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"Within a few days of using TrustSpot, we saw a 10% increase in Direct-Site conversions from proudly displaying our trust badges and widgets. Visitors immediately saw us as a reputable company and opted to buy from us versus our competitors, no one else offers 100% verified buyer reviews"
"The SEO benefits of having review management are huge. When people look up reviews for us, they are greeted with gold stars in search results. We also noticed a boost in conversions after adding a trust tab and badge. People really value reviews and it's helping grow our sales greatly"
“TrustSpot has helped us reach many new clients thanks to the verified reviews page we plugged in on our website. Not only did we gain more clients, but it has made us realize we make a positive impact on everybody we have done work for thus far. TrustSpot's customer service is top-notch”
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