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Collect More Photos and Videos with Your Reviews

The easiest way to capture ratings, reviews, and visual content to increase your sales.

Automate your content request messaging flow by product

From Company review request to Product review request to Experience Survey. TrustSpot triples the opportunities to collect content from a single order. 

  1. Collect how the buying experience was with a company review.
  2. Capture what customers love about your product with a product review. Customize your review request forms by product to collect more insights.
  3. Collect more visual content, run giveaways/sweepstakes, and collect Net Promoter Score® with an Experience Survey.

Collect 2x the videos and photos with Experience Surveys

Photos and videos build social proof and trust with new visitors more so than text reviews. Collect more photos and videos by requiring them in Experience Surveys.

Use Experience Surveys to run giveaways and sweepstakes to generate leads and collect content.

Create review campaigns. Send Experience Surveys with or after Product Review requests to capture even more content from a single order.

Product-specific review requests and surveys

Customize review requests and surveys per product. Capture insights from customers to guide product decisions. Showcase the detailed responses across your website to increase sales. 

Incentivize repeat purchases

Not all products are equal. Incentivize reviews and repeat purchases by product-specific coupons. Use coupons to incentivize reviews on products with fewer reviews. Collect more UGC content by requiring the content before sending the review.

Visual UGC Marketing

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is true. Build trust with website visitors by displaying photos and videos across your website. Share customer’s photos and videos on social media. 

And connect to Google Shopping Ads to include videos and photos on your shopping ads.

Reward Promoters and win over Passives with NPS®

Run Net Promoter Score® surveys to identify your die-hard fans and those on the fence. Create campaigns to reward your promoters and incentivize them to spread the word. Focus on moving the passive customers over the hump into promoter land.

Identify the products customers are willing to share with their friends. Ask promoters to share your products and identify the products customers are not willing to put their name behind. 

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