Bring your site to life with authentic photos and videos from your customers.

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Increase repeat purchases by using coupons to incentivize customers.

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Reach your customers via SMS messaging and increase your review capture rate.

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Audi Mods increased their revenue by
over 30%

TrustSpot helped Audi Mods increase their reputation in the Automotive space by generating over 200 happy customer reviews within a few days of launching their new review campaign.

We knew early on that one of the best ways to prove that Audi Mods was a reputable company to Audi enthusiasts was to collect reviews & visual content.

- Michael Williams, Director of eCommerce

PointsPrizes increased their conversion
rate by over 44%

TrustSpot helped PointsPrizes build trust with their users, by collecting a daily stream of company reviews from their users, which was then displayed prominently on their landing pages.

TrustSpot provided us with a powerful suite of Visual Marketing and Coupon Incentive tools that helped us collect regular payment proofs from our users.

- Mark Kempton, President

Grow Your Business with Reviews

Use social proof to drive sales

Highlight your customers’ voices on your website and social media profiles to build trust with new customers and drive sales. Showcase customers’ reviews throughout their buying journey with on-site displays and social media posts.

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Showcase your stars
on search engines

Share your stars on search engine results pages (e.g., Google) and your user-generated content on your social media profiles. Use content created by your customers to drive new sales from your marketing channels.

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Customer Q&A

Give your customers a voice. Request feedback and questions on products. Respond privately or publicly to customers. Public responses are added to the product to help answer future customer questions.

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Integrate TrustSpot with Your Business’s Tools