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Trustspot is a review software that helps eCommerce businesses collect more reviews while nurturing customer relationships. Boost the credibility of your business and convert more customers by automating your review process with Trustspot.

What customers are saying…

More Reviews and Better Content for Less

When searching for a more robust review software I was intimidated by the cost of other services we were pitched. Trustspot has solid features, their customer service is exceptional and help improved the number of reviews we now receive by more than double. We are very happy with how the new reviews help guide new customers  to the right products for their needs.

Julie Longyear, Founder

More Reviews and Better Content for Less

Our four brands love TrustSpot because with the million things to do everyday, TrustSpot helps us take care of the end to end process. This allows us more time and more reviews to help improve our business plus share experiences with future customers! We love the Photo Studio feature with easy social media sharing. Being able to have their assistance with questions is superb.

Anna Kebe, Creative Director

Increase Customer Loyalty & Increase Sales

e-Commerce Product Review Software

…all in one platform.

Easily customize review displays to help customers make quicker buying decisions

Create stronger customer relationships through multichannel marketing.

Collect more UGC and reviews with automated email sequencing.

How it Works

Collect Reviews & UGC

You can fully automate the process of asking for testimonials and reviews after a purchase using in-email and SMS forms.

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Share Customer Reviews

Our customizable galleries allow you to display customer reviews, photos, and videos online and share them on social media.

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Engage with Customers

Improve customer retention and review collection with follow-up campaign tools.

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Give yourself an edge over your competition with Trustspot

Be more than a review collector: capture experiences that will make your business more credible, more likely to retain customers, and more likely to generate new sales!